Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pic Monkey..Ribbet etc..

Have to admit..I love Photoshop..
But when it comes to really bad photos..PicMonkey etc..help enormously..This photo was overexposed..awful..the subjects were adorable..but the photo was terrible..A few twists on Pic Monkey..
And it's cute to me..

Try!You can add text..special effects..layers..overlays..make-up:)The list goes on and on~

By the wharf ...at Jack Layton Park..Lucas..now 7!  Maxime(Max) 5 and Olivier(Ollie..Wollie..Poodle..Pooch..)now 3.
If you keep the rez high enough they print up perfectly~
There's always a way of saving a bad photo:)

I used the Daguero  effect then played with their Hallloween  effects..
If you've not tried Pic Monkey..now with the Halloween fun things..is the time to experiment~
I've noticed that on many food blogs..they use the effects to professional standards..I am in the learning curve of these great free programs..
And grateful for them~

Ribbet is another fun one..


  1. Un fabuleux trio ! J'aime beaucoup le résultat obtenu...
    Gros bisous à toi ma chère Nana!

  2. Cute to me too!!! Oh Monique, I just love when you share your boys with us.


  3. Gorgeous boys and thank you for the tip..
    you are always so helpful and willing to share your secrets

  4. They are getting sooooo big! The pic is fabulous! You should frame it! I am so bad at pic editing software...my mind just does not work well with them!you are amazing!

  5. You did a wonderful job with that photograph Monique! I'll have to give these photo editing programs a try! Thanks for the ideas! Love you! xxoo

  6. Sweet boys and thanks for the tip on pic monkey-I will have to play with it too!


  7. This is FANTASTIC! (How could you go wrong with such adorable models??!)

    Lucas? 7 Already?? I remember when you shared joyous the news, expecting your first grandchild. *sigh* Time rushes by. You are BLESSED!

    Thank you for the tip about Pic Monkey ~ you are so creative (and generous) about sharing. xoxo ~m

  8. Pic Monkey sounds fun & you say it's free ! & you have a great photo of your adorable boys as a souvenir. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Very cute kids!
    I'm a big fan of PicMonkey but just the bare bones...nothing too fancy. You really think foodie blogs are using it? Hmmmm..interesting

  10. I am certain some are using it..One European one I like for certain..:-)
    I am so lucky with my models..they were so cooperative that day:-) So many pictures..so little time..Actually we were gone about 1and a half hours..and it flew by the time..something about the stillness of fall beauty..the water..the paths..the company.

  11. I need to find some better programs. Your editing is great but the little darlings probably couldn't take a bad photo either.

  12. I bought the software a few months ago and have yet to install it on my computer! So lame!
    I would have never guessed that this was a bad photo. It's so charming!

  13. Thank you so much for visiting me, Monique Dear! (Yes, you have to smell Mum petals!) ~ I LOVE PicMonkey...I'll have to check out Ribbet!

  14. I'm with you, love photoshop. I love buying early 19th c dishes with cracks and chips for a song. A little photoshop and the problem is solved. I don't know what I would do without it!

  15. D..most people use it for cracks in skin:) You made me smile..
    Really anyone who is not confidant with photo editing should try PM..you can always undo:)
    You can make invitations.. have them printed up..so personal..
    Birthday cards etc..
    Enjoy your day..the sun's come out again..the garden calls~

  16. Absolutely darling! Your boys are so cute.
    I used Picmonkey for the first time last night. Eager to explore more of its features........Sarah

  17. I LOVE Pic Monkey! A friend told me about it after we were in Colorado to help slim her waistline and remove wrinkles in some photos.

    We just returned from visiting them in Georgia since last Thursday...I've eaten so much the past few days I'm going to need to use it to slim my waistline :-)

    Love what you did with that shot!