Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On The Menu~

  What frightfully good for you thing could we make?
Perhaps a salad?

I think these could please young and old alike:)

Just empty out a lovely little orange and carve(much easier than a pumpkin..)
Make a salad you enjoy..In this case I used mostly arugula and spinach..some green onions..the orange:)And made a balsamic vinaigrette adding some juice from the orange..slivered almonds were an afterthought:)

The adorable smaller pumpkin you see..well they are called pumpkins on a stick..My friend had some in a vase..and let me leave w/ a branch and 2 dear little apples.

They are adorable..
I hope to find a few branches myself next year..
They are miniatures..of the real thing..
I get impressed by things like this♥

I just love PicMonkey too♥
The easiest way to decorate!


  1. Mon these are much cuter then my pears in dough, and along side with those pumpkins and little apples...I may try these on Sunday for the kids!

  2. Cute idea and much more healthy!!

  3. Adorable. I like the sound of the salad too, easy but refreshing and healthy.
    How cute are your oranges:))
    Shel x

  4. Not cuter than your pears..Caro is making your salad Sat:)
    They are fun to and adults alike will like:)

  5. Great idea!! I love fall and new fall ideas.


  6. Cuteness as far as the eye can see!
    xo, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. What a cute orange jack'o'lantern with a salad in it!!! You are genius.
    I also love Picmonkey!

  8. Ma chère Nana tu as une idée d'enfer avec cette orange ! Une salade qui m'ensorcelle.
    gros bisous

  9. What a novel idea for presenting a Salad, especially at this time of year Monique! So spooky and so perfect! Love all that you share. I was telling my papa about you the other day. He has been to your town. He said something about taking a ferry there, or near there once upon a time. The world, she is not such a small place. Love and hugs to you today and always. xxoo

  10. Those carved oranges are so cute Monique. So much for sophisticated, not to mention easier, than pumpkins. Happy Halloween.

  11. I love those carved oranges!!!

  12. I'm so glad you like them.. you can also add tea lights inside:) Very cute candles for Halloween:)Marie I wrote on your blog ..your papa has a GREAT memory.
    Thank you:)

  13. I need to bring a salad to a big outing on Saturday. The orange pumpkins look like the perfect decor :) I haven't heard of pumpkins on a stick!

  14. Only you can make people who don't celebrate Halloween(like us here in France) WANT to join in! Your smiling orange with its roquette hair and then those pumpkins on a stick..! They are gorgeous!

  15. That is such a cute idea, Monique! Salad in your orange "pumpkin."
    By the mother made pickled beets every year. And we always had them in a salad. Very outdated salad with hard boiled eggs and mayo, but we always loved it when we were kids. My kids never liked it. :(

  16. Susan--the carved pumpkins:-) keep well:-) that would be so cute!
    Barbara..remember aspics at our parents parties?
    Eggs in j-e-l-l-o:-)
    :-) friends children when in Italy did not celebrate me demanded pourquoi..

    Have A great day..

  17. OMG!
    Your pictures are SO beautiful!!

  18. I have to smile when I see this post, Monique. It is so you: sweet, charming, whimsical, creative...just lovely.

  19. Love the idea of using carved oranges for the salads. I wish we were neighbors...I have two beautiful lady apple trees in our orchard that you could cut branches from. They do look lovely in floral arrangements this time of the year.

  20. So very cute! I must remember this for next year when my granddaughter will be old enough to understand how special they are.
    I missed most of the autumn weather so I enjoyed you capturing a little bit to share.
    Thank you for all your encouraging posts they add a bright spot in my day.
    Happy weekend!

  21. very very charming Monique! You continue to always. Thank you.

  22. Lovely, beautiful, and enchanting ... just like creative YOU! xoxo