Thursday, February 9, 2012

Painted Cookies~

Our Mary..taught us how to paint cookies a number of years ago now..I still enjoy the process..I wanted to make a few for the tree:) and as gifts..I used fondant this time instead of icing..I wanted to do them NOW:)

They are so much fun to simply use food coloring..and paint away..I used the sugar cookie recipe from my previous cookie post ..

While painting them I imagined what Ronelle,Susan,Carol,Mary.. and Marie.. Monica..etc..would paint on them~
All would be exquisite.

I am not a painter.I wish I was:)

Trop "le fun" !!

Enjoy..Just bake sugar cookies that hold their form well.. once cooled put a bit of corn syrup on your cookie and place the thinly rolled fondant you have cut with the same cookie cutter.
Chose your designs..and paint.I find it easier to look at a picture or photo and paint.I can't paint from my head~
Thank you Mary..

My wording a take on one of my favorite part of it..Paul Verlaine~1844~1896

Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches
Et puis voici mon coeur qui ne bat que pour vous.

Here are some fruits,some flowers,some leaves and some branches..and here is my heart that beats only for you~

You can see some previous cookies I painted here

and here~

Probably a few more..But these are to give you an idea of how versatile and how much fun they can be~


  1. you know i am wild about all your paitings... i must have every pic you shared, bunnies, hats, hearts, i love love love all you share. so this is your crafting ;-)

  2. They are darling! I have never done the painting, I am not that good with the brush!

  3. Just use food coloring and paint away? I think that a bit of talent is required. Your cookies are beautiful. I think I'll have to stick to colored sugars!


  4. You are so sweet to remember, Mme. Magical! I adore my friendship with you, you have taught me MUCH more than I can ever express.

    You have definitely taken this art/craft to new heights ~
    I love what you share.

    I always leave your blog in a happier place and enriched by your imagination and creativity. Love you, sweet friend. Merci, merci, merci. xoxo ~m

  5. These are so much fun! I love how you can customize every sugar cookie with sweet messages and pictures.

  6. Monique, you can definitely paint. These cookies are works of art, no question. Love the ones below too. Beautiful posts! ~ Sarah

  7. These are so beautiful. I wonder if I could do it? Love them for Valentine's Day. Joni

  8. I'll say it must be one of the cleverest ladies I have met...and with a heart of gold too.
    Monique, these are perfection.
    If only I was half that talented.
    Have a beautiful weekend, precious friend.
    Shel xx

  9. Oh, those are extraordinary! I really love the one with the bunch of flowers and the one with the house.



  10. When I want to be in a better and beautiful place, where I can forget everything--it's your blog!~Di

  11. Comme c'est beau! Je savais que tu étais une artiste. Et j'aime bien ta tasse rouge.

  12. Painting on cookies is scary! So easy to make a mess unless you have a master's touch as you do... my the designs are wonderful...perfect quote too.. just the right spirit for the holiday!

  13. There is nothing you can't do it seems! That little cottage is adorable!
    I don't know where to get fondant around here...probably in Nashville. This would be a fun thing to do with a group of friends.

  14. You could find fondant on amazon I am certain..making the marshmallow one is fun too..but now i like to keep some on hand for projects..
    have fun..
    I am still so grateful to Mary..hers knocked my socks off years ago.
    Little projects..can I have said..make a day so much more pleasurable.
    When I learn something new..a small part of me can still hobble for joy:)

  15. Fondant?? Whod've thunk?? I wished I known this when I made my Super Bowl cookies. I am so ready to go home and make these, I can't wait and as usual you have INSPIRED me!! :) P.S. I shared this page on my Facebook for all to see how creative and talented you are! :)

  16. Mon dieu!
    These are FAB
    but your friend does not write in French script as you do.
    Too lovely for words.
    Why did I not go to French elementary school..?
    I shall go beat myself up a bit over this..

  17. Wow these cookies are stunning! I love all the intricate designs and detail - too pretty to eat!

  18. Oh my these take my breath away....
    So beautiful...
    It is true...coming here makes the day much more beautiful!

  19. I tried painting cookies once and failed miserably! I did it on frosted cookies though so many fondant would be easier. They are so pretty it would be shame to eat them.

    I love that saying - so romantic.

  20. Now what shall I sa7y...Je ne trouve pas des mots...que c'est beau! You have that soft gently touch to paint these delicate cookies. Not everyone has that touch. If I were closer, I wouldv'e asked you for lessons to do these beautiful work you do...your cookies, lovely ideas like the bird seed hearts, you sachets, your tags(a la coque..hehe!). You are two ways about that.
    PS: My favorite cookie is that one with the country looks like my Coin Perdu xx)

  21. These are absolutely beautiful for those special people in our lives.

  22. Honestly, and who would have the heart to eat these little beauties! Wonderful valentine idea!

  23. You make it all look so effortless. I thought I'd give it a try a few days ago after reading your post. Didn't get far and thought I'd just come back and feast my eyes upon your cookies...fewer calories, too!

  24. Tu sais TOUT bien faire, Monique. C'est juste magnifique ...

  25. They are sooooo beautiful Monique!! You did such a wonderful job. I want one! Seriously they are exquisite. "Vraiement!" xxoo

  26. I would love to see your painted cookies:)

  27. These are just amazing! I am afraid mine wouldn't be too great, but I think I am going to have to give them a try. We were out of town this last week or I would have tried them already! Just love them.