Friday, September 21, 2012

Banana~Raspberry Muffins~

A friend/neighbor..Nancy... moved away....not drastically far..but far enough that I don't drive there:(
My darling Son-In-Law..offered to bring me when he has business there though..that will be nice..

I am a country bumpkin..moved to the country when I career was in the I never really had a need to relearn driving into the city..If I had to go to a notary   downtown..etc..Providence provided :)
She is in the city...
Thankfully she made many friends here and visits....and once..I met her at a pastry shop she favors..that I can easily get to:)I've been to her adorable apartment twice..In the city..Le Plateau..It's just so charming!I already have a fave food store..Latina.The staff was so kind..and I found my vanilla bean paste there..and a great little pancetta..(Shh..Jacques has just started a batch of home made pancetta...)
  At the pastry shop..she ordered her strong coffee(lived in France for years..and Ireland)..I ordered my vanilla hazelnut..I am a coffee woos..although I did enjoy my espressos and cappuccinos in Italy:)
and she ordered a Banana ~ Raspberry muffin~
I had a was divine!
I Googled Banana ~Rasberry many!
I have a few fave banana bread recipes.. from rich to less chocolate marbled to a new chocolate one..  to  pretty rolled one:).... without even knowing about my daughter happened to call and mention one that was in the book I gave them..:Auntie Bernice's recipe~
I thought why search for Banana ~Raspberry muffins..when this recipe would adapt perfectly?It's my least ingredient easiest banana bread recipe~
And so it did..It adapted perfectly.Very fitting that that certain daughter gave me this  platter and dome yrs ago:)

Do you spy a camera in the left hand corner?
My friend Diane..I went to Italy and France with Di and her husband..
gave me that cute camera when she and her husband came for dinner Friday night~She said it called her name but screamed mine:)

 La Recette

1/2 cup creamed margarine(  this is a 1970's recipe..I use softened butter)
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
3 ripe mashed bananas(I used 2  mashed and 3/4-1 cup whole raspberries..lovely ones)
a pinch of salt...  they used to say DASH of salt:)
2 cups of flour
1/2 tsp baking soda..

Cream butter and sugar until light add pinch of salt..eggs one at a time and then the mashed bananas,
In batches add the flour that you have sifted with the baking soda.
Gently fold in the raspberries.
Bake at 350 F..for ap 30 mins..the cake takes ap 1 hr..but my muffins were done after 30 mins..and I baked on convection at 320.
I really like convection for baking..
On some I added a slice of banana like they had in the pastry shop:)

Oh and by the know I love cupcake /muffin wrappers..cups..
So MANY casings change color..


Reynolds..Why do you only make a few colors and designs? I am hooked on these now..
I still love the big brown and white casings....But for the normal large muffins? These have been the best..every one ..the butter or oil etc.. soaks through..not these! And they come off so easily..
This was not a paid advert:)
But you must admit..they are unscathed..
PS  I had another muffin..two days in a row.

Bon Weekend~


  1. Just found some over ripe bananas, I had forgotten about, so your recipe will be a nice change from usual banana cake I make in a loaf tin. Thanks Monique good timing. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hello Monique,
    I will have to try your version of the muffins, sounds & looks very good.

    How sweet, the little camera is precious, just like you!

    Bon weekend to you too!

  3. Monique, house guests are arriving on Wednesday. I will make these to serve for breakfast. ;-)

  4. They are beautiful! Ohhhhlala!
    L xo

  5. Beautiful muffins and words to go with them Monique. I hate that most muffin cups change colour and look mucky after you bake with them. It's not fair that you then have to recup them in more muffin cups to make them look good, when the whole reason you bought the little paper frills was so that your muffins and cupcakes would look good anyways! Pffft!! Best friends, near or far are wonderful gifts we give to ourselves. You count among those with me, even tho we have never met in person and a whole ocean separates us. The heart knows what the heart knows . . . .

  6. What pretty muffin cups. I didn't know they made them in prints. I think I need to get out more (smile).

    Glad to know there's another person other than myself who doesn't like to drive very far. For ten years our only car was a golf cart that I drove on the wrong side of the road in the islands (English rules there) and Interstate 95 looked like the Daytona 500 to me when we moved back to the states. I still don't like to drive.

    Have a great weekend Monique.

  7. I love coming here, Monique, not only for your recipes, but your little side those muffin cups! Had not a clue Reynolds made those. Really, sometimes I wonder if I walk around with my eyes shut.
    Adore that last photo!

  8. Toujours beau dans ton coin ma chere Monique.Je t'envoie un couriel.

  9. PS- I said all that and I completely forgot to say . . . Your muffins are genius! Delicious! MUST bake! xxoo

  10. Perfect! I have some very, very ripe bananas that must be put to good use....I only have blackberries...I am going to try these! Thank you.

  11. Never seen those muffins cups before, but I like them. Great recipe, I should try.

  12. So happy you have discovered these now also..
    Sam my husband would have loved to see me in a golf cart ..It would have meant I had taken up golf:)

    I am lucky that about 15 mins away..a town boomed..and now they have everything..Hold your breaths..even a Michael's:)
    Imagine..I used to have a list for US or Ottawa travels..Now we have one..And HomeSense is coming..It's a bit dangerous as I can easily get there..
    No hospitals yet in that town..but in the future.
    My town is a sleepy little town of 5000 ap.Great place to live..and now with all these conveniences so close..but not's great.
    Many stores carry these muffin cups..
    Hope you find some.
    Thank you..Have a great day.
    You made my morning:)
    The boys will make the afternoon:)

  13. What cute muffin cups!
    That is really strange how your daughter didn't know and called to tell you that! It was meant to be :)
    Thanks for the compliment on my pics :)

  14. A charming entry, Mme Magical!

    I love everything about it; the story of your daughter, your friends, the gifts, the recipe (!!), [driving in the city+ oI understand!] The "shh!" part ;) ~ and recommendation of Reynolds Foil Lined Muffin cups ~ what a boon! Almost every fancy muffin liners I have used do not look so good after baking, I have to add fresh ones over the ones they baked in. Looks like the Reynolds' people nailed it (must go look for some around here!) Thank you for all you share! xoxo love you.

  15. Your muffin looks super-yummy. I love the extra slice of banana on top. And also loved your muffin cups too, great design.

  16. Mary if you cannot find...let me know-x
    So glad I am not alone on the driving issue..
    But...we should practice je pense..

  17. Beautiful platter full of muffins! I have not tried this combination either but it sounds wonderful. What a wonderful recommendation for muffin cups. I will have to see if my store carries them. The black and white is beautiful and matches your swing bag ;)

  18. Love the combination of bananas with raspberry, and the presentation with the banana slice on top is so pretty! I wonder if it would be acceptable to eat these for breakfast?!

  19. At your age Lucy..anything is acceptable:-)