Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fifi , Romantic Country~And Lucas♥

Have you visited Fifi recently?
She's so busy..she's involved with all her magazines and MOVING..moving to Mystic  CT.
I was trying to remember which movies were made there apart from Mystic Pizza..And a whole list came up~
They will be lucky to have her~
The latest issue of Romantic Country is out~I do love that magazine..

Such pretty pics..ideas..links..stories..
I was pleased and flattered that Fifi included my take on fun little Christmas stockings..

Thank you Fifi..everything looks so much better after you have touched it:)
It is so nice to be able to contribute..I learn something new every time..
Like this blue background..after I made the stocking and sent her the photos..she said why not try a blue background..?
Look..It's just right..Never would I have picked blue.
She just knows what works.
Merçi Fifi encore une fois.
She has a new magazine coming out ..
If you visit you will hear all about it..and see little snippets .
She's a master at BEAU..making things always looking so right and pretty.

Which brings me to this darling letter I received in the mail..with a self-addressed stamped envelope for a his school:)

Lucas is our eldest grandson.  He is 7.We fell on our knees and cried when he came to Florida by plane 6 yrs ago and walked towards us  at the airport..We had left 2 weeks before..and he was still crawling.. beautifully I might add..but crawling..two weeks later they take the plane.. we meet them..and he walks towards us!:)
Fall on our knees:)

We met him first ..of the 4 alphabet boys.. ~
Un vrai coup de ♥
He still is..

They all are now..but he still is .It never leaves us.
Imagine my sheer elation at receiving this letter in the mail..
Even the ARRIÈRE  GRAND -MÈRE  cracked me up..
This is what the letter said)

Friday,October 19th 2012.

Dear Great Grandmother;
I would like to know if there was a park at your school.
I would like to know if you had running water.
Where was your school?
I love you very much.
Your grandson Lucas.

I responded right away:) and his letter is stuck to my fridge.
I did specify ..that I was 58..  his grandmother(nana).:).not great grandmother.:).that indeed I had running water..a play area:)..and WALKED many blocks to school:)
That I loved getting his letter..and that I loved him Gros Gros Gros comme le ciel.

It's mailed back to his school already.

These are the moments:)


  1. What a delight from your grandson, you must keep it to share with him some day. I'm off the see FiFi and I love the stocking and the blue does highlight it quite nicely.
    Take care! Kelley

  2. Bonjour. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I came here and loved this story. What a darling letter written - in French, no less - by your grandson. I can tell I will enjoy my visits here. I am your newest "Follower." A bientot, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Hello Monique,

    What a blessed little letter...and such a sweet story to go with it (regarding his walking to you from the plane). I have been too long away from this gorgeous blog of yours and am so looking forward to catching up on your many beautiful posts.


    P.S. Your stocking is so pretty...yes...FIFI was right about the blue...I am off to visit her sight once I'm done with yours. :)

  4. Such a sweet letter from your grandson & precious keepsake ♥
    Your stocking design is gorgeous - Congratulations!

  5. Oh my, congratulations dear Monique! The stocking is gorgeous and on Fifi's magazine-WOW.
    And what a sweet, sweet letter! It makes me smile.

  6. Thanks made me smile too:)
    Just precious.Bon Dimanche:)

  7. I can't wait until my grandson starts talking. He's very affectionate though, will always give me a kiss goodbye when it's time to leave. My heart melts. (I had to re-write this comment because I saw a typo) Am I able to get your magazine down here in Virginia?

  8. Yes..It's even easier to get in the USA:) Here in QC it is more difficult to find..If you go to Fifi's site..I think there are mentions of subscriptions also.
    When they start talking:) It's so cute! I find with speaking 2 languages sometimes..things get lost in translation..When I say to Lucas Oh my goodness you have grown a foot! He looks at his feet:)
    I hope you will let me know when he starts chatting with you..Your name will sound like heaven..(To you:) )

  9. Fifi knows beautiful style when she sees it :) Everything your touch is romantic too!

    I love the letter!!! So funny about the running water. How old must they think we are - LOL.

  10. :-)
    I know!They must think we are ancient:-)

  11. Oh melt my heart Lucas! What a tremendous souvenir you have from your grandson. This is a beautiful letter!

  12. A sweet note and grandson! Really heartwarming.



  13. My heart was swelling with emotion when I read Lucas' letter to you - what a blessing he must be.
    Going to purchase Romantic Country today - I need a new Christmas stocking and yours it will be!

  14. Judy:)Rosa.. Christine..:)
    Thank you.. they really can make my heart skip a beat and more.

  15. You know this touches my heart deeply. The wonderful world of being a grandma to my grandson has opened soft places that are glorious!
    "These are the moments," indeed.

    Sweet wishes,

  16. How tender the memories, and sweet!
    My heart is joyful that you have captured them, and shared them with us!

    You're an angel among us . . . and the alphabet boys, too. xoxo

  17. Monique, letters from Grandsons have to be the very best. My oldest grandson will be 7 this year and I am ever hopeful to get a letter of my own one day. We shall see!! I love, LOVE that magazine. I wish we could get it over here, but for now it remains a dream. One day peut etre... Love you! Happy Halloween! xxoo

  18. PS, I also meant to say your little stocking . . . tis beautiful, but then I would expect nothing less from you sweet friend.

  19. The most beautiful are special enough to see them wherever they are!
    I keep looking for the magazine and can not find it anywere,
    I will keep looking....after this mess is cleared up...
    The letter made me cry...litte boys are so delicious!
    Bisous xoxo

  20. There lovelies, cutest letter, one that will be read again and again, smiled upon again and of those precious things in life and one you're going to show him one day when he brings his girlfriend to meet NANA!
    and of course I love Monique's Xmas take on the stocking!

  21. Goodness....
    I'd have been on my knees with you both.
    Crying...I am.