Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ghoulishly Good~Dorie's Allspice Muffins~

Dorie Greenspan's Allspice Muffins~
I got the recipe from my book: Baking..From My Home to Yours~...At the beginning..Page..16...

They're delicious..after an afternoon of putting more gardens to bed..I knew these could hit the spot~
Jacques and I are no longer "des petits enfants".....but I bought these cute Wilton wrappers with my daughter one day and thought..well..let's use a few:)
The weather has been magical the last few days..but.. we expect rain:( ..(lots of it..Good for the bulbs I planted..and more stitching indoors..)..but I know this means many of the leaves will fall even more..and soon be mowed into the lawn..or tarped away~
Our area is beautiful at this time of year..
I remember driving up this street over 30 yrs ago..bringing the girls to their piano lessons and I thought..there is no prettier street..

11 yrs ago..a lot became available and we moved here..I know there are prettier streets..areas..etc..but moving day..Oct ..that many yrs ago..w/ classical music in my car..bringing yet one more carload of:" I just can't live without these..things " our new home..I believed in all those words.."there is no prettier street"..♥
Living right across the street from one of our daughter's..kittie they are down the equally beautiful..and quieter lane..has made the street even more beautiful to us~
Fall is gorgeous in QC..even with ghostly visions~:)
And all those leaves to pick up:)..we are minutes walk to a small quaint sleepy town..and close to great shopping now since a nearby town has seen a boom in population:)  Not here..but driveable for me..along the picturesque waterway..MICHAEL's is there:)And Omer De Serres etc..
Ok back to the recipe:)

I think I'll add a link I found instead of typing it that ok? I did find the recipe..chez my book..but in lieu of badly typing out a recipe..

here goes....The Brown Eyed Baker.....I picked a blog out of a witch's hat:)
 The photos and recipe are spot on:)Lovely~
OOPS..I  clicked publish..I will be quiet for at least one week now I promise!


  1. What a lovely way to celebrate fall with apple muffins perfumed with allspice. The changing of the leaves is gorgeous there Monique. Just like you, your street is magical and full of beauty.

  2. are so sweet..always:)

    I wonder who Red Riding Cape is up the street?:)

  3. I do miss the autumn splendour of Eastern Canada this time of year. I ill just have to console myself with bewitching muffins.

  4. That street is the prettiest street and reminds me of a scene out of Anne of Green Gables. I would have fallen in love. I live in the high dessert, and miss the trees. The muffins look so good and I love the wrappers. Joni

  5. Oh, the vivid colors of the leaves make me home sick for the Northeast. Here in Central Texas, there is very little color displayed on the trees. I'm convinced we hold our childhood environs in our hearts forever. Seems a pity to not be surrounded by such beauty. Well, I make up for it with dashes of bright fall colors in my home, and on my the form of deliciously colorful food. Love those paper muffin holders! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, Monique.

  6. You are right Monique. It is a very beautiful street, especially this time of year. That is my favourite baking book. I have not taken it down or baked from it in a while. I must rectify that and soon. Love the cupcake wrappers! How ghastly festive! Wonderful that you live so close to your daughter. I can only wish! Peut etre one day . . . love you. xxoo

  7. It is my fave baking book too:-)
    The northeast is crazy beautiful now..but remember how long I am under snow...every place has something:-)
    P.S.I halved the recipe .it made 4 larger muffins..instead of 6..It halved perfectly.
    Have a great day.

  8. www.solomonstreet.blogspot.comOctober 14, 2012 at 12:50 PM

    What an amazing street you live in...the colours are out of this world.
    Your muffins are equally as beautiful.
    Happy Week Monique

  9. I can actually only echo Sam's is all magical...that lane.. the delicious autumn apple muffins...and it all needed a magical hand to be brought to us..

  10. Oooohhhhhhhlala...such pretty muffins!
    Of course you live on a beautiful , magical street....a fairy
    queen lives there, don't you know!
    L xo

  11. You always have the cutest paper muffin cups, Monique! And what deliciousness inside! Love that crumb oozing over the side.
    I used to love fall when I lived up north; the color of the trees and everyone gets so involved with Halloween decorations. And the smell of apple cider and donuts at the cider mill.

  12. It doesn't matter whose recipe it is. You take it and give it a unique twist Monique!
    There's a book in you.

  13. The paper cups are just adorable. There is nothing that says Fall to me more than baking. It is the nesting instinct I think.

    Your Fall photos are magnificent. What a street. I know I hate to see the rain strips the leaves.

    And how wonderful to be able to live so close to your daughter!

  14. I love this all!

    You share such beautiful (and FUN) things with us Ms Magical. Thank you for giving us a peek into your pretty world. I always go away smiling from the joy that you give us. ((hugs)) ~m.

  15. These must be magical muffins... real muffins could not look this delicious. What beautiful fall scenery!

  16. What a treat it must be for the trick or treaters to visit your house on the beautiful street that your family lives! Those muffins look and sound delicious! This is the perfect season for baking with apples and spices.

  17. That's how I feel about our yard :) I wish our daughters lived as close as yours though.

    Adorable muffin cups and they look delicious!

  18. It is a most beautiful street. I loved visiting Quebec and will go back one day.

  19. The colours are spectacular.

    Monique, I love your little muffin cups.


  20. Dorie's muffins are delicious..I treated Jacques to a lovely coffee and muffin in that pastry shop..he said your muffins are better..:) Try them..they are so easy..
    Thank you:)

    Have a great day..So pretty out..

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