Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eggplant ,pear and pecorino salad~ Our new very favorite salad~

We love pears..

And eggplants,and pecorino when I spotted this salad recipe..I knew I had to give it a try..I have made it thrice:) since~  It's not a salad you make at the last minute for 6 guests:)
If you like it at room could do it for 4 ahead of time..But I make it just before serving..for 2..
You grill the eggplants..cook and liquor up the pears..

Make a dressing..

Then assemble..with the dressing.. honey..walnuts and pecorino shavings..some chopped's beautiful!
I serve it on a large white platter and Jacques and I help ourselves..
It could be the whole meal for me:) ~

Instead of trying to copy and paste the recipe..which for some reason makes everything look..not pretty here.. I will simply add the delicious link..
This one..from Food and Wine..~
I realize that blogging about  Food and Drink's recipes..being a magazine available at Ontario,Canada liquor boards..limits the availability to most:(  That's why I share the recipes when I have tried them and can..
So...without further it is..:

La Recette~

My notes..I feared the eggplant would be too charred on the BBQ so I grill it indoors on a grill press..~

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do..I make a few salads that have pears in them..But hands down so far..this is our favorite~Definitely worth the pleasure of making and assembling it~
And I think you will want to make it again and again..It's a ten.
Bon Weekend~


  1. This is stunning, and even better, a totally new combination for me. I'm completely with you on it being the entire meal. Love the photos!

  2. This IS beautiful! Cannot wait to try it... Pears are the main crop where I live ~ now is the time. Thank you for finding the best recipes and sharing them (so beautifully) Ms. Magical. xo Big Loves, ~m.

  3. It has all my favorite ingredients: eggplants, pecorino, walnuts... and pears. Love it! :)

  4. We are both looking..
    and saying..
    "let's try that".

    I will be doing the onion Marm...
    Oh My!
    M...keep doing what you do so well.
    I love it here.
    xo...Kathy and the Chef.

  5. What an interesting combination. Will need to try this.

  6. Monique, that is just gorgeous! I love salads so very much and this is quite different. Loving the pears and walnuts . . . I shall have to give this a try. These are the types of meals that I love. Thank you so much for sharing. Your pictures as always are gorgeous. Just look at the red skin of those pears. Beautiful! xxoo

  7. It really sounds like a great salda. Love the idea of pears and walnuts and we just love honey at the moment.
    Would like to try sometime when I have company:))
    Great photos again.
    Love Shel x

  8. Wonder what I could use instead of eggplant?

  9. Photos superbes ! Les poires sont des fruits merveilleux en automne, plein de jus doux et parfumé, une merveille en pâtisserie. Bises

  10. I love fruit and cheese, fruit and savory. Love it. This is such a beautiful salad and perfect for the coming autumn.

  11. Pam..You're sure you can't develop a liking to it?

    Grilled.. with evoo and s and p..and then the dressing on top?

    I'll put my thinking cap on..but to me the eggplant is key..and w/ the grill adds beauty..

    Jacques just suggested Zucchini?

    Oui ,je suis d'accord..des fruits superbes...un de mes coups de coeur:)
    Kathy..let me know..Curious to see what Le Chef thinks..:)

  12. What a beautiful, vibrant salad! (And I love your wee little green measuring cup!!)

  13. I think I moaned when I saw the pics of this salad! Makes me want to come sit at your kitchen table and pull up a chair...would'nt that be fun! I have o go get some make this next week!
    L xo

  14. Such an interesting salad, Monique. I adore eggplant but must admit I would never have combined it with pears! I love the idea. The photo of it looks fabulous.

  15. Linda we had your onion and black olives on puff pastry last night..very good as always..
    Hope you like this salad...It's a little set Valerie..Moi aussi I like it:)

    Un p'tit rien!

  16. I just got an eggplant in the veggie box is an unusual salad but looks wonderful.

  17. Lots of eggplants growing in my garden. I was just about ready to go harvest some, when I saw this recipe. Such a great combination of ingredients, and oh so healthy too. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This recipe went right into my files... great combination of flavors... many thanks for finding it and yours looks so beautiful... you made me laugh about the recipe spoiling the image... I think that all the time!!

  19. I love pear salads - this sounds like delicious and much more hearty with the grilled eggplants. It could be a meal.

  20. Thank you! Big hugs from Kim and Monica xoxo
    P.S This is a favorite at our home, too! Very italian :)

  21. There is no way I could pass on a recipe you recommend so highly, Monique. We love pears, and all the other ingredients as well. What a lovely fall salad.

  22. I would never have thought of combining pears and eggplant. If you have made this recipe three times, it has to be good. My pears in the orchard should be ready to start picking when I return to New Hampshire. I will definitely have to try this.