Thursday, January 30, 2014

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies~

I knew I would like these cookies..I liked them so much I pinned them twice:)

We enjoy Oatmeal..Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips..
I knew I wanted to test freezing the batter in scoops because my friend Linda told me she does that..I thought...génial.
Because it's just the two of us.. and I don't eat sweets except to taste..and yes I do make exceptions with one whole cookie..
It's nice to know I can bake 6 cookies..and have more to bake fresh..on hand..

Also I wanted to try baking cookies in rings..My rings are as old as the hills..I have 3.. not nearly enough to bake a tray of I made regulars and 3 in rings..the ring look is so pretty..

This recipe is from HERE..
As I said..I pinned it twice..that has to mean something:)
The only thing I did differently ..was to use milk chocolate chips.

La Recette~
Courtesy of Willcookforsmiles~

1/3 cup of unsalted butter softened(I use salted)
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs room temp
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla extract (I use vanilla bean paste)
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt(I omit)
3 cups old fashioned oats
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips(I use milk chocolate)

Preheat oven to 350 and line a baking sheet with parchment
Beat butter and dark brown sugar (I used reg) in the bowl of an electric mixer until light and fluffy..
Add peanut butterand beat on lower speed until incorporated
Add the eggs one at a time beating until combined
On low speed add the sifted flour,baking soda and salt until all combined..(I sifted my flour and bs prior)
Add the oats and mix on low until just combined
Fold in Chocolate Chips
Scoop cookies onto the sheet..form..and bake for 9 minutes..
( I scooped and shaped and palced in rings..:)

And scooped and froze all the rest.
I like these..I really do~
And the next day..the ones baked in the rings?
Still so good.

Oli and I had fun baking Old McDonald Had A Farm cupcakes~

Jacques said.."tu t'amuses tellement avec lui dans la cuisne"~
It's true..
The recipe for the cupcakes and icing are Courtesy of Duncan Hines..
He cracked the eggs in a sep.bowl..,,I do this because he hasn't quite mastered cracking without the shell falling in..but he will..
He added the premeasured oil and water and he gave the KA a whirl and a half I might add..  he knows how to stop it:)His mom has one that's probably why also.
To pour the cupacke batter in the muffin cups..I put the batter in a measuring cup..musch easier for 4 yr olds to do this way..
The icing is all his creativity..:)

Then he placed the animals he chose on top..($ store new in package..farmyard animals)
I think the difference I noticed here between baking with my daughters and that the girls tended to place things delicately on a cupcake ..with a smile of satisfaction after,,
Boys..well Oli seemed to prefer..making sure they were really IN there..♥ with a smile of...?
Licking the spatula was fine.. he said "can I lick the spoon too Nanan?"..I said I think maybe that's enough..wait and have a cupcake with the boys..they will be home soon..I left the kitchen for 2 minutes..came back..he's licking the spoon..Because he asked Jacques..and of course Jacques said yes..

Pretty smart.
Pretty Cute.
Pretty much the most fun I had in the kitchen...that day for sure:)
Kids love doing things in the kitchen..the cupcakes are never ready soon enough though:)


  1. What a super day with cupcake baking! One of the most enjoyable things to do is baking with children. Love the cookie recipe!

    Thank you for your visits and comments! I really appreciate it!

  2. How fun! I adore the picture of him licking! We just received the cookie stamp you recommended and I spent the day yesterday with my daughter and 18 month old granddaughter baking cookies and stamping them. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  3. Terry loves chocolate and peanut butter...I love oatmeal...what a great combination! I just learned about freezing cookie dough from a friend who often appears with lovely iced shortbread cookies....Terry enjoys a warm cookie after dinner and like you, I prefer to only have a few around! Baking with your grandson sounds like fun. Are cupcakes ever done soon enough? LOL...never....

    1. Just grand having them ready all scopped:)
      Hope you try them..I love oatmeal in cookies:)

  4. Printed the cookie recipe, I think I will try it immediately this weekend...

  5. As always, everything you make is gorgeous and these cookies are no exception. How clever to use the rings. My husband loves chocolate chip cookies and I know he would like the additional peanut butter and chocolate chips. I'm like you, I only eat a taste or two :)

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. I think what I like best about the cookies is the texture. Adding the oatmeal is a great idea. I've used ring with chocolate chip cookies and they turned out picture perfect. So did yours!
    Always fun baking with grandkids, Monique. Wish mine lived closer!

    1. I remember your rings..I went through a few drawers a few weeks ago organizing..and these popped up:)

      They are nice!
      I guess it was in my lucky star portion that they live so close.. I never take it for granted..and hope we stay here forever.

  7. These cookies contain a few of my favorite things. I would consider them very healthy--at least that would be my excuse for having more than one.


  8. Oh that made me smile..They are healthy:)!

  9. The cupcakes are definitely cute and the cookies are pinned once again:D

  10. Oh my those grandchildren of yours are so cute <3
    I love the idea of those cookies...I have all those ingredients so am going to bake them right now.
    The cupcakes look adorable...I love the farm animals.....brings back the memories <3
    Happy weekend

    1. I hope you like them..I am pretty sure you to have handy in the freezer if your family comes:)
      I remember your farm party!!

  11. The cookies sound wonderful but that little boy even more so. What a delightful time you two had together. Kids are so fun in the kitchen!

    1. I know you love it too..and it's so nice that they don't care how tidy your drawers are:)

  12. I just made peanut butter and M & M cookies with Mack a couple of weeks ago! I love the addition of oatmeal in yours. I'll be pinning them too :) I had to smile at the difference between girls and boys and placing the decoration on top of cupcakes. I can picture it exactly! When the cookies that we made were baking, Mack was in the living room with Papa playing. He shouted to me in the kitchen - "Nana, are the cookies ready yet? I've been waiting for HOURS!" More likely 15 minutes, tops :) Love what they say and do.

  13. Exactly Susan!! Are they done yet? LOL..Aren't they the best in the kitchen?
    For HOURS:) Like waiting his whole life..LOL

    I too love what they say and's a marvel to me we have boys:)
    It's so nice to look at someone and know that it's true love.You can feel it in every part of you.

  14. Wonderful recipe and I can't wait to make these, as I love fat cookies , oats, and milk chocolate. And what fun with Oli! Compliment him on his cupcakes and icing!

    1. Ah..Katrina..I made your scones again yesterday with blackberries..You are a permanent feature here!
      I love fat cookies too..and scones.:)

  15. How fun to have a baking session with the grands. Your photos are scrumptious as always. I have such a difficult time with brown/chocolate food.

  16. And those boys are going to take such wonderful & warm memories into their adulthood!!! Vous tous, vous avez de la chance!!

  17. You are a special grandmother ;o) I have such fond memories of my grandmother, and you remind me of her. Cute pics!

  18. Such delicious, big, chunky cookies --- perfect for a cold winter day!!

  19. Those little boys are so lucky to have you close by. ;-)

  20. Ces cookies sont parfaits! Comment délicieux! I just adore peanut butter cookies of any kind. I was thinking of baking cookies in the bottom of my muffin tins to get perfect round shapes. Would that work do you think? Peut etre? You are so blessed to have your boys close by. I can only wish, although I had a perfectly lovely conversation with my eldest son via the computer yesterday. Special moments. Love to you today and always. I hope you are staying warm! xxoo

    1. Marie.. as I made them and was looking at the 3 rings..I thought I wonder..just like you about the muffin tins..we will have to try!
      I know so much bout your family,as if they all lived next door:)
      You love them and it shows so much!
      I too wish you had them closer..Hope you do get to Canada this summer:)

  21. I like the idea of freezing some for later.

  22. Ma chère Nana,ton blog est non seulement joli à parcourir et en plus il règne comme le calme et la sérénité, c'est à dire de bons moment à passer avec toi, ces publications qui me donnent toujours de la bonne humeur car la joie et le bonheur de vivre sont toujours là sur tes pages et j'adore !
    Très bon dimanche ensoleillé de chez moi, bises, Cath

  23. Bonjour,
    Je ne suis pas une adepte du beurre de cacahuète tartiné mais avec du chocolat ça passe bien. Ces cookies sont appétissants!
    Bon dimanche

  24. Your grandsons will have very special memories of baking with Grandma. Those days are so very special. You have combined my favorite flavors in your delicious cookies. A batch of homemade sounds so good right now.

  25. Your cookies look delicious. I also baked last week, mostly to warm up the kitchen. We had some snow in the metro Atlanta area, the first time in 3 years, and it was cold for us. Our house is not that well insulated and we have no double glass on the windows – of course today we were back at 70 F (21 C) and the snow is long gone. I saw you had some bulbs in vases. I bought a hyacinth bulb in a vase, it flowered – now what do I do with the bulb? Throw it out or keep it for next year? It’s nice to cook with grand children. I have 3 grandsons – they are 2, 5 and 7 years old. I made jam last summer with the 5 years old. I have a granddaughter but she is only 8 months old, so I have time to wait and cook with her.

    1. Ou boys are very similar in age:)

      After forcing bulbs,,I ahve read that they are better thrown away..or to chop them up and put in your compost..
      I throw mine away as we are still knee deep in snow here..and there is no compost pile in sight:)

      seems a shame as in the garden they are perennial bulbs..It's a pleasure I allow myslef:)
      We read about Atlanta and the snow..must have been a shock to everyones systems!

  26. Beautiful cookies...beautiful chocolatey face...
    Love it all!
    Bisous xoxoxoxo

  27. A heavenly combo. Those cookies are simply incredibly irresistible.



  28. Wonderful sweets! Love the little cows-))

  29. I am always inspired with your photos! Anything you bake, I want to too!! Oli is the cutest and is quite a baker. Love the special time you give the grandchildren, you're the best Nana!