Saturday, December 19, 2009

Delicious Days~

I received this gift a couple of days ago..I had leafed though a well loved dog~ eared one..
And had exclaimed how great I thought this book was..

A little parcel was dropped off at my daughter's with beautiful photos of cute babies and sweet words~
I'll treasure this book always~I perused a few pages again and it really is an indispensable book for someone like me..Who loves to learn about cooking and baking..

So thoughtful of her!

Saturday was that kind of day..FREEZING but sunny.. I went out early in the morning to take photographs and nearly got frostbite..

So I came in and prepped a meal I found at Chapot's a few weeks ago:)We were away at the time and I had promised myself to make it when we came home..I kept my promise~...

And with the fireplace going late afternoon I thought what better time to try this..

I got the stemware ready for a special treat..

And let Jacque's red wine simmer with the spices~

Bon! Thank you again Hélène~I know you love the Victorian Epicure Line..And rightly so~
Feels like a little warm hug.


We had Chapot's dish tonight..and we loved it ..very much..

It is richer of course than how we usually eat..I savoured every bite full.

In a nutshell..Here is what I did..since Chapot's recipe is in French and I made some modifications ..I am just jotting down what I did...I read the recipe several times then went on my own merry way~From what I remembered..and my add-ons..
What I learned.. was about steaming chicken:)and what a little time saver this can be..It also lets you make ..bouchons/baluchons..

I used 2 Chicken Breasts..

I seasoned them and sprinkled my favorite Herbes De Provence on them..

Kept them refrigerated while I..

Sautéed some shallots,garlic and mushrooms in butter..seasoned..I also added rehydrated dried shitake mushrooms and some of their jus...

I then put some ..quite a bit..(Do reserve some) in the middle of each seasoned and prepared breast.. each breast was by then sitting on a nice big piece of cling wrap..

I bundled them up to form beautifully perfect "Bouchons/baluchons".. and then placed them in my steamer basket and steamed..on my cooktop.. for 15 mins..

I cooled them.. then placed on squares of Puff Pastry.. I wrapped them and gilded w/ beaten egg yolk.. and baked for ap 1/2 hr.. at 400F..Keep an eye's really until the pastry is golden..and the chicken is the chicken is already cooked..

While the little packages were baking..I added some diced small carrots and red and green peppers to the mushroom mixture.. added some white wine.. seasoned..added cream.. and a hint of butter..:)

For plating..I had made basmati rice.. grilled broccoli.. and then the Chicken Baluchons~

I spooned some of the sauce over the rice and the chicken.. and topped with 2 Royal Mushroom crowns that I had made earlier and sautéed in the original mushroom mixture..
This was a deliciously decadent pre-holiday dinner..
Next time.. Jacques and I will each have half..
But tonight..I managed the whole plate.
He left one bite.:)

Chapot.. Chapeau encore!

I am sorry it's pitch black when we eat and I would have to play w/ WB and Exposure..and it's jut too late.. and we are too hungry:)
Picture them.. but better yet..see them at Chapot's:)


  1. Looks like a lovely book you received. Love the snowman wine glass ring. So cute...and you have such a pretty blog. I'm glad to have found you!

  2. Cook books are fabulous gifts. I just received one recently (Pierre Herme) and I am still happily poring through the pages. How do you make a stick of cinnamon look so good? :) And yes, I remember that dish from Chapot! So lovely it looked. I can understand why you didn't take photos ... unfavourable light, hungry tummies ... I am like that too. But I know you must have made a spectacular dish with the recipe. Good day!

  3. cold weather suits you just fine, you always make the best of those beasty days~ lucky us you share!

  4. Such a sweet gift. :) Monique i would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family.

    Zurin :)

  5. Thank you so much, it's the first time that somebody is doing one of my recipe and I am very touched, Thank you again

  6. Zurin..Happy Holidays to you too and Thank you!

    Chapot..I THANK YOU:) It's fabulous!!

    Maureen..I love your blog..I am so glad you visited ..your Mondays with Mother ..warm my heart..

    Ju..Pierre Hermé..I can't wait until you show us what you make..

    Jain..I just finished part one of my mittens because of you:)

  7. Peu de temps en ce moement mais quel délice de se promener par chez toi encore une fois!

  8. What a healthy meal! Mostly! Interesting to cook the chicken before wrapping in puff pastry. The puff pastry wouldn't become as soggy a baking raw chicken, I would think. Merry Christmas.

  9. Ironically I held that book in my hand at the bookstore took some convincing to get me to lay it down and remember that the trip to the bookstore was not for me. I will have to go back...The chapot sounds delicious!

  10. The gift is so nice. I love receiving cookbooks, everytime I use a gifted cookbook, I think of the friend that gave it.
    The dish sounds perfect for a cold winter night.
    Thanks for the link to the new blog. Marry Christmas! Pam

  11. I love receiving cookbooks from friends! Such a wonderful gift and Chapot has wonderful recipes. I so understand the too dark problem! I'm so happy that after the 21st our days will start to get longer - finalement!

  12. I just love cook books, they are like old friends, and I read them like novels!!! I saw that one the other day, added it to my list!
    Merry Christmas,
    Margaret B

  13. Cookbooks are such great gifts for we foodies! I don't have this one, but am putting it on my list!
    And all I can say is yummy on those mulling spices, the adorable glassware and the cute little snowman hanging on for dear life!
    Happy Christmas to you!

  14. Me too! I'm putting this one on my list. I suspect that Barbara will have to do like me and order it. We dont' have any English bookstores in my town! This one is now on my list.

    I was looking at my 1972 edition, dog-eared Joy of Cooking this morning. I found an inscription on the flyleaf. I had forgotten that it was a gift from an old boyfriend. NIce memories.

    Thanks for the link to Chapot's blog. I didn't know that one!

  15. I'm so glad you enjoy your Epicure produts. Merry Christmas to you and your family.