Wednesday, February 15, 2012


You may remember when I made the little Nest pillow..There are many ways to transfer photocopies to fabric,ceramic,wood etc..
I have transfered color photocopies to Tiles ..from my trip to Europe and they line our powder room sink..That was a lot of fun..and so is transfering by printing with freezer paper etc with your own copier.. also by printing on T-shirt transfers.
I still like the method with Fabric Transfer Medium..and Matte Medium..

Although not always perfect(but I like that also)..there are so many uses for what you can do with them..

I like to make cache -pots..they cover a regular jam jar well and make bouquets look so personal..This one was intended for a friend~

You can adorn them the way you want..with ribbon to gather..or wire to keep a can add jewels and buttons and diamonds and rubies:)(kidding..)

I have had my transfer medium..bottom left for almost 100 yrs..and the matte medium for perhaps 2.The products keep well..
The high resolution images I bought on Etsy..They arrive PDF file..
For this method you cannot use an inkjet printer..I had three copies made at my Bureau En Gros (Staples) and they are very reasonable as you know...They also print my tags etc..I send everything via computer and pick up when ready.Ahh..the joys of the internet!
You need you rub off the paper with some water and your fingers..But it is so nice to see your projects come to life..
There is another technique With Cytra-Solv~ I have not been able to find any here..But one day I will and I will let you know~

Fun fun projects..You can make journal covers..cases..all kinds of things~It's the personal touch I love so much.


PS ...My little projects are FAR from perfect..uneven.. no double stitching.. a lot of "glued"things..They are just for decorative fun purposes..They would never win an award for craftmanship..Perhaps with Citra Solv more of the paper would come off..but still I encourage you to try.
This bag was given to my friend who never looks for perfection..she just accepts everything the way they are.
I love that.


  1. I have saved numerous "treasures" to use on projects such as your cache pots. I just need the nerve to give it a try. Thanks for the tutorial.


  2. These are lovely. Can't wait to try!
    Thanks for such a beautiful, inspiring post.

  3. You are so much more technically savvy than I so creative...
    I love all of your transferred items and your beautiful are an Artiste!

    So beautiful...
    Bisous! xo

  4. Lucky friend to be gifted this beauty. You are full of talents, Monique. ~ Sarah

  5. You are amazing in and out of the kitchen, Monique! I have some sad tulips in plastic pots, and I hope to try this technique soon!

  6. These are just beautiful. I wasn't aware of this process. Joni

  7. I have tulips on our table too :) I love them and your beautiful cache pots! So you :) So creative!

  8. You are so creative Monique...this is exquisite....I too have saved all your treasures and they are all so perfect...
    Hope you are being spoilt this week.
    Many, many blessings x

  9. You have a fantastic blog. I have discovered it now and I will follow it by sure.



  10. ahhh, so beautiful Monique!! You amaze me. I know I just adore the beautiful tags you sent to me. I am not that saavy when it comes to things like this. I am very much ignorant when it comes to technical things. I need my son to come over here and show me these things I think! I am an old dog which doesn't take to new tricks very easily! xxoo

  11. I'm all thumbs when it comes to things like this. I really admire your talent. These are so lovely Monique. Maybe I'll get the courage to try one day soon...

  12. WOW These are amazing.
    I wasn't aware of this process either!!
    Have you ever thought of using to print up stuff for you? No large quantities required either.
    I must investigate this process.

  13. Everyone here can do this!! really really!!

    If I all can.
    Cross My Heart..
    Staples does the printing of the photocopy..all you have to do is buy the medium.. the fabric..and use your finger to rub off..Minimal sewing is required..And you can always buy a pre-made..blank canvas bag..etc..?:) If you do not sew.
    It's so much fun..really..
    Maybe when I was 20..this was not my idea of fun..but soon after..things like this were:)

  14. oh monique who wouldn't be happy with this beautiful gift it's lovely. I've done the matt medium transfer technique on some of my art it works well, haven't tried the citra solv either must give it a go if I can find it over here. I love the not so perfect look you get too that's the best part I think.

  15. What a lovely gift! A gift handmade comes from the heart. I am certain that your friend was delighted to receive such a beautiful gift.

  16. Oh, Monique, this is the best idea ever! I love the little bags you made with the wonderful Paris prints. They would be so much fun for the little gifts I always bring home from one of my visits. Thank you so much for the instructions. Can't wait to try this. I've never transferred images to fabric.

  17. Oh, so pretty! A wonderful gift, especially when it comes from the heart and it was homemade.



  18. I would surely give you an award. I love the fact that it is not perfect like store bought machine made. That is what makes it Perfect in my eyes.

  19. I just had to stop by to send you all the best wishes in the world on your special day! Joyeux anniversarie, Mme Magical!

    I LOVE this idea of the cache pot fabric bag you are so clever, what a splendid idea . . . and you make it sound so "doable". Thank you for all that you share, so beautifully.

    Bonne fête!!!

    xoxo ~m.

  20. So very pretty Monique! Did you do a post on the tile transfer? I've had an idea in the back of my mind for sometime now, but have never researched how to actually do it. Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas!

  21. I learned so much from this post Monique. I can't wait to see if the nearest Staples can do the printing you described. I'm enjoying catching up with your lovely posts while traveling. Much better than any book.

  22. Ry..I will post ..I have not yet..same process..I will show you:)Your photos would be over the top perfect for these projects.

    Karen..I am enjoying your Fl travels..It's a state close to my heart.

  23. I wish I was this creative - such a pretty idea! Love the idea of making them personal for gifts.

  24. what a beautiful decoration! I love to come here for inspiration

  25. Love this! I have done the Citr-Solv method for a few years now and the transfer is much softer. It does take some steps to getting it right. Not all copiers work, and any printing must be reversed. It makes for a very personal gift.

    Yours is beautiful and I'm sure your friend thought it was just perfect!!

    Joyeux anniversaire!! xo