Friday, December 11, 2009

My Williams-Sonoma Cookie Cutter Review~

I like it..It works..:)Very happy I picked one up~Thanks to Kathleen~
She was so nice to think of me and send me a head's up while I was in the US..

Toronto has W-S..but not QC.. many stores halt at the border~ Too bad!!
It's not made like our Brigittes.. they are plastic.. not stainless..

But they work well..the cookies are large:) Large enough to make decorations too..
And were fun to use..
I used Ina's shortbread I made a whole batch of her dough and made 3 kinds of cookies..
These made me smile:)

Press hard.. I transfered my cookie cutter to my Silpat w/ a spatula underneath..then pressed the plunger quite hard on the Silpat..If you do not press hard enough..the letters will not show..

Have Fun!

It's a Thumbs Up For Me~And I see for many others too..Great Christmas product.. Cheers to W-S..

I saw the most beautiful pastry board there.. Oh lala.. all wood..w/ the pie crust shapes etc.. cute little pie molds.. It's just a fun extravagant store..Kathleen has an outlet and finds the best occasions~ Unbelievable occasions..

I have little mini tureens Jain sent me.. like the French Onion Soup bowls but "Petits"..My Jana Pâté fits perfectly for ind. servings..I love them..

I saw a French dish set that reminded me of Provence and La Ferme De La and white..Beau beau beau..But.. I was very good..


  1. oh you know i love these! i had been looking at them in the catalog but you pushed me off the fence to buy them. i LOVE them, perfect for nana's wee little ones~

    wonderful pics as usual too!

  2. I love Williams Sonoma too -- and gasp at the La Corneu stove everytime I go (it is almost as big as my kitchen -- and cost about the same as my house!) -- sigh -- it's never meant to be at Linderhof!

    Glad to hear your review of the cutters -- they are a fun Christmas item! I have a Brigette and love that one!

  3. I have to stay out of there M...
    it is a dangerous place for me...
    I love to go there the day after Christmas with all my gift money and have a blast when everything is on sale....
    Every year I do that...
    I guess I need the cutter....I was resisting....:)
    Your cookies are magical!
    Oh and the little tiny tureens...I just love those...
    I am craving some mini cocottes with covers....maybe Santa will bring me some!

  4. Thanks for the review! These are adorable! I might just have to go downstairs to William-Sonoma and pick one up for myself.

  5. What can I say...I couldn't resist these cookie cutters. I made Ina's recipe and will cut them out in the morning. And many thanks for the tip about getting the lettering to show up well.

  6. I just got a catalog in the mail and was looking at these! I wish I had a store near me.

  7. I agree! Much easier than Brigette for me..But large!!
    And you are know I love to share the bargain alerts! It makes me feel good not to pay 20 dollars and get them for less than $8.
    I see Cathy said she got them..I am sending Susan and Debbie one, I was going to surprise Cathy! Oh well, another time!

    Yours look wonderful..I knew they would.
    I made a double batch of Ina's shortbread dough and made cookies..but smaller. There will be so many at the party tomorrow I thought smaller would be better..Still cute! And more to go around..:)

  8. They are so cute, M! Similar to Brigitte with the letters. Such adorable Nana cookies ;)

  9. Hi Sweetie,
    I just popped over from Fifi's blog where I read your French comment to the Princess ;)

    Gee, those cookies are darling with Love Nana XX on them and look delicious too. I'm off to read some of your past posts too. I see you mentioned the US so guess the cat's out of the bag and it's now ok to mention toi?

  10. You have a great blog! Glad to have discovered it. I love the cute cookie cutters. I cant find them anywhere here and even if there is, it would be very pricy :(

  11. This week end is cookie baking week end. I can hardly wait....narrowing down the choices is the problem. I like the idea of Ina's shortbread..I will get to try out my Brigitte!

  12. you have such lovely utensils to bake with. How lucky. the shortbreads are beautiful...wish i cld have a taste of what you bake Monique.

  13. Monique, thanks for this review. I had read on the WS site that some people had had problems with them, but I wondered at that time if they were just using the wrong cookie dough. Your post has convinced me that I was right...


  14. Sweet! I bet they will be welcomed with smiles and hugs!

  15. M, you did such a gorgeous job on your cookies. They are sure to bring many smiles!!

  16. I was in the store in San Francisco last month, a very dangerous place indeed.

  17. In a way perhaps it is good I live so far away!..Kate I had read the reviews also.. and was reminded of the difficulties some had with Brigitte..I see so many beautiful ones w/ this cutter that I am convinced it is a matter of using the right dough.. the transfering and pressing firmly..Have fun everyone..
    And have a great weekend~

  18. Ooh this is so cute =) So the wording is actually part of the cookie cutter?

  19. Monique, that is adorable! They made me smile too :) Oh, anything from Nana will make us smile. Great review! I would buy them if only they were available here :(

  20. Those cookies are sure to please anyone who receives one. The cookie cutters are fabulous and your review is appreciated.

  21. Cut out cookies are so great to make this time of year!

  22. Another cutter to add to my collection! Yours are delightful. I can see the little fingers cutting out cookies with Nana in the future!

    Thanks for the tips and review....Diane

  23. So cute...
    It's Xtmax 1s# to day at home... the eyes of the child are bright.

  24. Awww...too cute. Love how your cookies turned out.

  25. It' so funny and so cute, I like some cookies with "from chapot" !
    And above all, taste yours
    Have a nice day

  26. I will have to go back and check these cookie cutters out. I tend to make myself go home and think before I buy. Still doesn't stop me from having a ton of stuff!

  27. I bought that cookie cutter. Couldn't resist. And it was now on sale (only $5 off). I can hardly wait until Christmas!