Friday, October 24, 2014

NumNum..Num~And Tranquility~tea~ Stitch Time~

The Lady and The Pups blog has such incredible photos..I am often (always) inclined to try her recipes..Every one I have tried..has been so good..
One of her  noodle bowls  ....was no exception..
Except:)..that I thought I had a bunch of scallions and had only one  lonely I grabbed red onion..and some broccoli..added some szechuan peppercorns and garlic and ended up with what you see.
This will be a staple this winter..and this fall while I am so busy putting gardens to bed..and stitching during rain:)

Alicia Paulson  has all her kits the little wreath on the door is so lovely to stitch~
These are for next year..
Ariane Moffat on my Ipod her,,have this CD..
..and a blooming tea~Infinite Tranquility:)In French they made an l..not 2.
My idea of happiness watching the leaves fall  in the rain..but from inside:)

This year's ornaments.. are packed in a box ready to be wrapped.

I like to make them ahead of time.
I never like feeling rushed for such projects.
It has to be a pleasure not a chore
I buy the this case it worked well because this color blue door matches..more the rest of the colors I have used for my ornaments..
My newfoundfloss is fantastic for these projects~

The second photo kind of shows the progress in making the ornaments..I started with the door..then the transom..etc etc...then the this is one side of an make 2 to have 1 ornament as you stitch back to front..this should  not be stuffed as it's a door and doors are flat..snowflakes I have made are flat also..but most are stuffed w/ polyester fiberfill.
You can bejewel them ..add anything you like.I may add addresses when I am done in gold thread..will see..
The door and frame look a bit off as light is in the back shining through..The colors are more the ind doors  you see.
I succumbed to tempation and stuffed my door..slightly..ever so just looked amiss to it is quite the ornament..and with 2 ambitious sides..I wanted a bit more "oomph":)

I have loved stitching for years..
When we moved to this home ap 13 years ago..I gave most of my stitchery works away..
My country decor was left my style and in me..
I had made about 70..through the years..
I kept a few large ones..maybe 3..and 2 small ones..
This large village above I kept's ap 16x20..and it has been in our basement for 13 years in a hallway....I brought it up..
Who cares if styles are different.
Our powder room sink is in an old pine dry sink..I hung it there.The country look of this piece works in that room.
I want to remember the stitches .. and pleasure I took in making this one when my girls were tiny.
I feel all these things taught me patience and how to be quiet.Later in life this has been a Godsend to me.
And it reminds me of the Paradise:) ..I know..a long shot:)

Psst..anyone else watched The Knick?
I loved that show..the first  operation scenes made me hide behind a pillow..but I was hooked by the get go..
In a totally different way that I am so hooked on Parenthood.since day very 1....and Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife...and The Paradise..The Killing..
The a very different way..Clive genius in his role..and did you know?
Eve Hewson is Bono's daughter?
Superbly plays her role.She is magnetic .
I love her.
Her mom is beautiful..her dad..well you all know who he is:)
I just want to rescue Clive Owen and make him well and happy.

Ok..getting back to this amazing bowl of noodle recipe:)

You put the sauce that you make in the bottom of the bowl..(you can warm your bowls..we are big on warming our plates before plating..)
Then place your just cooked noodles..I am crazy about these ramen type(LOTUS SEED) ones I find in my Asian the right..your add~ ins to the w/ bacon..and then stir it all up..and you get the first photo.
So so good..if you like this kind of dish..and Oh how I do♥

Please click on the link to see the way she did hers..

What I did..

I made the sauce..for doubled it

Soya sauce,brown sugar and black vinegar..
I rendered 4 strips of bacon that I had cut up and removed  with slotted spoon and placed in a dish.
In the fat that was remaining I added a bit of Evoo and on high enough heat I cooked my lonely scallion..the cut up red onion..and cut up broccoli..added sliced garlic and szechuan peppercorns.
I cooked my noodles.
The rest is written up above..
If you enjoy this type of dish..try it.
Bon Weekend~


  1. Lovely post! The soup sounds delicious.


    1. It's really broth though..the sauce gets stirred into all this's really a Noodle veggie bowl.
      Can't wait to have it again:)

  2. You're right Monique, the soup looks amazing. I'd welcome a bowlful on this chilly Autumn day, while sitting by the fire, recreating some of your beautiful needlework. All I need is a little time and patience. Oh, and a bit of talent wouldn't hurt.

  3. Never heard of black vinegar, recorded all Knicks to watch when the weather is bad and I have nothing to do, and I so love the stitchery. The greatest gift I could receive - not kidding. Just love homemade and as cute as those: the perfect gift to receive. I on the other hand, have to vacuum the house then mop all the floors. Ugg! My husband is away on a ten day hunting trip, so after the floors are clean, I can walk around barefoot for the next 10 days, the only saving grace.

    1. I love getting that out of the way:)
      Lucky duck barefoot..I have gotten out fo the habit here as it is really chilly!
      I have heard and read that walking barefoot is great for the body and mind.
      My 2 son in laws and 2 grandsons go soon..hunting...
      Like my dad.
      Not me.never ever ever.EVER.

  4. Whato lovely post. I love tranquility:) and what beautiful things you make!
    Hope you have a nice weekend:))

  5. What a lovely post....Your photos always make me smile and your stitching makes me happy. The Noodle Bowl would be a great meal at our house...I have never heard of Black Vinegar....something to explore....

    1. I bought the Black Vinegar in an Asian shop..we have none in town..but when I venture out..there are a couple I like..a new one is amazing..about 1/2 hr from here..
      Thanks Kate!

  6. I know I would love this noodle bowl too! I love wonton soups, etc. Light but comfort food, nonetheless. Your stitchery is wonderful! All of the detail in that country town scene - wow! The wee little doors are adorable. Makes me want a blue door :)

    I have not seen The Knick. We don't get Cinemax :( I'll have to see if I can find any episodes online.

    1. You would love this bowl:) You can change up things too:)
      I have been ogling lovely pottery bowls..
      Too late now to be buying new bowls:)
      I have enough.
      Do try for The Knick..he's so good in this role..made for him.

  7. i just love those stitched welcoming doors, i really like the growing vine, and did you say you stitched that village, it's amazing! Those noodle bowls look delicious, with all the goodies piled on top

    1. I did stitch the New England Village..must have been in my twenties.. had my 2 little girls at home..
      Seems like yesterday..and seems like an Eternity ago.
      So grateful I learned to be still..younger.
      Comes in handy all your life:)

  8. I was thinking of you... tranquility is needed in this world gone mad. Your stitched village is amazing and the ornament had me thinking of a Christmas card variation. I am not ready for Halloween!!

    1. Again today..more tragedies.

      Quiet times ground me.
      I love peace.

  9. Monique, your little ornaments are adorable. Love the blue door! Your village should be out and enjoyed. Just look at all the time and effort that went into all those stitches. It's marvelous! I'd love to see all your little felt ornaments that you've created. I know they are charming!

    1. You stitch so well! You could whip these up in a breeze:)

  10. Where do I start Monique. Your posts are always such a gift and a feast from beginning to end. I love your doors. So sweet. I know your recipients will enjoy them so very much. I love the idea of gold house numbers. The noodles look fabulously delicious! I adore noodles. I used to do a lot of stitchery, like you, especially when the kids were small. I don't know where most of it is now. I still love to stitch. On that we are alike, but then we are alike in many ways! Have a fabulous weekend! xxoo

    1. Oh but your sense of direction:) I have none..:)
      We do have so many similar tastes..
      I love that about blogging..we meet so many kindred spirits with similar passions!
      I think I will add the numbers:) If my daughters move..they can just remember their home with the numbers:)

  11. Love the soup Monique, but now I must investigate black vinegar. It's new to me. Your ornaments are adorable. I really admire your patience and the tranquility you have in your life. It seems we are always on the go and never seem to slow down and for me it's definitely time to slow down. I just noticed the selfie on your side bar. You are a very lovely lady, just as I pictured you. I hope you have a very nice weekend.

    1. I was so busy for so many years..but I always seemed to have time for quiet things..
      I would step back and just do quieter gardening..some crafts..
      Then when it became necessary..and I left work..I felt that it had been a blessing to learn this..But socially Jacques and I have always been quite quiet:)
      You are lovely!

  12. I can not believe that I have never had a noodle bowl. I will have to rectify that immediately. I am intrigued by the ingredients also. It may require a trip into Asheville to find the lotus seed noodles and black vinegar, but looks like it is worth it. Lovely post. Beautiful stitchery Monique.

    1. The lotus seed noodles are so good..they come exactly like I showed in a bag.. quite a few..I hope you can find them..the black vinegar should be was in the first shop I looked..I forget for what specific recipe I had bought it..
      Hope you like these noodle bowls:)

  13. How do you have time to do everything? I picture you always on your feet here and there, the garden to the kitchen and everywhere in between. However do you do it? I'm a giant fan of noodles, especially Asian flavored. There's gotta be a way to teleport your dishes to my table in a split second!!! They look SOOOO delicious!!!! Your sewing project is so adorable. Looks similar to your watercolor paintings :) Love Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife as well as the The Bletchley Circle. Have a blessed weekend

    1. The Bletchley Circle yes:)
      I have forgotten some:)
      Bev..I don't work anymore outside our home..and I find keeping busy in my quiet home ways are very satisfying for me.:)
      I love to see our family..and that's when I get excited:)
      Try the noodle delicious with all kinds of things..that's all I need for a meal..and Jacques agrees now..He used to like to eat that and then a meal:) Times change!:)

  14. What an delicious looking noodle bowl! I've never heard of black vinegar...will be looking into it.
    I'm so impressed (and what a thoughtful gift) you make ornaments for friends. I used to love stitching, but after many years, finally gave it up. I was all stitched out! (Or perhaps just lazy?) And like you, my new decor just didn't accommodate chairs with needlepoint seats. :) But saved the original kids will come upon them in later years and wonder what the heck all the seat covers are for.
    I have not seen The Knick...will look into that as well. Do love Midwife though and of course, Downton.

    1. You are right..styles change.. thankfully I had a client at the time I moved who liked stitchery and she had I gave them some..and passed others around..a very large one all stitched in blues went to a friend's mother,
      Hope you can find the black vinegar.I am going to Google it:)

  15. Love dishes like this, will have to pick up some black vinegar, I have discovered a wonderful Asian market nearby. I've always wanted to make beautiful things with felt, have never taken the time. Lovely post!

    1. Driving from one place to the next..perfect time!

  16. I am IN LOVE with those ornaments --- you are so talented!

  17. Wow, those noodle bowls look straight out of a cookbook! I am going to copy that next time I make noodles. So pretty and how fun to stir them in yourself.
    Your ornaments are fabulous. I always hated hand work until I made Bucilla brand stockings for my kids at Christmas. I was so thrilled with the outcome - much nicer than sewing a hem or a button on!

    1. Totally different experience..darning socks..and ornaments:)

  18. I would love a bowl of those noodles right now and no space whatsoever in the tum.
    I used to cook quite a lot of Chinese after working in Honk Kong. but never saw black vinegar before.

  19. Ces petits travaux manuels sont adorables !

    1. Tu es gentille..
      C'est une petite passion pour moi..depuis ma vingtaine:)

  20. I can just imagine how pretty your and your family's trees are with your special ornaments. I'm happy that you took the large piece out of the closet…it is lovely. My comments have been disappearing again so I'm trying Google + although it seems to show me as a blogspot account…hopefully the third time is the charm. :D

    1. Karen..I have maybe 5 people I follow ..and they never appear in my feeds..blogger..or Bloglovin..So I understand your quandry.
      I am experiencing the same problems in a different way~
      I do like our themes..memories..cuteness..crafts..
      I don't get themes.

  21. Just settled in after a loooong busy weekend...just reading this post made me relax...
    The noodle bowls look amazing! Those blue doors are stunning...anything blue gets me every time. Beautiful my friend...just beautiful.
    Bisous xo

  22. A great noodle dish! I love that kind of food.

    Those ornaments are ever so pretty. You are definitely a skilled lady.



    1. I love this kind of dish too faves maybe..with Italian!

  23. i LOVE your posts! love finding them tucked in among the not so wonderful email i's like discovering a treasure. i want to make the noodle bowls but when i try the link in your post, it only takes me to larger pictures of the ones you have. i went to the site, but she has SO MANY recipes on there, and i did not find the one (ran short of time) for the exact one you mention. i will be making the additions you made as soon as i am off-island and can get to an asian supermarket. thank you so much!

  24. are not the first to tell me the link didn' t apologies..Google Lady and The Pups 5 minute scallion fat noodle..
    September 29th 2014.
    I hope this works.
    Thanks so much!

  25. Thanks so much for sharing, this soup looks so good.