Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Come In~Open House~

I find that in the big picture it doesn't take big things to make someone happy~

I find that if you walk along a path and LOOK and SEE.. there are many opportunities to find happiness..and beauty..someone once told me always look the right and to the left..

I have always NOTICED small things..but from that day on noticed even more..

You just have to take the time to take it all in..

And notice the details..

There's always a lovely detail to be found in each and every day~It's right there..
Let's wish each other that for the holidays..and the New Year~To always see the detail..Family,shelter,health,food,flowers..
A smile.. a word.. a note.. a card..

The adorable monogrammed....(Her name starts w/ M:))... home above was built by my will be the centerpiece of The Littlest Angels Table tomorrow night~


  1. And it looks amazing....oh, the kids would love it! Looks gorgeous

  2. What a darling gingerbread house and wonderful sentiments. Your daughter comes by her talent naturally :) Merry Christmas to you and your dear family, Monique!

  3. That is so cute! Really precious. I have always loved gingerbread houses, they are so magical.

  4. What a darling house -- the thing of fairy tales! It is truly magical!

  5. so adorable~ you know we met over the details, i see what you see, it bonds us, the small stuff... much better then the great big pic, its the tiny stuff that all adds up~

    look at the little pkgs, soooooooo cute! and the monograms is a crack up!


  6. Cure, cute,, cute!!
    I love it.. the angels table..Mine would be expelled, LOL!
    Enjoy this blessed holiday!

  7. Thanks for using my little house in your blog :)

    You always take the nicest pictures!

  8. What true words you speak. It's always a great reminder to stop and tune into the simple parts of life, as each small piece builds the larger ones. Enjoy your holidays with your special family. Most of the magic will probably be around that charming gingerbread house!

  9. Your daughter has inherited your talent - big time! I remember the photo she took of Noah running down the boardwalk, and now this. Very much your style, ie, all beautiful and magical. Good tidings and a blessed Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


  10. BRAVO!!! Such a wonderful Gingerbread (cottage)!!!!..
    Yes....Life is enhanced by the NOTICED details...
    A precious work for your precious little angels....
    Have Fun tomorrow evening...
    Ours is not until the Day after Christmas...but we are enjoying two little ones here til then.
    We're going to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks"...the sequeal...tomorrow....they are sooo excited! Life is grand, Merry Christmas my friend, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. How sweet, I want to move into that lovely house. I will remember the details Monique.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. Details. That is precisely why I can easily spend at least twenty minutes here.
    Adorable gingerbread village! So Country French.

    Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you, dear Monique, and your wonderful little elves!


  13. Beautiful gingerbread house and sentiments to go along with it. Merry Christmas Nana, may your days be chock full of goodness and blessings! xxoo

  14. Cara,

    Un abbraccio for your talented daughter! A true architect with an eye for details. Accompanied by your wording. Your joint greetings put me into the perfect Christmas mood. Wish you and your family Buon Natale e Buone Feste and all the joys of a new year! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! XO

  16. Truer words were never said, Monique. I believe we have everything we need to be happy--we just have to take time to notice it. Thanks for these gorgeous photos and the beautiful things you've shown us all year. Merry Christmas!

  17. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you also!

  18. Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas with your family and to thank you for all of the joy you have brought into my life through your special posts. A smile and a warmness can always be found here.

    Many thanks and blessings!

    xox Diane

  19. Lavish holiday best wishes are being sent your way, Monique. Happy holidays to you and your wonderful family.

  20. Merry Christmas Nana...and lots of love to you and yours!

  21. Bonjour Monique, la féérie d'un Noël gourmand, j'envie tes petits enfants...avoir une grand-maman magique c'est merveilleux, ;0).

    Je profites de l'occasion pour te souhaiter à toi et ta famille de passer de très Joyeuses Fêtes et une très belle année 2010.

    Au plaisir de se revoir.
    Josée xx

  22. So So adorable Monique. Merry Christmas to you n your loved ones! :)

  23. This gingerbread house is so beautiful, so wonderfully decorated! What a lovely post. Merry Christmas!

  24. What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing. I agree with Kate, Truer words were never spoken. If we just stop to look around us it's easy to see how lucky we are. Happy Christmas! Pam

  25. Such lovely gingerbread houses, with such beautiful details. Sweet sentiment also that we all should heed. Have a cozy and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  26. My favourite thing to make!!! Have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing what you have for the New Year!!!!! He he, that is after you have a good rest!!!!
    Margaret B

  27. ♫ Merry Christmas, Monique! ♫

    Now I'm convinced that the talent for your wonderful designs & style is genetic! Your DD did a great job on the house!

    Have a Blessed Christmas & thank you for sharing all that is yours with us.

  28. What a beautiful gingerbread house! Merry belated Christmas!:)

  29. Oh Monique, what a beautiful gingerbread house I love the little bears living in the garden so cute. Your daughter has your talent soo lovely. Merry Christmas to you all.

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  31. You are right, it is all the little things that add up collectively and tell the story. The magic of your gingerbread house does just that.....The beauty was in the details. Love it.

  32. What a pretty house! I love the decorations!

    Happy Holidays!



  33. Just adorable! Funny thing, my daughter "monogrammed" her gingerbread house this year too!

    - The Tablescaper