Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And So It Begins~

Our time spent in the kitchen preparing special things for special people:

I'll get right on it! Soon..:)

Lulu was still full of wonder last year.. He's bigger now.. older ..and his tastes have changed..I hope he will still be filled with the wonder of it all..As for the tree..w/ 4 small ones running around this year..I hope it stays up..:)

Not worried about Ollie:)

I think I'll start with shortbread this year.. a few kinds..w/ new cookie cutters..bought last year.. half off ...and new one for this year!

Hope they work well.. I'll keep you posted..

The kit is from Williams-Sonoma..

While you are there look at the little village set:) Gosh I just enjoyed visiting W-S so much and Sur La Table...

Jacques was patient..enough:)
I don't have that company here but while away they did have it and Kathleen.. quite "la reine" of shopping:) sent me a link to them..She knows me well:) Sort of the same principle as Brigitte..

Fingers Crossed..

I love this little Blog Friend Cathe Holden at Something I Made posted..I've added it to the top right.. for you.


  1. its starting to look a lot like xmas! gone are seashells and daydreams, off to winter wonderland~ i see you did go back for the cookie too! can't wait to see your holiday magic unfold~

  2. Seasons Greetings my friend...
    you have put me in the mood!

  3. WS is a great store to visit . . . . and there is nothing better than half off -- if those work half as well as the Brigette cutters, they should be super -- can't wait to see what you make with them!

  4. I love the 'snow flurries' on your site now!! So pretty and so much beauty to come!

  5. It's snowing in Nana's world!!! Love it! Yes it has started!!!! WS is a fav. of mine too specially 1/2 off...I too will anxiously await your Christmas cooking magic my friend. Had a very hard time getting into your blog tonight and as I'm commenting I notice I'm not on Your live traffic feed...very strange... Oh well, love your mosaic of last year...I'm sure the MAGIC and WONDER will continue this year...especially at Nana's house! xxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North thank you for your sweetest of comments...

  6. What lovely mosaics..the spirit of the season..
    I got the cutters at the outlet last night! Great bargain..and the acorn pan too!
    I am trying the cutter for the birthday party for Declan Sat.
    I am not as patient as you..but these seem easier than Brigette, who is suffocating in my bottom drawer! :)

  7. Love the cookie cutters....a little birdie named Kathleen just told me about them too. I might have to give them a try :-) Merry Christmas to you.

  8. It's snowing!!! Yay! Hahaha, this is so lovely. Love the new blog masthead too ... Those photos are just glowing and magical. Who is that lady with the lil boy? :)

  9. Those cookie cutters have your name written all over them :)

    Welcome home, M, and it looks like a warm welcome for you!

  10. Beautiful post Nana! I love the Christmas pictures and the williams sonoma stuff is gorgeous. Makes me wish I lived where I could get them! I just love the cookie cutters with the sayings!

  11. Thank you! I hope we all have fun spending the holidays together..:)

    Well Ju..that's Lulu's nana:)

    Kathy I hope it isn't the snowfall making things harder.. one of my daughters told me the same thing~

  12. Can't wait to see your cookies. Christmas cookie baking is a favorite of mine. Wouldn't it be nice to have a food blogger's cookie swap? I guess we'll have to settle for a virtual swap!

    I was just looking at WS yesterday and wished I had gone before Thanksgiving.

    Love the pic of you and LuLu :-))

    And the snow of course.


  13. Lorsque je suis venue ici les autres jours le système ne me laissait pas laisser des messages. Aujourd'hui tout semble fonctionner. Je commence déjà à planifier les fêtes. Mes deux plus vieux vont me visiter de Ottawa. J'ai bien hâte de les voir. J'aime bien ton kit de Williams-Sonoma.

  14. Hello..It seems my blog has had some trauma:( Hopefully it's just a small glitch..And will resolve itself..Hélène contente pour toi!!

    The W-S kit is great ..I tried it today..I'll get back w/ tips and tricks..Practice went well enough:)

    Thanks for hanging in there.. Going to visit now:) I think Paris!!

  15. Really thats you in the picture? ( I just read your reply to Ju) :)) I wish it was clearer!

    oh so festve a time isn't it? Christmas n new year..i cant wait to see what youre going to do to your house and baking...I can imagine but not enough!

  16. Your photos are always so enchanting. Is the effect in your photos of you and Lulu from photoshop? You have a gift for styling a photo that is unique.