Sunday, September 23, 2012

David Rocco's and Isa's Delicious Cake~

My kitchen is a busy place..both my husband and I love to be in the kitchen ..he has become such a good cook in the last few years.. my favorite home made pastrami..our roast chickens..all our home made fries..(baked)..some breads..some salad dressings..not to mention his wine..but that's done in another room:)~
It's a pleasure to be there....almost our favorite room in our home..simply because it is bright and busy:)
Last week..I spied at Les Gourmandises d'Isa..a cake that awakened my curiosity simply because I loved the look of the top..:)
Imagine..So I read  everything and saw that the original recipe was from David Rocco(I like him..) but made with apples..Isa..made hers w/ pears and I just had 2 very ripe pears..
This cake is delicious..Jacques scores it in the nines:)

My kitchen looks  a bit too busy there but I was preparing something else when I took this photo.My little peppers are still going strong..the windowsill basil..better than outside..and the Rosemary Christmas Tree I received at Christmas..(edible) still satisfies the rosemary recipes I have.
You can spot an Ann T knife rack in the background..left..they are beautiful:) friend's  French brocante canister set from France before she married while dating her husband..over 40 yrs old..I treasure favorite hand soap for the kitchen..Cucina..from Fruits Et Passion..I have been using it it for yrs and yrs..
My ME birthday calendar to the's so old I am embarrassed to say..but a gift from my childhood friend so many many years ago..The Milk bottles..from my favorite shop in town that closed yrs ago:(  Matryoshka measuring cups from my daughter.. and an EVOO bottle..
The Paris canisters..:) Not really from Paris..
Anyways..I am rambling..but this IS ..our spot..J'aime tellement être dans la cuisine.♥
So is the link to the cake at Isa's..she is a Canadian ..  from QC.. a cookbook author of 2 beautiful books that I know of..

and here is the link to David Rocco's recipe..from Kitchen Heals appropriate and thus my kitchen in the collage..~as it does act as a spiritual place for me..

As I said..I used pears..and baked for longer..
The aroma in the house was so were hungry for the cake before you saw it..:)

Very few ingredients..easy as anything..I hope you try it.
I think you could be very happy that you did.~


  1. What a happy, bright kitchen to cook and bake in, and with your husband no less! The cake looks so good and dense. I do not like wimpy cakes :). Joni

  2. Oh i love o see your kitchen Monique! It is a bright and peaceful looking you! That is my kind of cake! I will try one tomorrow...I have many apples from the Farmers Market to use up! The weather is turning cooler...perfect time to bake.
    L xo

  3. Oh Monique - I love the little snippet of kitchen you've shared today. I can understand why you love it so - what a bright and lovely place. Very inspiring. Lovely cake too - reminds me of a Gateau Breton I made a couple years ago, but it didn't contain apples or pears so thanks for sharing a link to the recipe.

  4. What a lovely kitchen Monique. If I saw it in a line-up, I would have known it was yours. So many pretty keepsakes and mementos.

    I love your idea of keeping the Christmas rosemary tree for your window. I am making a note to do the same this year. Lovely cake too. I can almost smell it from here.

  5. I love your kitchen! What a dream it would be to cook in it!

  6. I love David Rocco and his Italian flare. This cake would be delicious with either apples or pears.

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful, peaceful and joyful.

    The cake looks delicious.

    Have a wonderful week ~ Flowerlady

  8. It's amazing how seeing something right in front of you becomes habit..I removed the two hanging things..just from seeing them here:)

    Thank you..hope you try this great cake..~

  9. Bonjour,
    Je suis heureuse de te retrouver ma chère Nana après mes longues semaines d'absence...
    La photo de ta cuisine semble nous ouvrir les bras...
    Et tes gâteaux me donnent l'eau à la bouche.
    je te fais de gros bisous.

  10. Such pretty photos! This cake looks so elegant and intriguing, looking forward to reading the recipe.

  11. I've always noticed the beautiful lighting you have in your kitchen from your photos and now I can tell why - from those lovely, big windows. I would have the same light if I cooked in my living room :) What a beautiful view and place to enjoy cooking with your J. I love your treasures.

    The cake sounds delicious and one I would love to try!

  12. What a nice kitchen, you must be inspired to cook in it. Nice dessert. I like Isa and David :)

  13. What a gorgeous kitchen! I wish I had this view when I wash up the dishes....

    A divine looking cake!


  14. M...
    Flew over and copied David's recipe.
    I too loved the textured topping, a must try.
    Loved the photo of Italy too!
    xoxo, Kathy.

  15. I want to be in your kitchen TOO!
    J'aime tellement être dans la cuisine.♥
    miam miam

  16. Ma cuisine est mon atelier du coeur:-) So many great memories:-)
    My cooktop has a permanent scar from 5 years ago plus when one of our son-in-laws came to ask us for our daughter's hand in marriage:-)
    I had a Ricardo balsamic reduction on it..and of boiled over..pas beau..:-)
    Thanks for the kind comments~

  17. Lovely cake. I'll have to try it. And what a beautiful kitchen!

  18. Looks dense and yummy! rich!
    Very pretty kitchen :)
    SO wonderful you both have cooking as a hobby. My parents did, as well, only not gourmet like you two!

  19. I love to always be in my kitchen as well Monique. Mine is very tiny though and not as filled with light as yours is. You have a lovely room there and I can totally understand it being the heart of your home. That cake looks fabulous. I have some pears that need something done with them as well. I see a pear cake in my future, do you? Love and hugs to you and J, always. xxoo

  20. Beautiful~ This look absolutely delicious Nana!!

  21. Je fais souvent des gâteaux au yaourt, avec ou sans fruits, mais j'avoue que la petite couche de sucre sur le dessus de celui que tu nous présentes fait toute la différence ;.. Mmmm ... Terrible ! ;o)