Sunday, September 2, 2012

Watermelon ~Feta Salad~

The first time I was introduced to this duo..I loved it..
I have made a few salads  with both..even incorporating I did here..and the watermelon was cut in rounds..I have loved making the watermelon balls also..but a lot of loss..

Served in parfait glasses though... oh so pretty!

But when I spied this way of presenting a  favorite ..I had to try ~The colors..displayed this way..spoke to me~
She had such  a cute presentation..looked like a quilt to me..When I made it my husband said:" Lucas would play a game with it"..I guess:)  Those two play chess together..:)

I used my ordinary dressing for the time will add avocado:) The green   is even prettier..a trio:)

I use..
Olive oil~
Lime juice~

I also love basil..but usually w/ this..I use mint~
It's so pretty served this way..and watermelon is so good for us!

Speaking of colors..Carol..inspires me..I took my traveling paints out..and did what she suggested.
I think they are my greatest works of art yet:)
I did my small W/N pocket set..My Koi..pocket set..and my Cotman W/N studio filed set..Now in my little journal..this one..I will have samples..true ones..of my colors~

So nice to be inspired.
If you go to my will read and see in depth:)~
I love it when I see a blogger I something that makes me get up and do it:)
This..I knew I could try:)

Well..I mean..these ..I knew I could try~
Sam is right:)


  1. I love this salad. In fact, I made a stacked version on it on my blog.

  2. That's adorable. To me it looks like a child's small checkerboard. What a clever presentation idea. I bet the avocado is pretty with it too.

  3. What an artistic presentation! ;-)

  4. This is amazing !!! looks so great !!!.....also to do with love

  5. Cucumber ..Yes! Good idea..
    I just had to show you in case you missed it..

    Have a great day~

  6. I love your art and your art in food...and your ~September wobbly...

  7. I first saw this salad of yours pinned on Pinterest. I agree that green would be a special addition.

  8. What a wonderful presentation! I've done the salad but never thought of trying this. I believe one has to have an artistic bent to do it right.


  9. I adore this combination...but yours is just extra beautiful.
    Love it! xo

  10. Oh so clever! I have been sharing a similar recipe all summer long.........enjoyed by all! Your talent reaches the top once again!

  11. We love this salad too.
    Yours is so cleverly put together.
    How original....and your art looks edible too!

  12. Beautiful presentation, Monique. Watermelon is one of my favorite summer fruits. The addition of a bit of avocado would be lovely.

  13. How beautiful, Monique! And the presentation is divine as well as fun. What a lovely first course....I'm going to use it.

  14. I'm really happy many of you will's so easy..and use whatever dressing you love..Thanks!

  15. I love how you photograph food with a special touch. It makes me want to try everything you're featuring. Some are so whimsical. This is so cute!


  16. I love this idea! Almost too pretty to eat.

  17. Wow, that is so beautiful!! How I wish watermelon agreed with my tummy. But your artistry feeds my eyes!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity and beauty ~ you truly make this world a more beautiful place. :)
    God bless you. xoxo

  18. I will have to add mint to this salad. That is what I am missing. Great picture!

  19. Monique, such a beautiful presentation of a lovely salad. Your pictures as usual are exquisite. I have heard lots of good things about this type of salad, but have never yet tried it. You are inspiring me. Love the pages with your water colour squares on it. I am so longing to get into my studio and paint. I will be happy to have the workmen out and my home back to myself! Love you lots my sweet friend. Sorry to be late in commenting on your posts . . . but my time has not really been my own with so much disruptions going on. xxoo