Saturday, February 18, 2012

Usually the last one out of the gate~

Am I~

I bet for this also..Although my daughters had not heard of it~

I have just discovered these tapes..

and had a grand time wrapping a Kraft paper Valentine parcel with a chalkboard tag and this new tape~

I bought the first 3 rolls separately..
Then found this coup de coeur little tin w/ 5 rolls..I just could not resist.My daughter said:"Go for it~" And I did.

I enjoy wrapping gifts.. even more so with this tape..The possibilities are endless as I saw on the to make your own... if you Google~
I had some very old Scotch double sided tape..and some drawer/pantry liner paper I bought in France..It works perfectly..I just cut a length of the double sided tape..and put it on the liner and cut..the tape can be wound around almost anything..many are using vintage spools..
I cannot quote one I got my inspiration here and there..


Have fun~

Any paper would work..I am sure I will be scrutinizing wrapping paper a whole new light:)


  1. So pretty as usual Monique. You have great taste! Hope you had a great Valentine's week!

  2. Those tapes are too cool, Monique. I always mean to pick things like that up and then never do... I love brown paper wrappings with bits of string and ribbons and old labels... not at all crazy for matchy-matchy wrapping paper and ribbon!!

  3. I bought the little tin at Christmas.....I just love it, although your wrapping looks soooo much nicer than mine!!!

  4. The tapes are so fun. I never thought of doing that with wrapping paper. Your cache pot project is exquisite! I am dying to have one of those and the tulips look fabulous in it! I will have to try. I haven't tried any of the methods yet and I always love every project you do with the transfers.

  5. Love all the creative ways you showed to wrap paper.
    The tape is perfect to put the finishing touch to it...
    Love your blog.


  6. No, you're not the last Monique. I'm the one pulling up the rear on this one. This is new to me, but how fun. Love the pretty fleur de lis.

  7. What fun, Monique. You are inspiring me to dust off my craft table and pull some supplies out of the cupboard. Even the smallest gift is very special when it is wrapped so beautifully.

  8. I just came across these sort of tapes within the past week and bookmarked the source. I have lots of lovely papers that I will try making my own. Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. Sounds like fun Bonnie..i looked through mine and only the FDL was suitable really..
    have fun.

    It is nice to get into little crafty things.. I told my girls to expect to find boxes of things here and there:)

  10. I have never heard or seen these before, but you can be sure I will on the looks out. You do discover the best; love to hear about it.

  11. I love them!! Looks like something you designed being the artist that you are :) By the way, yes, I am a Nana and I absolutely love it!! :) <3

  12. These are lovely Monique..I love the little inscription on the tag!

  13. So pretty where did you get them? I'll like to buy some.

  14. Chez Omer De Serres Hélène..Tu en as un ?

    Il vient tout just d'ouvrir:) Il y en a un très grand à MTl..depuis longtemps..le nôtre est petit petit..Ce petit coffret n'est pas avec les autres rubans était à part..un étalage plus haut..

    My friend is an artist..a true artist and needed to go to the store..It's always my pleasure to go and I had time to browse..I was excited.
    I wanted you all to be case you had not seen them..

    Thank you Shel..I got after I sent you your little birthday gift...
    Can't wait to hear about your day .

    I love our nana title too:)

  15. What a clever idea! I can imagine myself going crazy and taping all corners of the package. I also like the chalkboard tag.

  16. What a gorgeous presentation~would love to receive such a package!

  17. I bought the SAME thing!
    though I don't have a clue what to do with them...
    I'd have to step into your shoes for that...ahem :)

  18. Monique, these are great! I have rolls of numbers that I found at Anthropologie, but will need to look for these. Love the paper too. Presentation is important! ~ Sarah

  19. Carol..that is uncanny..they must be available many places?

    Anthropologie..wish we had one their kitchen things etc..And someone recommended French general..such a pretty website..

    I am anxious to start using a lot.
    And anxious to find cute papers..although how much tape does one need.
    It all goes back to loving my new Prismacolor box and school pencils I am sure.

    I am thinking Michael's in Ontario and the USA would have some..

  20. I have some of those tapes Monique that I found last year, but not in the lovely designs you have shown here. Mine is more bright polka dots and checks. Cute but not very elegant. I think they are sooooo much fun! xxoo

  21. I want those tapes! they are so pretty.



  22. I know that all your family and friends must look forward to little packages and presents from you. I just love you creative way of making little things special.

  23. I am still trying to catch up with all my favorite people! I've been going from oldest posts to most recent and still have a long way to go. Now that Mack is taking his nap, I'm finding some time :)

    I've seen these beautiful tapes before but had forgotten about them. I love that you used your beautiful French paper to make your own. I will have to Google too :)