Saturday, February 25, 2012

Petites Pies~

I prepared this post a couple of weeks ago..I hope you enjoy it..the Jamie Oliver recipe is quite good..see further down~

Small, well here~
I don't eat desserts ..but my husband loves them.

Des petites tartes allé very well:)

I love everything small..half desserts..small children:)

We have rewards points with our banking..and very few rewards points..takes me a long time to accumulate points..Last year we received the Breville Juicer that I love..the year before a Panini press I think.. this year..I opted for the Breville Mini Pie Baker.
I had seen them at Williams Sonoma..but it was not in my budget..sooo..when I spotted it in our rewards catalog..and I know Jacques loves pies..
It was a no brainer..they said 4 - 6 weeks delivery..(sniffle).. lo and behold 2 days was at our doorstep..
It's a great, sturdy little handsome machine..I will have plenty of fun with this..
I see little tourtières in my future..salmon pies..
These were mixed berry pies..
I made 2 w/ regular pastry bottoms and tops and 2 with regular pastry bottoms and puff pastry tops.
Took 10 mins to bake(not prep time).... Clean up is a breeze

I watched Jamie Oliver one afternoon..he is so charming and his show..Meals in minutes I think it's called..I have only caught 2 worth watching..

He made individual little jam and pear and meringue pies(Pear Drop Tartlets) w/ store bought little shells..I wondered if I could make just the shells with the Brevlle..and yes by pricking with a fork they turned out well..

The recipe can be found here..
For his Pear Drop Tartlets as he calls them..along with a lovely salad and great looking pasta~
He's unique.I really really like him.Cutest family too:)

Hope you try Jamie's recipe..the store bought tart shells are just right he do not need to make your own as I did.

I would not hesitate to replace the jam in the Pear Droplet tarts with Nutella:) Chocolate and pears go very well together..or even an almond paste?:)And of course Dulce De Leche~

Next trials for us~

My husband has always been my best and most complimentary taste tester..Since day 1.~
Even at 19 when I made him macaroni..never believed the recipe when they said 1 cup (8 ozs)dried elbow noodles..I used the 32 ozs package I think..Oh lala.. not even 2 bricks of Velveeta(I cannot even believe ..I cooked with Velveeta and ate it on my toast..the taste was great..but I will have to it..was it..real cheese?) coated it..We threw it out..But he was still complimentary on my trial..Imagine.
I hate to admit to that..But I learned with him.
Have I mentioned it is a pleasure to bake ,cook for him?Even after almost 40 yrs.

Just a little note to say that there will be an intermission in my humble little blog.
Une pause..
Prenez soin de vous~Take care~

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