Sunday, February 12, 2012

Les Madeleines de Ladurée Chez Nous~

Ladurée..the Sucré Book..Quel Joli Bouquin..

It's a velours covered book w/gilded edges in a lovely Ladurée Box.
Such pretty photos and recipes.. this rose that has become my fast favorite.
I am not a red rose person.
This one fits me perfectly.
It opens a bit like a heart also~

It's cream..and edge of antique brown..some is frilly and big and beautiful and strong!

The Madeleines turned out so well..the little bump..the golden edges..and the well imprinted ridges..


La Recette~

2 Lemons

160 gr sugar

175 gr all purpose flour + 20 gr for the mold

10 gr baking powder

180 gr butter + 20 gr for the mold

4 eggs

35 gr honey


The dough needs to be prepared a day in advance.

Grate the zest two lemons. In bowl mix the zest of the two lemons with the sugar. In other bowl, sift the flour and the baking powder.In a small saucepan melt the butter.

Beat the eggs together with the lemon zest, sugar and the honey until the mix becomes a bit foamy. Next add the flour-baking powder mix and whisk. Finally add the melted butter and mix until well incorporated.

Place the dough in the fridge,covered for at least 12 hrs.

The next day, melt 20 gr of butter and with a brush paint the madeleines molds. Place the molds in the freezer for 15 min until the butter firms. Sprinkle flour and remove the excess.

Preheat the oven at 200ºC.(390 F) fill the molds ¾ of the capacity. Bake them during 8 to 10 min, until the madeleines are golden. Let the madeleines cool before removing them from the mold.

My Notes..
I halved the recipe and it made ap 24 small madeleines...I left them in the fridge(the dough) overnight.

I also made the last decoration for the tree~
You remember the clay I used for tags?

I rolled the clay I had before..cut with a heart cutter..used a paint stamp I had from folk art classes 100 yrs ago...stamped the clay.. baked it..painted it w/ an acrylic paint and wiped off..strung a ribbon and donned the tree~
Fun little craft~
Happy Valentine's Day~

To you.. together.. or on your own..:)
It is quite evident looking through the book that the Ladurée pastries..are fit for a Princess~..Or Prince~
Must be a real treat to walk through the many French Pâtisseries..Would I forego Le Louvre for Ladurée? If I had to pick one?

Qui sait?:)

The above sweet flags etc can be found via: Today's Creative Blog~


  1. Magic miss m, like a fairy tale I can see at the beach!

  2. Madeleines are my weakness so I'm excited to see this recipe from Laduree. It's fabulous that the batter can be made ahead of time.

  3. Ooooh La La...
    Perfectly Perfect....
    They are gorgeous little darlings...
    Love to you too!

  4. This are the perfect reason to get my Madeleine pan out again! Nothing better than the taste of lemon and I love how 'puffy' they are. Beauties, just like that gorgeous rose! Drapeau d'amour :)

  5. What an absolutely beautiful post. I agree about the color of roses. I've never grown a red one, but always the different shades of pink.

    Your Madeleines and roses are as sweet as a visit to Laduree. I think I'd go for a trip to the Louvre and a stop at Laduree afterward...why choose?

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  6. I have always wanted to make madeleines. What a great recipe! Wonderful for Valentine's Day.

  7. Madeleines are some of my favorite treats. Love them in the morning with coffee or tea. Laduree is also one of my favorite spots in Paris. Afternoon tea is a must! Beautiful, magical images as always, Monique. Lucky ones on your valentine list. ~ sarah

  8. I really love your pictures and I love what you did with the madeleines, beautiful idea

  9. Oh Monique...they are just the sugar cookie and rose too.
    Wow!! Happy Valentine's dear friend...hope you are spoilt....
    Shel ♥

  10. Ces livres sont magnifiques, de fait ... mais pas autant que tes photos, devant lesquelles je craque à chaque fois que je passe chez toi ! ;o)

  11. Such a beautiful post Monique!! As always your words and photos inspire me to want to cook. Today it is Madeleines!! I can almost taste their lemony butteryness now! So pretty! xxoo

  12. You always seem to bring a little magic to everything Monique. So, so pretty. You've inspired me to get out my madeleine pan when I return home. It's been on the shelf much too long.

    Did I miss the answer to whether you would chose Le Louvre or Laduree? Happy Valentines day to you and Jacques.

  13. Marvelous! A refined treat.

    Have a great day tomorrow.



  14. My favorite madeleines have lemon in them... but no honey... must remedy that! Adorable presentation in the tiny buckets... make them feel like such a treat for a grownup, like Halloween is for kids. Mmm, limeflower tea and madeleines are just what I need.

  15. have a great true why chose if I actually ever do get to Paris:)


  16. Oh those roses! The colors are sheer heaven.
    And your madeleines look delicious, Monique. I've never put lemon in mine, but have experimented with nut flours to great success.
    Love your presentation in the cups!

  17. Dainty puffy lemony love! If you're ever interested in adopting a 40-something year old American, I'm your gal.

    PS - a food network show called BK?

  18. Magic Miss M - I love that! You truly are. What a lovely name that would be for a blog too and you could definitely measure up. I love those roses too and am amazed how that looks like a heart in the center. The madeleines are gorgeous

  19. I have strong penchant for Madeleines especially with lemon. Love the idea of making just 1/2 the recipe because they taste so much better when fresh.
    J'adore ta belle rose rose.
    Joyeux Valentin Monique!

  20. So beautiful Monique! Madeleines are my favorite cookie/petit gateau. Maybe part of why I love it the sorty behind Madeleines...tu connais surement?
    Have a happy Valentine!!

  21. happy Valentine's day tout le monde..xx

  22. Anything you make Monique is utterly divine. I don't care whose recipe it is - you transform it into poetry.

  23. Just came across ur blog, browsed through a few posts and WOW! I feel like I'm in some fairy land! I love all the photographs, they are wonderful! :-)

  24. Everything you touch is beautiful. my daughter has a weakness for St Honore from Laduree.I once took close to 100 pictures of her eating it. I wouldn't choose, but I'm going to Paris tomorrow, why don't I do both for you?

  25. Sounds like a plan:) Have fun!

    I bet you loved taking those photos of you daughter:)
    Thank you so much for your nice comments.
    Have a wonderful day~

  26. The Madeleines look as if they would melt in your mouth - divine! I agree about the red roses. The pink ones are so much more pleasing to the eye. I have white roses in a copper Mauviel champagne bucket for Valentines day thanks to my darling husband. Have a beautiful day!

  27. Your madeleines have something magical about them ... so lovely, so golden, so beautiful. xoxo