Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ann and Anh~

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Anh's heart imprint cookies:)~

I was excited to make them..and printed up a rough draft of her recipe and instructions..

Jacques decided to change a thermostat at home and took off the electricity:( So I was left w/out true visuals..He did say he could do it after ..but I thought..nono.. I was worried they would take me too much time..:)
Oh lala I ruined the first of the 2 set cookie recipe..

The next day..all was well and I looked at the computer while assembling part 2:)

Heaven sent..They worked..Once you GET it..they are a cinch..they are keepers..and they look and remind me of Anh:)

they are darling..and with a cup..a tiny cup or two of Harney's Valentine tea..(Chocolate and roses!)..they are a real treat~

La Recette~

Chocolate Heart Imprint Cookies

(The cookie dough recipe is from Donna Hay Magazine)

Ingredients (for 40-50 cookies, size of a 50c Australian coin)
125g unsalted butter, at room temperature
110g castor sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
225g plain flour
1 teaspoon cocoa powder


Cream the butter and sugar until pale and light. Add the egg and beat to combine. Sift flour, add vanilla and combine well.

Divide the mixture into 3 parts. Mix 1 portion with cocoa powder. Wrap the cookies dough with plastic wrap and chill foe 20 mins.

Divide the chocolate dough into 4 portions. Use two portions first, roll them into two thin logs (like chopsticks). Use your fingers to pinch the top of the two logs together. Try to shape it so that the top part points up (this is the bottom of the heart)
Now, carefully and gently invert the two lines so that the bottom of the line is on top. Pinch some white dough, and roll them into a thin log, which hasthe same length with the chocolate log.

Gently line the white log into the middle of the chocolate lines, where the two wings of the heart are (see photo). Basically, if you slice the chocolate part across, you will have the heart shape!

Repeat the above process so you will have two heart-shaped logs.
Divide the white dough into two. Work with each at a time. Roll the dough between parchment papers until it is about 5mm thin. Remove the papers.

Place 1 heart-shaped log in the middle of the white dough. Roll up, Swiss-roll style to enclose the heart shape log. Seal. Repeat with the remaining white dough and heart-shaped log. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 160C. Line baking tray with baking paper.

Take the cookies logs out of the fridge, and slice 1cm thick. Place onto the tray, and bake for 12 mins or until golden. Cool on a cookies rack then store properly.

Please do go LOOK at Anh's Post and look at the photos:)

You need to:)

It pleased me to set everything up on one of my beautiful AnnT boards~

You all know my fondness for Ann's boards..I think I have son-in law 1..and my friend 1..:)

They are treasures..heirlooms really.
One I use to chop(One side..blush) the other serve.

Ann's blog is one of the first I followed..I think I have peaked and commented on every post.Her recipes are wonderful..true blue..and winners here..
She and her husband make beautiful..unique products..
I love the live edges on natural..and I love the wood.
The scent..Everything!

It is nice to have and to hold something natural,and hand made.
The fact that they are unique..thrills me..I asked my friend if she still loved her board 5 yrs later:) Her husband said,she won't use it! She loves it..!
He made us smile.
My son-in-law..uses it all the time and it looks amazing.He's our favorite chef..I know it's his favorite board.They remind me of him..:)And Ann..and Moe..and my friends 35th wedding anniversary yrs ago~..

Look ...they are signed and numbered also:)
Coup de Coeur~


  1. Absolutely adorable!! You did an excellent job, always professional...whatever you do.
    I was noticing that fine wood before you pointed it out of course. Such a nice board.

  2. These look like a great deal of fun to make, and the boards do look gorgeous!

  3. They really came out picture perfect. I was admiring your boards, went to check out Ann's Blog. We spend the month of March in Victoria BC and I see they have them at Muffet and Louisa; my favourite store in Victoria. Thank you so much for the heads up. Thank you for trying my bread.

  4. This is such a clever idea! Something different and original for Valentine's Day - I love them.

  5. Such pretty little heart cookies...perfect!
    I adore Ann's boards...I am wishing...coveting...more...
    They are pieces of art...all of them....
    Bisous xoxoxoxo

  6. Perfect little hearts! And the board is gorgeous.
    Everything you do is such a feast for the eyes!
    Have a super week.
    Shel xx

  7. When I saw Anh's post on these, I thought they were so charming too. I love the idea of them and yours (3 time is charm) batch turned out perfectly. Funny how we are so lost without our 'visuals' :) The tea sounds so good too - you know me and chocolate!

  8. Perfect for Valentine's day Monique. So glad you think ahead. And those boards....ooh, la la.

  9. Perfect hearts! I am still trying to visualize the process...
    You do such lovely things!

  10. I'll be making them again w/ my daughter for class gifts for Valentines..I said to her my mistake..was making the first chocolate..sticks..too thin..I could not insert the white dough in the pleat of the heart:)

    Look at Anhs ' photos.. especially..and then look at our heart cookies and they will make sense.
    These cookies will make great icebox the rolled pinwheel ones..I really think so..

    I enjoy making small things:)

    Thank you..
    Hope you like the recipe as much as I and white could be cute too..w/ something pink to color the dough..or red:)

    It's a good little technique to keep.
    So grateful for all these ideas.

    Yes Rita..Ann and Moe's boards are carried in some very fine shops.. I know some of us have some..or one or more..and we enjoy them so much.

    Ils sont Ooh lala as Sam said so well.
    Earthy Ooh lala:)

  11. oh my! You made the cookies even BETTER than mine!! I want to go back to the kitchen and bake these now! :)

  12. What a beautiful board that you have served the fabulous cookies on. These are so cute and would be perfect for Valentines. They are just the cutest things.

  13. Sweet! I'm crazy about that tea tin as well. Need to look for this. It's new to me. ~ Sarah

  14. Aren't they exquisite? I can imagine a husband opening up his briefcase at work and finding a tiny packet of these (wrapped in one of your exquisite wrappings too) at work! I thibk it might be my project for Valentine's you just have to post a nice little romantic parcel/bag/wrapper for us?

  15. Thank you for the recipe--I love the look of the dear cookies--and for introducing me to two bloggers new to me.


  16. (Love your bird seed Valentine!)

    Adorable heart cookies, Monique. Yours are more professional than Anh's, because you shaped the outer dough in heart form as well. I think I'd need a video. :) But I'll save the recipe for a day when I'm VERY patient! So often recipes take more than one try. Luckily, the first batches taste just as good...just aren't photo perfect!

  17. are so observant..I never noticed! I prefer Anh's!! I will make mine round next time..that is so funny!
    You have a great eye for detail!!
    Imagine that..
    And I see well:)

    Ronelle I can see you being so kind and attentive to H:)

    Jacques does not work his goodies are just served to him..
    I did do little things like that the first couple of yrs..
    I have been remiss:)
    Have a great day everyone.

  18. Monique, I love that you used your board to serve "Tea".

    The little heart cookies are adorable.


  19. Thank you Ann..I am happy you saw my post~:)

  20. What pretty cookies! So cute and tempting.

    I really wish to thank you for the kind and heartwarming words you left on my blog! :-)



  21. Heart to Heart...all the way around♥♥

    I, too, love Ann's boards. I gave my son a few for his last birthday. He'll have them for life, just like a good friend.


  22. Lovely gifts Diane:)

    Rosa..I meant every word~

  23. You're so gifted Monique!
    I'm in awe :O