Thursday, October 9, 2014


Nothing has reminded  me of breakfasts at la Ferme De la Huppe in Provence years ago like this jam I just made.

La Ferme was owned by someone else back then.. it was perfection.

Our morning breakfasts were straight out of a  French movie scene ..GORGEOUS..and home made jams on the outdoor tables with individual Bodums and paniers of croissants etc..

One of the jams was fig jam..
And while there we could pick huge figs off one of their trees~swoon.
Anyways getting back to figs..we have been so happy to have had a continuous stock of beautiful figs here..not in our garden..but imported and very tasty.
I think 3 out of 5 lunches have had figs in them these past weeks.
I had mentioned a fig jam to Jacques..if he would like me to make him one..and he said..yes:)

So I did make it's figg..y  easy peasy..and pretty:)
I found the recipe here..but did find it on many seems to be a gold standard.

Confitures aux Figues

for two jars the size I made

500 grams of ripe dark figs..intact..(bruise free)
260 grams of sugar
the juice of one small lemon
1 quality fleshy vanilla bean

Wash and cut up the figs.put them in a pot and pour sugar over( I used the pot I would cook the jam in..)..add the lemon juice and vanilla bean.
Mix..and let rest one hr (more is good too)
Bring to a boil  and boil ap 8 minutes..stirring occasionally and skim if necessary.
Turn off heat and let rest overnight ,(that is what I did)..or at least 4 hours.
Bring again to a boil and boil till 103-105 C..
It will take a few minutes..
If you don't have a thermometer..just take a chilled plate and put the jam on must gel..not run..
Pour the jam in pre sterilized jars that have been boiled or placed in a 130C oven for 10 minutes.
Cover with the sterilized lids..And turn upside down..
This is a very traditional way of making jams in France..
My friend Linda had told me and we watched a show about France and fig jam the very next day!
Let cool and then store in a cool dry place.
Once opened eat the jam within one week..
(I am sure ours can keep more than one week,,if it gets that far..)
You see we tested it..w/ the leftover that did not fit in the pot:)
It's lovely on baguette and cheese too..
But with croissants.
Back in Provence.

It is a staple in Provence..  good..home made jam.
It feels like a a little bit of heaven.

One day ..maybe again we will sample more jams there...who knows.

A trip down memory lane this jam session was♥
The little bird painting was done at  Le Mas Des Cigales..where we stayed for 2 nights in Tourettes-Sur-Loup..I don't remember a hot tub at all..I think they have changed owners since our visit~
It was cozy and remote..
I just kept writing during that trip..still have the journal ..and it is nice to read once a year:)Every thought was recorded at the end of each day~
Looking at our set up under the pergolas..
I hope I was not dipping my paintbrush in wine:)
I love the jars Marie sent me...lined up on the windowsill they are as sweet as sweet can possibly be.

Bon Weekend~
It's a long one here w/ the schools out tomorrow and this is our Thanksgiving weekend..
Our daughter is hosting~Will be lovely:)

As I enter Publish..It's Thursday the 40's and we have a fire going!
In the 40's when we got up also w/ the furnace going..c'mon..


  1. You've brought back my memories of Provence. I stayed in a maison like this in a hilltop village. La maison aux volets bleus. Just paradise..I'm so happy that you have the precious journal that you kept. I'd love to see more of it, & would love to read your reflections...Confitures aux figues looks beautiful & luscious!

  2. PS I'm wondering if you are considering publishing a book...It's all right here & would look lovely on paper!

    1. It would be so nice to go husband would love to..and I would definitely keep another journal.
      I am not a book writer.
      No aspirations ..
      Just fine being here on my blog with you guys:-)

  3. I can't take my eyes off that arrangement of winter squash!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I've only used fig jam in recipes, never just had it some bread!

  5. The fig jam sounds wonderful. What a great way to start the day with delicious jam. Your photo's are so good. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I love your travel diary. I did that on one of our trips to Ireland and each time I read it I am taken right back. The photo of it is lovely... As are all of your photos (as always) We had a warm day, still sweater weather. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Lucky you..I need more warmth to get out there and chop chop..

      Want to see your journal!

  7. How I love fig jam/preserves! Figs are expensive here, and I'm not likely to buy enough to make the jam. I did buy one package, and we thoroughly enjoyed eating them out of the pack! Enjoy your Thanksgiving week-end!

    1. We have been spoiled this year..the fig goddesses have been generous!
      Still have a tomorrow:-)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Monique. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with all your family. The fig jam looks so good and so pretty too. I think I will see if they have fresh figs at the farm stand tomorrow and try this. Bon weekend!

    1. Thank kids will make the holiday:)
      It has a very pronounced vanilla taste which is the taste I remember from our stay..
      Scents..tastes..they all bring back such clear memories don't they?

  9. The jam looks like jewels in the jar! M adores do I. They were here early and mid summer...then gone. The images of France took my breath away..made me want to be there right now.
    Bisous xo

  10. P.S. No heat here yet...not yet...In the HIGH 40's tonight. Can not bring myself to turn on the heat yet....sheesh we just turned the air off.

    1. Heat is on here for sure....But at the moment sun is shining..

  11. I love fig jam and the sweet bird in your sketch book. Our younger son and his wife just returned from a vacation in Lyon (they stayed with friends) and Paris. Most of their photos is in some way food related!!


    1. What lucky ducks..How lucky to be so young and do that:)
      I was 54....

  12. Je ne vois qu'une chose à faire, Monique : revenir par ici ... ;o)))

  13. It is so fun to come here Monique. I missed fig season. It is definitely on my list for next year. I love it mixed with sweet and savory.


    1. You must get so many Madonna..your climate is ideal..?

  14. Your photos of France make me long to go there and I love your beautiful watercolors. Works of art in and of themselves and remind me of photographer/artist Peter Beard's journals. Fig jam is a staple at our house. I've never made it even though I have a fig tree in my garden. The squirrels make off with most of my figs!

    1. I'll have to Google him..:)
      I am longing comes and goes..thank goodness..

  15. Thank you for taking me back to beautiful Provence. We spent a lovely day in Gordes while spending a week based in L'isle Sur la Sorgue. Your fig jam looks like perfection and I love your journal art.

    1. We loved l'Isle Sur La Sorgue Penny..The brocante was fabulous!..such a pretty pretty place.

  16. Les confitures... C'est toujours un plaisir de les faire, mais surtout de les déguster plusieurs mois plus tard en mémoire ~ 

    Ah, ce tas de courges donne tellement envie !

  17. Isn't it lovely to be able to make something that brings back such nice memories. I didn't see one fig in the markets this year…how sad. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend with your family.

  18. I made fig jam a couple of years ago - it was delicious! I have seen good figs in the stores here - only mushy ones :( I asked at one store on a recent trip and the produce manager said he wouldn't even bring them out they were so bad. I would have loved to make another batch of fig jam. So delicious! Those jars look very familiar - LOL. I loved it on toast but would love to have tasted it in France on that very patio and painting there. Sigh. Love your pansies in the Bonne Maman jars!

    Frost warning again here tonight. Heat on. The leaves are falling so fast!

    1. No frost yet..but the hostas are know that look:)
      39 this Am when we got up..

      Susan..about 2 years ago that was our experience here..they would not take them we would pick up once or twice a the Jean Talon local grocery stores carry them..and there is so much competition in grocery stores here since 2 years..I think they are all making efforts..Not quite in my town..but one town over..BOOMING..Costco is in my town of 5000..never ever thought we would see a Costco 10 mins away.
      The jars..just made me smile when you posted:)

    2. I just realized I forgot to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Dinner at a daughter's home sounds wonderful. I am hosting ours this year but will have Christmas dinner at L's. I just proofread and see I didn't say I have "NOT" seen good figs - LOL. Your will love Costco! Right now our closest is 20 minutes by major interstate highway. Next year, we will be getting one closer too. Only 10 minutes by a more relaxing route.

  19. I love your travel diary and you've inspired me to give it a try next year when we're in Provence. My husband would love those jams for breakfast on that French patio. The pretty perched village looks familiar - Gordes perhaps?

    I'm late to read your post. Have been on the road...

    1. It is have quite an eye..when are you going?
      Yes do that..even the smallest things.. will resonate ..Keep more menus..stubs of corks:)
      I know I will if we return..
      I am happy for you~

  20. Oh Monique, your johnny jump ups look so pretty in the jars! So sweet on that window sill. Love them! Loving that jam as well. I am going to have to try some as we love figs. Oh, and the travel journal. So pretty. All that you do is pretty. One day I hope to visit Provence. It will be just lovely I am sure. Happy Thanksgiving! Expect that you are cooking like crazy this weekend! Love and hugs to you all. xxoo

    1. 39 this frost yet..but the hostas have turned.. and everything is slowly fading..
      Thanks again SO much for those jars.
      More precious than Waterford to me.
      I am only in charge of dessert!
      Just finished it..

  21. Lovely post, Monique. Isn't it wonderful how some tastes and smells can bring back such vivid memories. When I think of a little slice of baguette, a dab of goat cheese and a bit of fig jam I think of Paris. Fig season happened while I was gone so will have to wait until next year.

    1. You were experiencing real on the spot memories:)

      There's next year for jam :)
      My friend Nancy is in I type..:)

  22. Mon look at the rabbit in the window...I think and Nick's hand!

    Many blessings to you, J and family!

    Di & Nick

    1. I had seen the bunny:)I can't see N's hand?
      You too:)

  23. I have never had fig jam and you have opened my eyes to so many lovely treats. Love the photos as always... The little flower jars are so sweet and that architecture is amazing...

  24. Love your photos today, Monique. Pansy faces are so adorable and your fig jam looks divine. I pinned it.

  25. Me encanta todo que variedad de calabazas, nunca lo he visto, que maravilla. Que gusto de mermelada y como siempre... que fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I can think of a zillion ways to use your lovely fig jam Monique but it would probably be gone so fast I'd have to make another batch to even start my ideas. Love your beautiful pumpkins and gourds, such a perfect fall scene. I'm ready for a fire too!

  27. Love fig jam, oh how I wish I had my own tree, lovely pictures!

  28. How beautiful and perfect figs jam:)
    Look beautiful I love figs:)

  29. Fig jam brings sweet memories of my mom. We don't have a fig tree, so only figs here are purchased at the grocery. I miss her fig jam and fig bars. I will send you the recipe for her fig bars if you like.
    Beautiful post, Monique. Love the mini jars.

  30. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Un très joli billet que j'avais manqué... Je t'invite volontiers à t'arrêter une prochaine fois chez moi, lorsque tu te rendras en France ! Les figues t'attendent !... enfin pas trop longtemps car je les déguste sur place. En ce moment encore mon figuier me réserve de belles surprises. Les confitures sont là aussi à attendre ta dégustation et tes critiques...
    Je te remercie pour le partage de tes belles photos... et j'admire la douceur de ta magnifique aquarelle.

    Je te fais de gros bisous ♡