Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Onion Flowers~ They look like Lotus Flowers~

Perusing this season's Food and Drink~(I LOVE that magazine  am I repeating myself?)I saw some pretty onion flowers..
As Jacques said..the refined  version of a Bloomin' Onion..
I comparison..

I must tell you that the onion flower you see on the not my best take on it..We had them the night before I took this particular one..and they were perfection incarnate.
The light was not.
So I made a smaller one..just for me for lunch while J was golfing..
A tad too crisp on the outer edges,but un délice nevertheless.
They beautify any meal..on the plate..and look lovely as a   single side dish also.
And well..they are fool proof.

You do need small red onions..not mammoth ones..

La Recette

4 small red onions,peeled and at the bottom simply even out the root end w/out slicing off more than a minuscule amount:)
Just so they can lay flat while baking..if they topple they will NOT  bloom.
Make them stand up straight:)

Once they are at attention..slice in half..But not to the bottom..stay about 1/2 inch away from slicing through..
then slice in half again and again..  and again.Never all the way to the bottom.
They will look like a tight tulip head.

In a bowl combine 2 tbsps of Evoo and 2 tbsps of good balsamic vinegar.

Gently toss the coat.
Season with salt and pepper.

I then placed mine on a parchment paper ..added 1 tbsp of Evoo..and covered with foil.
I baked at 425 F..for 30 mins..
Bake them until the blooms have opened and they are slightly tender.
Remove foil~
Bake an additional 10 minutes more.
Serve each onion w/ a sprinkling of capers if desired~ 

I added  the remaining Balsamic~ Evoo ~today..and it makes them even better.
Great w/ roasted meats..we had them w/ Basmati Rice and Rainbow trout~

Little jewels..
Thank you Food and Drink..yet again~
Guilt-free bloomin' onions~
Pretty as a picture~

Just thought in case you are entertaining..this weekend and want to give them a try:) You can practice in the next 2 days..


  1. These are like perfection on a plate, improving upon what nature intended.

  2. Beautiful Monique. Moe loves onions, any which way. I'm going to surprise him with your Onion Flower. I just need to pick up a couple of perfect red onions.


  3. I have never seen a onion so beautifully displayed like this. It's like a work of art. So pretty, I wouldn't want to eat it. Amazing photos!


  4. They are gorgeous Monique and I bet they taste a thousand times better than the ones at the restaurant.

  5. I'm already picturing these on a platter! Lovely and easy--a winning combination.


  6. Try them..:) I just love them..:)♥Prettier in person..

  7. They are beautiful! What a splendid idea to take the lowly onion and turn it into a flower... what is this magazine... must take a look if it has such great things in it.

  8. How gorgeous! My mouth is definitely watering at your picture. What a lovely presentation too. Certainly takes the onion to new heights!

  9. They are beautiful! I've only had blooming onions once at a restaurant and these do sound so much healthier :)

  10. Food and Drink is a magazine offered at Ontario Liquor Board stores upon purchase of spirits.
    It is thick,glossy,features many recipes with beautiful photos to accompany the recipes..If I miss an issue..I am sorry..
    Enjoy these onions..they will be gracing our table often..
    I realize the access to this magazine is very limited..That's why I share the recipes earlier..but you can find all past recipes online:)
    My next recipe is more accessible to all..:) Food and Wine:)

  11. Gorgeous!!! Both you and the fleur onion ;) What a unique creation.

    I have loved (and kept) each Food and Drink magazine ... ((hugs)). I wish it was available here ~ so I am thankful for the online recipes (and you find the best ones to share.) I have one of their recipes coming up on my blog soon... have to redo the photos first.

    Thank you for your creative and artful blog Mme M!
    It always makes my day to come visit with you. xo

  12. Such beautiful jewels, and so simple too! The simple things are often the best and the tastiest. I must give these a try. They sound like something I would love to make and to eat! Oh, how wonderful it would be to have a shared lunch with you. A dream to inspire . . . XXOO

  13. Really? They are stunningly gorgeous! Wow! And impressive.

  14. That is a fancy salad. Something I am yet to try. Beautiful flavor combination!

  15. Wow, these are stunning! What a pretty idea.

  16. My husband and I love baked onions...your recipe sounds so much better and the onion is so pretty.