Friday, October 12, 2012

Beauty and The Beet~

It really did..small little white snowflakes dancing around with the falling leaves..I know..I was at the kitchen window preparing lunch~
Friday..October 12th ,2012..No accumulation..but snow..First fire in the fireplace..will surely be tonight♥
And a warm beet ,feta and spinach salad~
My daughter had been mentioning she loves beet and goat cheese salad..I love beets..and thought ..why not try and make one with things you have on hand?
Had beets..feta..walnuts,spinach..

I roasted the 3 beets skin on in foil..drizzled with EVOO and salt and pepper for a little over 1 hr at 400 F.
Meanwhile I toasted walnuts in the oven..
and prepared a white balsamic which I put..the balsamic..some finely chopped garlic some sugar..s and p too..
Layered the  spinach..crumbled the feta..added the warm peeled and sliced beets..sprinkled with the nuts and then drizzled with the dressing..VERY GOOD.

Posting now in case you are having fall company this weekend..:)
Aren't beets beautiful?♥

Mint would have added another dimension....but I ripped all that out yesterday and it's in buried somewhere with the rest of the beds we did yesterday..
Sure hope it warms up so we can enjoy more of this~

Bon Weekend~


  1. ~Beautiful from beginning to end...L..M..O..X

  2. Have never tried white balsamic vinegar nor the golden beets. It looks so good.

  3. YUM!!
    I've got the spinach
    Now I just have to get the chioggio beets & the feta.
    I can't believe you had snow!!!

  4. Me neither...
    white balsamic just works better if you don't want to color the food:-) I don't find it as pungent..but then keeps the food colors:-)
    Only N was missing!

  5. Ooooo.... pretty beets! I can't believe you got snow already... bbbrrrrrrrr!!! Love the photos of the kids. What focal length lens do you use?

  6. I love roasted beet salads, I have a recipe from Giada that I use as my go to. Send some snow to me please!!

  7. Oh how I love beet salads...this looks wonderful!! On vacation I had the most tasty beet salad. There were greens, beets, feta and citrus (grapefruit and oranges) with a creamy citrus heaven!

    I am going to give your salad a try...three cheers for beets!!

  8. I love beets! That is a gorgeous salad...can't believe you had snowflakes!

  9. I don't think any of us could believe it..I guess we are smiling about it because it was so light..and so early..I don't ever remember seeing it so early..
    Kate..wish we could find that recipe!
    Patricia..for the kiddies?That day..I had my 55-250 on my that what you mean?We had a great day..the boys actually posed at the end..unheard of..there's usually some begging involved on our part..not Monday:-)

  10. Oh Nana this look beautiful! It is so cold here today and tonight we will have our first frost! We just covered our hibiscus and mandevilla with black plastic bags....we will see how it goes. I have beets in the fridge, I will roast them tomorrow!
    We had a big snowstorm here last can happen!
    L xo

  11. My beets are never that pretty. I'm jealous. Beautiful salad Monique with the toasted walnuts on greens.

  12. Sounds delicious, will try it : ) You have lovely pictures on your blog!

  13. Goodness me, I never knew there was any other type of beet, except red. :( I really must expand my foodie horizons. :) I do cherish the walnut, feta, spinach combination, though. Your grandson's sweater is precious.

  14. Your beet salad looks looks so colourful, & sounds tasty. Don't think I've ever seen them here where I live in France. I'll have to be more vigilant when I'm searching for winter vegs.As always the photos of your lovely boys are a delight to see & the colour of the fallen leaves beautiful.I hope the snow didn't stay on the ground to spoil it all.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Best wishes. Barbara

  15. Magical~ in every way possible.
    Happy weekend
    Shel x

  16. Breathless ~ May I say is eye-candy from the first to the last photo? :) *sigh*

    Beets are a favorite of mine, and yours are so beautifully presented... this time of year I always make some kind of beet salad just as my French Grandpa made. (And I just did last week..GMTA?) Yours is so much prettier with your colorful beets!

    And your boys? What could possibly be more scrumptious eye candy than watching them, and their wonder? You are blessed Nana!
    You are loved, and I love you, too. xoxo

  17. The day you posted this we were in warm, sunny Georgia but back home we read that there was a freeze that night. I shudder at seeing snow for the first time. Love seeing your alphabet boys :)

    I love beet salads (and beets all alone). This sounds delicious and one I'm saving to make.

  18. What a beautiful salad Monique. I love, adore Beetroot. Your's are so very pretty. I miss snow, especially this time of year and the excitement that goes along with it. A leftover from my childhood I guess. Up until Christmas snow has a special place in my heart. After Christmas I wish it away. We only ever very rarely get it here. It is a rare treat that never fails to delight my heart! Love you much! xxoo

  19. Susan..i forgot about's so pretty there..

    I wish snow away too in April:)What am I saying even March..
    Mary I can't imagine something i make prettier than yours..
    Not in my wildest dreams:)

  20. Oh those three on the bridge...
    A fall treat!
    Love beets and goat cheese...and fall.
    The lane in autumn dress, enchanting.

  21. Oh my word! I missed those last pics of your boys!
    How gorgeous are they...growing so so fast!
    A blessed week to you my friend x