Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ollie's Stocking~

My friend .. brought my love of stitching back to life a few years ago..I had always done some type of needlework..but she suggested I start making stockings for my family.. w/ the little ones arriving etc..The first one I made was my son-in-law's.. a giant snowman holding a small snowman's hands.. It's not my best..but I will always have fond fond memories of making it and what it meant to me.. then I made everyone else in the family one.. myself included..

I thought I had made all the stockings I was to make..

And then we were blessed w/ Olivier/Oliver..Ollie:)

He has a seashell added to I picked on the beach.. because I stitched a lot of it there..and he visited:)

I add charms.. my daughters stockings have little pearls from my mom's necklace.. little reminders...
An AMAZING lady.. turns my needlepoints into fine art with her fairy fingers..she lines them w/ satin.. backs them w/ velvet or denim.. and cords them..They are finished to a "T"...Or an "F " I should say,, for Frances.. I hope she still has the desire to do this one..with fingers crossed!


I think this is my 11th:)

Let's see..F..L..C..M..O..M..A..N..J..M..and another:)Yes that's it..God Bless Jain and Frances!And my artist daughter:)

DSIL's is to the the right is Max's:)(Maxime)..
Jain painted some for me and my daughter painted the others..all are on blank canvases..Talented girls!!


  1. I'm sorry I didn't do that for us -- perhaps when I have grandchildren . . . . I love to needlepoint but haven't in a while -- I need to start again me thinks!

  2. Darling ~ and I'm so happy you've shared more. I could not pick a favorite, but Ollie's is so adorable!

  3. you know i love these so much... you went way beyond me with all your extra little touches, and the shell... one day he will be telling his kids that his nana made this for him his first year at the beach...

    its a wonderful family legacy, you really embraced and ran with it, they are just little treasures! and yes THANK HEAVENS FOR FRANCES!

    beautiful post, i LOVE seeing them again~

  4. I put up our stocking and was reminded that I am two children and one son in law behind on my needlepoing :)--better get busy before grandchilren start arriving:) Yours are beautiful and I (re)inspired!

  5. Well, I should have read and edited--needlepointing --I am (re)inspired--maybe this is why I stopped in the first place :)

  6. Monique, what a beautiful treasure you've created for all your family. The stockings are absolutely adorable, clever ladies all of you.

  7. They are exquisite!!! Such magnificent treasures for the family, and something which can be passed down from generation to generation. You are all very talented :)))

  8. what beautiful needlework Monique! I need a reason to at least to start sewing.

  9. What a beautiful stocking Nana. I am sure it will be treasured forever.

  10. Thank you .. they have been so much fun..

    I hope they get passed down:) I hope so!!
    In my fairytale world I picture Lulu and the others...taking it out when they are daddies telling their kids about their nana that made it for them:) You in I'll love you forever kind of thing~:)

    Have a great day!

  11. Your stockings for your family are works of art, so beautiful and full of love. A true treasure to pass along to them.

  12. What amazing treasures you've made for your family!
    Your creativity is such an inspiration.

    The thought of doing needlepoint stockings for my kids has crossed my mind once or twice. Then it disappeared...maybe some day!

  13. OH I have tears with this post Monique...
    Your boys have the best Nana ever...
    These beautiful stockings will surely be passed down for generations...
    It is indeed an "I'll love you forever" thing...I can not get thorugh that book without crying my eyes out....never could!

  14. M...I've been with Grands and just returned to your sweet stockings...exqusite...You shall be remembered for always with as much love as you've put into this needle work... ( love doing this also)...Was a Member of Embroiders Guild of America for years and learned much from some very talented women. Love all the detail and embellishing! Your are a treasure to your family I'm sure...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  15. As usual, Monique, you inspire me. These stockings are beautiful. I love the embellishments you've added. You're SO creative!

    How do you say 'needlepoint' in French? I only know 'travail d'aiguille', which doesn't differentiate it from cross stitch or embroidery...

    Thanks for showing these. Your family are lucky to have you!

  16. Monique, these are beautiful. All the extra embellishments make them very special. How lucky your family is to have you! Happy Christmas! Pam

  17. Oh I'm so lucky!!! Those boys.. can make my day!xx

  18. I am sure these will become family heirlooms. What treasures they are, full of memories and loving hands. You have a very fortunate family, indeed.