Monday, September 10, 2012

Food and Drink's Onion and Brown Sugar Marmalade~

Saturday was Poochie,Pooch,Poodle,Ollie,Wollie,Oliver,Olivier's 3rd bithday~So many pet names for a sweet little boy~ We had dinner at his house and it was delicious..wonderful escargots,pasta with  Ina's meatballs,a decadent decadent cake ...and 4 Tim Horton's sprinkle donuts~:)
I brought an friend's recipe she found on Oprah..just so easy and's a baked feta w/ toppings that you spread on crackers or baguettes.

I opted to bring baguettes~ actually 1 white baguette and 2 smaller fougasses type baguettes.
I love these breads stuffed with Kalamata Olives..or Lardons..They went very well with the baked feta dish~

I used the recipe I have been using ever since making the doggie breads..I put everything in the bread machine..for the bread..and shape and stuff manually..let rise..and bake in the oven.
I love bread machines..Again only half the recipe was needed for these 3 loaves~
You can find the recipe here..~
It's so easy..and I must thing I love about this bread is that it does form a crust..but the crust softens..and I find this kind of bread much easier to eat,my husband also.We used to enjoy we find them huge and tough~It's a pleasure to bake bread.I love the Robin Hood Multi-Grain bread flour too..I vary..and make our bread ap. 3 times a week.
It was quite a grey,muggy day..and I decided to make Food and Drink's Onion Marmalade that same day.
We recently picked up the latest fabulous as always issue and I am working on a few things..I truly enjoy that magazine.The photos..the recipes..a 10. And it's free..hard to believe..only back issues are $5.00 each I just discovered.I save mine..I am missing many  ,but enjoy the ones I do have.~
The Onion Marmalade is very good.In sandwiches,w/ roasted meats,as a pizza topping,hamburger topping~

The only things I did differently..was use regular brown sugar and I used 1/2 balsamic vinegar..1/ 2 apple cider 1/4 1/4.
The jars are golden ..They bathed in boiling water after being filled for a full 30 minutes..I love hearing that vacuum seal pop when we opened our first jar.
Making things like this,fills my kitchen with business,gratitude for a bright  functional  kitchen and gratitude for being able to afford to buy things to cook with.
Most of all the ability to enjoy them also.

La Recette~

2 tsps olive oil
6 lbs of  white  onions
1 cup dark brown sugar
1 tsp salt
 1/2 cup cider vinegar(See my notes above)

Peel and slice onions..I used a food processor..6 lbs is a lot of onions:)
Put all the ingredients in a big pot(there are a lot of slices)
Heat the olive oil,stir in all the ingredients
Cover and cook over medium heat until all the  onions are tender and translucent
The recipe says ap 1 1/2 hrs..I used a big heavy Staub pot and the cooking time was reduced,
Stir every 15 minutes to assure even cooking of the onions.
Remove cover when done and increase heat to evaporate some of the liquid ap 3 minutes.
Put in your sterilized jars.Wipe rims,cover with sterilized lids.
Give them a rolling boil  high heat water bath for 30 minutes.

Then enjoy looking at them:)
The onion and brown sugar marmalade will last up to one year~


  1. Wow, that bread is gorgeous. It's been so long since I've baked bread. I do it your way, dough in the bread machine. So, I really have no excuse!

  2. I made Fruit Ketchup last week, I should try this marmalade, looks so good.

  3. What beautiful bread! I am so looking forward to cooler weather. I don't have a bread sounds as though you use yours quite regularly. Maybe it is something that I should consider...

    The onion marmalade sounds it was good!

  4. Just gorgeous. Those baguettes look perfect for the onion marmalade and feta

  5. It sounds and looks verry good!!...lovely week

  6. Take it out and do it Pam:) No fuss no muss and really delicious breads:) are so thoughtful..and I love your taste:)
    Shel..I wish I saw more of you:)
    Kate and Hélène..I know how busy you are with family:)..Good busy:)

  7. Onion marmalade sounds divine. I've done caramelized onions...I think it's time for me to try something new:-)

  8. Monique, you know how much I love bread. Your baguettes look perfect. Just perfect!!!!!!

  9. Onion marmalade sounds fantastic! And I can't think of a better way to enjoy it than on homemade bread.

    And my family loves meatballs, but I've never seen Ina's recipe for them. I'll have to check that out!

  10. Hi Beth there seems to be more than one..The one they made ..had prosciutto and Italian sausage in them:)

    Ann..I nearly wrote NO ONE makes bread like Ann..all by hand too:)

    Pam..our on the counter there's no excuse :)

  11. Happy Birthday to your little one, I love the 3 and 4 year old years. So loving, innocent but they can engage in most every thing.
    I made your pickled red onion relish the other day, I have yet to try it. I am waiting for those special guests I want to share it with.
    We have a great food company called Spoon Foods in our town and they are always my "go to" when I can't make something home made. They carry a Apple Onion Relish that is outstanding. I even put it on grilled cheese sandwhiches.

  12. I love everything about this post, but I especially love the little dragon fly hitch hiker.

  13. Kelley,that store sounds so wonderful..Spoon Foods:) Glad you tried my(Katrina's) pickled onions..I found them pretty in the jar also.. 2 totally different types of onions.. sweet..vs pickled:)Of course.
    My dragonfly is courtesy of a Photoshop brush:)
    Thanks have a great day~

  14. Dear Nana ~ Happy belated to Ollie ~ my goodness, 3 already. *sigh* Time flies.

    I DO believe that is some of the most beautiful bread I've seen in a long, long time. And wrapped up so cleverly, too!

    And your Onion Marmalade looks fabulous as well.
    I just love coming to visit you to get my Mme. Magical fix. xoxo~m

  15. You are so creative in the kitchen!
    Happy birthday to little Ollie!
    What did he enjoy most about his birthday meal?

  16. What a fabulous presentation with the baguettes wrapped with paper & tied with twine. I have to pin this.

  17. I am drooling over that bread, Monique. What I wouldn't give to have a loaf of that sitting in my kitchen this very minute!
    I've never made onion marmalade. That looks so good and I can think of a thousand things to use it on, but on a crusty piece of French bread? Perfection.

  18. I can't tell you which has me salivating more, the picture of the bread or the marmalade. I just love your beautiful labels too. What a fun idea. I need to make some of those. Your bread presentation is fabulous too. You are always so full of ideas.

  19. Oh, yum, this sounds delicious! You know I made that onion spread so often for company so I just know I would love this!

  20. Oh, my, does this ever look delicious!

  21. Oh my Monique! That looks fabulous! I have never tried this way of doing a fougasse. I am so hopeless at breadmaking. Yours looks perfection! I love the bread with the olives in it and I am thinking about how delicious it would be with that lovely Onion Marmelade. Bookmarking this for a future date for sure! You always present everything so beautifully. I am in awe of you, whilst loving you to pieces! xxoo

  22. I do know Susan..I make your onion dip often!

    I just love the way we all share.
    Thanks so much for everything you all teach me.Every day.

  23. I love onion confit and I'll bet this marmalade is similar. And it is so easy. I'd love to try this - I'm not a jelly or jam maker myself, but there is something about onion marmalade that intrigues me!

  24. You put so much love and care into whatever you do. Your bread is just beautiful and the onion marmalade would be perfect on a sandwich.

  25. Oh, il faudrait vraiment que je commente tes billets à chaque fois que je les lis. En général, je les lis sur mon ipad, à des moments improbables où je ne peux prendre le temps de commenter comme je voudrais. ... Et quand je reviens, il y a tant à dire ... tant de recettes divines à copier ... tant de choses à essayer ... Alors je m'y mets le matin, tranquillement, avant de partir travailler ... et je reste une heure ou deux chez toi, à rouvrir les portes les une après les autres ... Un bon moyen de commencer la journée, j'adore ! Ce billet-là ne déroge pas à la règle de perfection qui est la tienne ... Ces pains, cette marmelade ... Il me les faut, maintenant ! ;o)