Monday, December 7, 2009

Peau D'Âne~'

Do you remember when I bought this book?

Hélène had recommended it~
I just love it..

It is the richest book in fairytales and cooking married together that I have ever seen..

Peau D'Âne.. is a classic..

When I saw the cake in the book I knew I had to make it..~
How could I resist? Please click to watch a beautiful Catherine Deneuve ..

Un Coup De Coeur..

Un Cake D'Amour~ A Cake Of Love~

Fairytale has it that the beauty wore the Donkey Skin to hide from her father the king because he wanted to marry her.. she wears this disguise and people reject her:( Of course.. But a prince notices her and asks that she bake him a cake.. and in the cake he finds a ring~

I won't tell you the ending..

And I did not dress appropriately to bake this cake..

But I just wanted to share with you some magic~
Merçi again Hélène for speaking of this book..I am so glad I bought it..

It's indeed a Fairytale compendium for adults..
Happy Holidays!


  1. This sounds like a delightful book. I love fairy tales...and fairy tales with recipes? Wonderful combination. The cake is beautiful.

  2. My French is so poor, I wonder if I will be able to find an English version of this wonderful book...

    The cake is beautiful, Monique. And once again I must say - I just love your posts!! They give me such a feeling of serenity.

  3. I love a happy ending and your cake certainly is a beautiful and happy ending to that recipe!

  4. you my dear are a living fairy tale! these pics could make an ogre swoon~

  5. Sigh - So lovely to catch up on your beautiful life! And so many recipes I can't wait to try. I could spend hours and hours here - think I will!

  6. Bonjour Monique, tu m'as rappelé des souvenirs avec la belle Catherine Deneuve et ce gâteau est féérique.

    Passe une belle journée.
    Josée xx

  7. Je suis tellement contente que tu aies été conquise autant que je l'ai été ! Une vraie merveille ... Et il te va si bien ... C'est ton atmosphère, vraiment !

  8. Je ne connais pas ce livre, je vais me précipiter chez mon libraire pour le feuilleter, tu m'as donné envie avec tes superbes photos
    Bonne soirée

  9. Monique...I think you are really a Fairy disguise...but not really in disguise...
    You make my day...every day...
    The warmth and love with which you do everything shines right through the screen...

  10. This whole post was like a fairytale! Beautiful and magical!

  11. Thank you for your nice comments..Made my day:)

  12. This was such a lovely post. Your pictures added magic to my morning.

  13. Love the off a nice magical feel. I also like your snowing background. Very festive. Your blog is always such a warm place to visit!

  14. Beau cake M....I'll take the ring!!!! Sad but true...jewels know me by first name!!!! Never met a jewel I didn't like, Lol...didn't mean to turn your beautiful fairytale cake post into a discussion on jewels....tell me about the ring!, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Morni9ngs... (Now there's some scary insight to the crazy girl from the North!!!) Ha!

  15. Bonjour,

    Je viens tout juste de découvrir votre blogue. Vos photos sont superbes, belles présentations, bon goût, bonnes idées! J'aimerais savoir à quel endroit vous avez déniché vos assiettes pour sushi et les petits bols pour la sauce soya en forme de bonhomme chinois. Merci à l'avance!

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  17. what a fan club you have it must just warm your heart to read the incredible comments and to know how much you are loved by everyone who reads you beautiful blog. Another lovely post, beautiful photos, yummy looking cake, delightful book, so wish I could read french, though I am learning some now for our trip in May and oh my what a gorgeous ring.

  18. Bonjour Anonymous..Les petits ensembles Sushi sont de la marque de commerce"Joe"..Les magasins Stokes..en ont eu plusieurs..Bonne Chance.. will have a most fabulous time:) Bring some pashminas:)I will look forward to your photos ..anecdote..thoughts!

    You will love it..I am so certain!!

    Kathy ..the jewel a ring I bought perhaps 25 years ago.. for very little maybe $5.00 ..It is of course a faux:)I had been working in my office for perhaps 3 yrs..and the ladies had REAL ones..

    I was quite young and at that time..I would be neat to wear what they wore..Of course I could not afford what they did.
    I think I wore it twice.I have skinny fingers..and big things like this look silly on me.I wear my wedding ring and two others at all times.. for the past 36.. never take them off..I am much more simple.
    I guess I bought it for this cake all along:)

  19. what a magical post! I want to curl up with a book of fairytales and a fire and dream of that cake... gorgeous!!!! Thank you!

  20. You know of course, that fairy tales were not for children..think about some of them..downright frightful!
    Mean people, etc!
    A happy ending for me would be a piece of that beautiful cake..and she lived happily ever after! :)

  21. M....I love the story of the ring!!!! Faux is fabulous...glad you kept it all these years to debut in the fairytale cake!!! Your a GEM my friend, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  22. that is so enchanting....the fairy tale, the cake and the ring. I understand why you had to bake it....I would have too. We all need a little fairy tale in our lives even if it is one already :))

  23. Monique, I bought a little book last weekend called "La cuisine des fées". But it's not the same one...

    I think you must have a little bit of fairy help with your photos--how else could you get that sunbeam to hit the edge of your cake like that? It's just magic!

  24. The magic that is Monique strikes again! How you put everything together so effortlessly is beyond me. What enchanting photos! And the ring!!! :)))

  25. Gorgeous cake and my husband loves the film "Le Peau d'äne"! Just loves it!

  26. Magically enchanting...a ring...a tale and stunning pics. As Kathy said, you are the real gem!


  27. Your version is much prettier than any fairytale Monique.

    Your gorgeous photos transport us to another place and time.

    Beautiful. xo

  28. I'm so sure I left a comment here...some hiccup in the blogosphere again..?
    this is a beautiful, dreamy, magical post. I had to come again after visiting your latest on the pears... and the books sound magical too - alittle escape from reality?

  29. I love fairytales—especially through your eyes.

  30. Oh Monique,
    I so love this post... very magical. You're wonderful with your choice of words and beautiful photos!