Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soul Food #126 For The Birds~

We had some impromptu weather recently..meaning we expected rain..then freezing rain..then snow..

The weather was for the birds~

I had seen some very cute little birdseed wreaths a few yrs ago and made some..then recently many wedding favor/heart ones..

Heart ones~! Here and there and varying recipes..I tried 2 recipes.and 2 methods~

The first recipe..was ok..but tended to crumble a bit..

I had added strips of waxed paper to remove them from my oh so old 5 heart shaped mold..

I hung them on trees the morning after the rain/snow..
My daughter was leaving her home..and drove up and said "I saw a blue housecoat..what are you doing out in your housecoat?"? Feeding the birds! Oh..ok..:)

In no time..I had the most convivial dinner guests..the cutest finches..

They ate everything "Dans le temps de le dire~":)
Sometimes it takes hours to braise a nice the Osso Bucco we had that night..took us minutes to eat it..


Like the finches..:)

My daughter and I had gone shopping this same week and she had bought the cutest cookie jar w/ chalkboard write what was in the cookie jar..I picked up some chalkboard paint and proceeded to paint.glasses..tags.. popsickle sticks..refresh my little kitchen chalkboard..

And add tags to my little buckets .. the inspiration for the tag for the bucket that I had came from :~ Here..

Thank you...MFCH~

In comparing both recipes..

For the birdseed feeders..
This is by far my favorite~
1 Pack of gelatin diluted in 1/2 Cup of hot water
3/4 cup flour
3 tbsps corn syrup
4 cups bird seed(I love the most varied,colorful one) and so do the birds!

I just mixed everything together and placed in my molds..BUT I put Saran Wrap instead of just waxed paper wonders.
So easy!

I let them freeze outside..then tied and hung~

Love doing these!Don't know how well they work in milder climates,but in my chilly cold neck of the woods..they freeze well and hang beautifully..until they disappear~:)


  1. I used to put seeds out in the winter... loved to watch the birds hover around the feeder... a winter movie outside my window. Lovely idea to make these... and makes for happy birds.

  2. It does..and that pleases me very much! They are such small creatures in this bitter cold..I am thrilled to do this:)And cute! Like buttons..have a great day!

  3. This is such a lovely idea. The birds around your neighborhood must love you and be wearing a healthy layer of insulation because of these beautiful feeders.

  4. What a delicious treat for the sweet birds to come across!


  5. Je suis folle du coeur pour les oiseaux...

  6. I used to make this all the time before we moved to the city; not too many birds anymore; I sure miss that special time...enjoy it pour moi.
    We rally have been having a weird/different winter.

  7. Oh this is so you....I have one hanging in my palm tree but not nearly as beautiful as this!
    My little friends love their treats here too!
    I love your little tag on the bucket.
    Have a good evening
    Shel xx

  8. So much snow up there!
    The birds are lucky duckies indeed.
    Love the blackboard paint ideas innovative.

  9. Those are really pretty! You are ever so kind. I love birds.



  10. Our squirrels would probably be the first to the feast :( I have put put seed in feeders with big squirrel 'baffles' over the top to keep the acrobats from destroying the food and feeders.

    I've seen these and they are adorable! More adorable in your winter wonderland. We've had so many warmer days we barely have any snow left on the ground. That could change in a heartbeat though - or in le temp de le dire ;)

    I want to try that chalkboard paint one day too!

  11. Ce sont de magnifiques photos.

  12. I usually make similar seed cakes for the birds in January and February (Valentine's Day of course being the day the birds all get married!) - but we have had exceptionally warm temperatures this winter -- up to 70 degrees the past several days! But the other morning there was a pair of Eastern Bluebirds at my feeder -- so beautiful!

    Your pictures are so lovely.

  13. That reminds me of Thanksgiving dinner - days to prepare and gone in 10-15 minutes. I guess they were absolutely delicious! They were sure pretty.

  14. I have never tried to make birdseed feeders. Great idea. It must be fun to watch them disappear!

  15. Even your bird food is beautiful!
    I scattered a bag of stale chips in the yard. In 10 min there were 50 seagulls there! It looked like a scene from The Birds! M told me mever to do that again! :)

  16. You must have the most popular house in town for the birds Monique. The hearts are precious. Stay warm.

  17. wooooooooooow che delizia! complimenti, un bacio :)
    ps: ho realizzato un nuovo concorso "Fashion Food": in premio 100 euro di shopping! Ti aspetto :)

  18. Oh, look how beautiful! Your birds are all "gaté"! And of course with the romantic snow and your lovely photography...I wish I could send all my birds over for a Maitresse Monique experience. I just wish I could bring the birds inside too..the red robins are so tiny...they look so frail and it is so terribly cold here at the moment. But I'm sure they are costaud...comme moi...hehe!

  19. The weather is now not what it used to be.... I hate the cold but absolutely love the pristine whiteness of snow.... would have loved to see the birds feeding on the heart of seeds... :)

  20. I often wonder how they survive this cold..when I am puffed out with so many layers to keep warm..I have even wondered how tiny the little finches hearts must be.

    Kathleen.. we have gulls on the golf course at times..very few.. but I've not seen one here:)

    When we are at the beach and people start throwing bread in the air and the gulls come crashing in..I feel like The Birds too..I think that movie freaked me out when I first saw it..for a long Jaws)
    Yes like a Thanksgiving dinner..Lol..Too true.

    Bon Weekend..Beautiful here today..

  21. You are an angel...even to the little birdies....
    So pretty...
    I am afraid the squirrels here would steal everything...they are relentless creatures...
    Have a lovely weekend!

  22. I love this Monique~ Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo ~m