Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Simple Tuscan Bean Soup~

With fall around the corner..Tuscan Bean Soups have caught my eye..But I was busy harvesting hydrangeas..roses..russian sage etc..to replenish my dried flower arrangements inside..every yr..this time of yr..I throw way the old and bring in the new:)
What a mess..They are large arrangements that sit on armoires..or the baker's rack or the fireplace..
Faded glories..replaced by  a renewal of colors and shape~
Feels good after I pick up all the crumbling debris that fall all over the place dragging them out:)
This soup was as easy as 1-2-3~
I used my small red Staub pot..I don't like freezing leftover soups..they always have a certain je ne sais quoi mush about them:)

Sautéed some chopped onions..garlic..~then chopped carrots and celery~sweet potatoes and baby potatoes.. kale..added 3 cups of chicken broth and a rind or 2 of Parmigiano cheese..  some seasonings..simmered until fork tender then added 1 can of very well rinsed and drained cannellini beans..Simmered some more..

Before serving I toasted some home made French bread.. rubbed w/ a garlic clove..drizzled with EVOO..

Placed in the simmering soup bowl and topped with fresh parmigiano..
I know..I should have used dried beans..I had  a  can:)also I should have removed the Kale stems..:) I did in all the Kale I blanched and ice bathed to freeze afterwards..A nice shot of brilliant green for our freezer..for future last minute Tuscan Bean Soups..

Brings me back to a GREAT place in time~

See that Foto shop?  I thought I had lost my photos on my memory card..nope..they made me a CD and all was not lost..God Bless Technology!And that dear dear Italian man who said..they were there.. not lost..
Did I mention I loved Italy...?


  1. Hi Monique! I'll try your Tuscan bean soup one day, it really looks delicious. We love to have soups in the winter season. Have just looked through your blog and admire your stunning photos and mosaics. I like your butterfly-photos of the 'Painted Lady' a lot. Also your photos from Italy are very charming. Hope to go back to Italy one day.....
    Have a nice week.

  2. Perfect fare for this rainy chilly day.
    Must go forage for ingredients.
    You made me want to eat a carrot at least!

  3. I think this is just what the doctor ordered. I am scheduled to leave the hospital tomorrow and I think I will request my husband make batch of this. Have to get aways with extra pampering when you can.
    You have been so busy, do you ever sleep???
    Happy to hear that the CD was able to recover your memory card. Always one of my fears. I just read an article that says that by deleting photos on your card via computer can corrupt the card.
    I have started buying cards with recovery software in the card. I'll have to check out the brand when I get home. I didn't drag my camera on this little adventure.
    As always thanks for sharing.

  4. It is just about time for soup here...Simple is good! Sounds delicious and one that can be made without a lot of fuss!

    I have been looking around the rooms trying to decide what I will do for fall...you are ahead of me.

  5. Your soup is making me think of colder days, which I know are on the horizon, but I'm still trying to hold on to warm summer days for as long as I can. I love easy peasey tasty meals & your soup sounds good to me, so will make a note of that one. It sounds a bit like one I make but add tinned tomatoes & a bit of chillie. Lovely on a cold winters day. Brrr.

  6. Yum! That looks beautiful ~ so comforting and good-for-you! The street scene, too!

    Oh yes, God Bless Technology, that wonderful man in Italy who retrieved your gorgeous photos...And God Bless You, Mme. Magical. You are so talented! xo

  7. My thoughts are turning from light salads to hearty soups!! This looks delicious!!


  8. I'm sure there is nothing "simple" about the flavour. A bowl of pure comfort.


  9. I have already made my second pot of fall soup. I love fall. I love soups. I am happy.

  10. That is an incredible picture at the end of the post! It makes me want to buy a one way ticket to Italy.

    The soup sounds amazing, Perfect for the cooler temps.

  11. My mother always use to make white bean soup. I loved it, but this Tuscan style soup looks so good. Joni

  12. Such a talented lady! Looks delish!
    God Bless YOU!
    Shel x

  13. What a lovely soup, Monique! Healthy and hearty. Beautifully presented, too. I'm definitely making this...at least when we have some cooler weather.
    Pleased you recovered your "lost" photos. I could cry over some of the ones I've truly lost.

  14. We're almost into soup time too. If you aren't going to make a lot of soup, using the canned beans is always the best option in my opinion.

    I know what you mean with the debris from arrangements. It amazing how much they can crumble. Great photo of Italy. How nice that you haven't lost your photos. It's a miracle what they can do today.

  15. Remember in the 70's ..when you could mail your film to be developed?
    After a vacation at the shore with our little girls at the time ..I mailed the film in..it was never returned..lost somewhere..I know the feeling:( And my friend and Gardenbuddy that passed away last yr..I had photos on my card of him playing piano here.. the card had to be formatted and in doing so..I lost his photos:(

    I am sure we all have photo stories..The good ones are encouraging:)

    Love reading your comments..I always read them..sometimes twice a day:)

    Have a good one..

  16. Merci ,je découvre ainsi un bien beau blog.



  17. This is so good in the Fall when we have fresh produce from the farms.

  18. I love kale in this delicious soup! I think your recipe was the first minestrone I ever made with the parmesan rind. So delicious and beautiful photo!

  19. Oh, that soup is so delicious! I am craving one right now... Glad you were able to recover your photos and share some with us. Thanks! :)

  20. What a comforting looking bowl of love! I could use a bowl right now!
    A beautiful soup!
    L xo

  21. Loving this soup Monique. Very autumnal! I have played with the thought of bringing in some of my drying hydrangea to make some arrangements, but remembering all the mess that the Mrs always made for us to clean up when I worked at the big house. We would spread out sheets upon the floor around the tables, but she still was a mucky pup. Hard not to be with hydrangeas I guess!! Would love, LOVE to see photos of yours! xxoo

  22. Very nice post. I'm tweeting it. Thanks.