Sunday, October 5, 2014

Now this is Fantastic~ LONG post though~

So the weekend flew by..even with a full day of rain..
Rain is soothing in you find?I do..leaves twirling..colors..etc..
It's Sunday evening right now....chilly..and we have this in the oven..but with chicken breasts..figs are still gorgeous and available here..from elsewhere..and I still have frost yet..
I have made a few of her recipes that we have loved..
So I bought her book:)
It's here and I can put all the recipes I have made from her in it..
She is a lovely girl..with great recipes..cute family..My daughter's 39th birthday dinner was from her:)  The recipe..that is..
And how nice the feeling encouraging hard work and talent.
Now I have to YouTube and get a refresher course on how to tie my meat..I promise I once knew how!
Snip here snip there...

Garlic is planted:)  I have 6 rows of ap 5 I should technically get 30 bulbs of cloves  if we are summer~
If it works..I will chose a larger bed..this is make shift full sun beside my blueberry bush..things got moved around and I enriched the soil ..Fingers crossed..
Tulips are done too.I treat them like annuals now as most of the ones I favor do not come back:(
So Parrots this year..and we will see..
Oy was feeling quite oy..afterwards.:)
She needs a good scrubbing before she goes south in the potting shed.
So 5 beds are down.and counting..It was so much easier 12 years ago.

I love Pinterest and whatwouldIdoifitdisappeared?
I pin many folders so much stored stuff all in one perfectly neat adorable package that follows us wherever we go as long as there is WI~FI..
Our rceipes and lists can come anywhere with books to drag recipes to's all there.
I Pin art I lessons..
Like his little one I found..
A Pumpkin drawing/painting class..
I think it's meant to be for kidlets..but I enjoyed it and I paint like a kid.
I actually like his voice..and felt good following his ways.It was quiet..not rushed.. and not too long..
Sometimes I tune in and they lose me talking fo so long before they start.
I would be guilty of that:) ..I did not use the dryer.I like quiet.
Take some paper.. a pencil .. a permanent pen..some paints and have fun.
A cup of Green Seduction David's nice doing it too.

When I saw and read about this dish..on Pam's Blog..
I just knew I would have to make it..and waited until I had the kale..beautiful kale..
It would be on my top 10 salads list..
..and I made errors..
Imagine..and it was still so good.
I forgot the pecorino..and only had dried tarragon..
plus..I  had already bought Chioggia beets so they needed to roast longer....
It's not a salad you whip up at the last minute..because your beets need to roast and you cook your bacon and garlic and wilt the kale..
But to us it was a meal..not a worth the time..
I love beets.. balsamic..kale.. garlic..and  bacon.
I served the dressing on the side..only because once I plated it..I knew my whole sliced beets would look off w/ the delicious dressing on them..
All cut up..perfecto..but in slices..I wanted to see the I put the dressing after.
A beautiful sprig of fresh tarragon would look lovely if you are serving like this.
Pam has lovely recipes..and is an accomplished professional photographer..when you click on her site..make sure you check out her Photography blog.  and her other blogs:)
I was in awe when I discovered it..I would take photo lessons from grandsons and family would benefit greatly.

SO talented.
And the colors of fall~♥

La Recette~
Courtesy of Pam and Donna Hay
Balsamic,Roasted Beets ,Kale and Quinoa Salad~

1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup brown sugar(I think you could get away with less)
2 tbsps olive oil
sea salt and cracked black pepper
1 kg of baby beets trimmed and  scrubbed clean(I used reg Chioggia beets)I used less..just 2 of us..
1 tbsp chopped tarragon leaves
1/2 cup red quinoa rinsed(I used reg quinoa..I have red prefer reg. don't know why:) )
12 ounces of speck or bacon thickly cut..I used bacon and used 4 slices
14 ozs purple kale stems removed and roughly kale seemed all green:)
3 garlic cloves sliced
shaved pecorino to serve..

Preheat oven to a shallow pan place balsamic vinegar sugar 1 tbsp of oil ..mix..add your beets.. s and p..roast covered in foil for 1/2 an hour..remove foil roast an additional 30 minutes(Mine took much longer,I wanted knife point tender and my beets were reg sized)..
Remove from oven ..add tarragon leaves to the cooking liquid and set aside.
While the beets are roasting cook your quinoa in 1 cup water (I used broth)..Bring to a boil and cook for ap 15 minutes..mine took less long.. remove cover and continue to cook until water evaporates..(I don't have this need)..remove from heat and  set aside..I always like to cook my quinoa way ahead of it cools.
Heat the remaining tbsp of oil in a pan and cook bacon until crispy..remove bacon and add garlic..  cook until fragrant..
add kale and cook until just wilted..ap 2-3 minutes..mine took longer..
add the kale mixture to the quinoa..(I did the opposite I added the quinoa to the pan..mixed all checked for taste..added some cut up beets..) served with the sliced beets on top..then the bacon..and served the reserved dressing on the side..
I forgot the pecorino:)

We have had some beauty days..and some less beauty days..Sun..and warmth..then curtains of rain..
Trying to take advantage of the nicer days to get the chores done..
Everything is gold and red..the market stalls are overflowing with gourds, squash,pumpkins and color..

The back of our home..where the wildflowers grow..a totally different look!

Bleu..comme le bleu de tes yeux♥

When all other perennials fade..asters glow..
A wild child~

PS  have you seen this?
Love it..  4 sisters..40 yrs..I have been to ..Wellfleet..Truro..Woodstock..Chatham..Falmouth..Eastham..Ipswitch..Boston..Heartbeats for me.
Go peak..It's worth it..lucky have each other..and for so many years.♥

Footnote..The meal we made from Gina's Skinnytaste was delicious..keep the juices after cooking..and pour over all..we ate everything...


  1. I Love your pumpkin watercolor!!
    And that turkey recipe looks heavenly. I must get a proper over here.
    Time to stop procrastinating after one look at that, plus all your divine pizzas!

    1. x
      Qui sait?
      Maybe one day we will meet in Paris and cook together:)

  2. Guess what I bought today? Turkey tenderloins for Gina's meal ;o) It sounded delicious on her Facebook page. I ordered Parrot tulips a few months ago, and they are due to arrive this week. I have to treat them annuals now as most don't come back. I watched the 4 sisters 40 years yesterday and it is great. I'm going to try the Balsamic,Roasted Beets ,Kale and Quinoa Salad this week. I cooked quinoa this morning (I eat it for breakfast) and have some left over. Tomorrow I pick up my veggie basket from the CSA farm, and it will have beets and kale in it. Love your pumpkin watercolor and the video.

    1. How uncanny!
      So many similarities:-)
      Both dishes so good.
      I nibble on cooked quinoa at all times too!

  3. Your photo's are stunning. Your salad looks wonderful and I will have to give it a try - thanks so much.
    Have a great week.

  4. Love the asters Monique! So beautiful, but then all that you share is beautiful. I have enjoyed it all. You have painted a beautiful pumpkin there and I am loving your photograph of that beautiful salad. I love all that you share with us. Above all your precious heart. xxoo

    1. As I love and appreciate everything you share with us!

  5. Your photos are stunning Monique and the balsamic roasted beets ,kale and quinoa salad is a work of art. I can't believe your asters are still blooming. We have tulips planted at our mountain home and sadly every year they've bloomed before we return. I wonder if I planted them in south Florida as an annual, they would bloom. I may try it because I miss them so much. I suspect some creatures eat them here as we've asked my BIL for pictures but he says he doesn't see them. You've given me a good idea. Thank you and I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

    1. Look Sam:)
      For Florida..

  6. Beautiful photos, Monique. I love looking at the fall colors and changes. Those are things I miss the most living in Florida.
    Wonder why the tulips don't come back? I don't remember having that problem when I had my garden up north. Although one time my granddaughter was helping me plant some at her house and she put them all in upside down!

    1. I did that the first time many years ago..
      Some tuliips do return every year..
      it seems the ones I favor don't..the fancy frillies..:)

      This article is quite fun

      If you look at #1..the species that are easier to grow back are mentioned..

      I don't have any of those:)
      I should.
      In the tips..I do many things wrong..actually I don't do any really:)
      Tulips need a cold winter..I have..and lots of snow..I have:) It's the rest..LOL..

  7. Gorgeous pictures! This salad is splendid and extremely mouthwatering. Nice presentation.

    I love autumn, especialy when it's misty and sunny, but I also find fall rain soothing.



  8. Everything is beautiful over here and puts me in a calm and grateful mood to start my day Monique.

  9. Que maravilla. Absolutamente genial.

  10. Votre plat a les couleurs de l'automne...
    Les feuilles ont déjà la couleur du vermeil chez vous... c'est poétique.

  11. Thank you, thank you! I've been straining to figure out what to serve our daughter and SIL when they come for dinner on Wednesday after we take care of Mr. Dane for the day. You have answered my problem with both of these recipes! I'm going to make the turkey tenderloins for the main course and serve the roasted beet salad on the side. Perfect! Your photo of the beet salad is beautiful!

    I do love this part of fall. Can we just go from now to spring, pretty-please? I have so much to do. I need to get my herbs cut, rinsed and frozen, dahlia tubers dug and stored and many, many containers to empty. Luckily, we never did get a frost when they warned us. You are so right. It was much easier 12 years ago :)

    1. I think you will enjoy both! Cook the quinoa ahead of time:)

      And for the turkey..make the stuffing a head of time too as it has to cool anyways..
      We loved both..J's not Mr Salad but he liked it..reduce the sugar if you wish.

      Plate it up like a picture and they cane serve themselves:)The salad..
      Oh they will be so grateful to come get Dane.. w/ that reception..But you always make special..
      You are a great nana Susan..

    2. PS I guess I'll dig up my tubers too then;)

  12. Love this post Monique, that quinoa dish looks fantastic - it has everything I love! It's so pretty above that fall leave picture too, I get the same lovely warm feeling from both of them!

    1. I think both dishes are up your delicous CSF alley Chris:)

  13. Your salad looks just as beautiful as the Fall colors. Awesome post with lovely photos. I am going to try that kale, quinoa and beet salad.

    1. Penny..trying to get my 11 servings in thanks to you;)

  14. I would love to roast some beets, but it is in the high 90s here. Love you photos as always. And, yes everything was easier 12 years ago. :)


    1. I never even imagined ...
      Invincible I thought we were..
      Not so much~
      High 90's! Definitely cooler here!

  15. Dear nana - as always, a beautiful post. You have been busy! I started laughing when I saw your angel, hand pressed to forehead: the very same gesture I made when my children were being loud and naughty:) I finally met my newest grandson, and fell in love all over again.

    1. So easy to fall in love again isn't it?
      He must be edible:)Congratulations again!
      True loves..

      She is the Goddess of Oy..and yes I feel that now..but only for the gardens:)
      I can't even remember way back when.. with our 2 girls..Seems like a picnic now:)

  16. I love the colors...of your salad and what nature has brought! Beautiful....and I know it was tasty. The turkey recipe sounds delicious. We must try that.

  17. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Avec l'automne, la pluie !
    Nous bénéficions en ce moment de très agréables journées ensoleillées qui pourrait fort bien aujourd'hui tourner à la pluie !
    Je crois qu'avec Icarus je vais m'autoriser une petit virée dans la forêt et peut-être cueillir quelques champignons !

    La photo de ton plat me donne l'eau à la bouche. Les couleurs dégagent les saveurs !
    Ta petite aquarelle est adorable.
    Je prends beaucoup de plaisir à chaque fois en admirant tes superbes photos.

    Je te fais plein de
    Gros bisous ♡

  18. Oh I do think parrot tulips are my favorite and would you believe, Monique, I've never been to Pinterest.

    1. I do believe you:) How could I doubt..
      I hesitated at first because they said to log in with FB or Twitter and I don't have accounts..but saw that you could join by email..and well..history was made.
      It's like an office..a fun office of everything we enjoy in one tiny space.
      Love it.
      Go see maybe?

  19. such beautiful asters, i love this fall post. I just love your pumpkin and your art supplies, is that fabriano watercolor paper? I've wondered about getting it. That little scarecrow is so cute too, glad to hear you are having cozy fall days :)
    Pinterest is so addictive isn't it?, i went crazy pinning in the beginning, but i've slowed back a little.

    1. I like doing it before bed:) Except sometimes I find it inspires me so much and gets my mind away from things..but in want to make then:)
      It is a little pack of's like a block..and you have one corner that you can pull up to tear the page is thick enough that you can paint on both sides..meaning when you really mess up one side the other my case..can still be never feels as good though as a fresh page.I am not sure what papers I like best except I have a fondness..for the Arches emblem on those that have..

      But my papers are nothing fancy..
      I hope you're having nice's wet and miz bread is rising and I've decided to do a bit of stitching..
      Have a good day Jenni.

  20. It is fantastic, indeed-))) My god the colors!!! I am speechless. Beautiful images. Love it, love it, love it!!



  21. Everything is stunning! You make fall look fabulous! I have so many bulbs to get out and get in! Can't wait. That dish looks so beautiful - such a presentation....
    What a fun class. If I painted as well as you do, I would be thrilled. Your pumpkin is beautiful. Enjoy the beautiful weather. WE are having a perfect fall!

    1. I bet if you sat down and tried that video you would ace it:)I am sure.

  22. Monique, Back from Europe and had to get got up on your blog. Love all the past posts and this one. Always inspired by your photos and ideas. Love the pumpkin watercolor, just beautiful! Happy Fall!

  23. Your pictures are stunning and I like the sound of that salad. Summer lingered here but I think it is over. There might be one last warm spell. I hope there will be. I have more garden I would like to accomplish before it is blanketed in white.

    1. Oh me too Sarah..but it's been I am on hold..
      It is a lovely salad.
      It's the salad that is photogenic:)

  24. Just saw part 2..what a lovely surprise for you.You have a sweet family:)

  25. I love Autumn...but love it even more. After looking at your beautiful post. That salad is a work of art! Love your pumpkin...I just watched the tutorial and i am going to try it!
    You make my world an even more beautiful place when i see things through your eyes....
    Bisous xoxoxoxo

    1. You are so nice considering you often see my stuff twice..LOL:)

    2. i could see your stuff a 100 times and never be tired of it or you! You inspire me every day!❤️❤️❤️

  26. Monique all look amazing and beautjfu!
    Always I find lovely yours shots!
    This is really lovely post:)l

  27. Gorgeous fall colors! We are still in summer mode here. I'm just about to post about our garden here and some upcoming changes in our lives. The recipe looks great. I'll have to try it and use the regular quinoa as I think the red quinoa tastes "grassy".
    Thanks for "stopping by" my little home and the sweet comment.

  28. But I think you are a professional photographer, no? Your photos are beyond my belief for beauty & color. The video is fun & your pumpkin is too & I'm not sure it is only for kids! The wild flowers: today I noticed that there are pink roses near me, so different from the yellows & golds. And yes, I love autumn rain...spring showers too...I took an art workshop for a week in Truro one time. And rode my bike on the paths over those dunes...We are lucky, when we can travel to beautiful places...via blogs as well...

    1. You must love the photos of the sisters too..I just know it..
      So wonderfully to see the lovely girls grow..Truro must have been fabulous.
      I loved Provincetown...Wellfleet..Truro..that too has been a long while ago!

  29. I'm so behind in visiting my friends. I adore seeing snippets of your journal, Monique. And yes, there is no place like home!