Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swing Bags..#5 I think~

I love making these when I have the time..

Those Amy Butler pattern bags I am fond of making~I bought my pattern a few years ago on Etsy~
After the beach pastel one..I thought a black and white one would be in order~
I wear a lot of black and white..This one I made to have a longer it can be worn cross a messenger bag~
I used buttons from my mom..and a few newer ones..the grey one at the top was on one of our coats..either hers ..or mine before I was 19..It almost looks like her special Spring grey coat..or my first communion coat..I add  a pocket to my bags since the beach previous ones don't have the pocket..
It's perfect for my Kindle..and makes waiting for anything a breeze when you can remove the Kindle and start reading:)

The graphics..and I think the French Embroidery Initials..are from The Graphics Fairy~Always grateful to her and her sharing of wonderful images..A treasure chest for me:)And many many others.
I encourage you to make personalized bags..They are fun to do..and the possibilities are endless~
For this one..I threw caution to the wind again and fed fabric into my sometimes coughs and I know it may leave me one day..but so far good.
I like it better when the fabric is soft..instead of iron-on transfers..but in some cases you have no choice..This is the freezer paper method I have shown here.
Fun fun little projects..

My particular pattern is The Swing Bag~
Have you ever noticed that liking crafts..always adds accumulation of "things"..I go to my friends homes apart from my friend the wonderful artists who had easels and paints and papers and brushes:)..that there is no accumulation of things to make things:)
It sometimes looks very relaxing to me..:) and then I make things to relax:)
I have warned my daughters that if ever they sadly have to take care of things here..they will be surprised by the bits and pieces here and there in my craft room..Treasures to me for sure..the ribbons and tags and pearls and rhinestones and glitter and floss and thread and canvas and wool and fabric and paints and pastels..glues and papers.. dremels and glue guns..fiberfill and felt..
I can just hear them:)

Not to baking love.


  1. Sewing and creating is relaxing. It is easy to get "lost" and all of a sudden the day has slipped past. The Swing Bag is a very nice idea. Adding the pocket was perfect.

  2. You should see my closets filled with "things to make things with"!!!

  3. You do make the most beautiful things ,either in the craft room or in the kitchen!


  4. So pretty! You are really creative. I wish I were as talented as you.



  5. Ooh, this made my heart skip-a-beat!! It's so YOU ~ Beautiful! Down to the last detail, absolutely divine.

    When my cherished one is not in use, you know where I keep it so everyone can admire it ~ front and center on the hand rail in the entryway. :)

    Absolutely lovely Mme. Magical! xoxo

  6. Everything you touch is beautiful! You are so talented Monique.
    L xo

  7. Everything you touch is beautiful! You are so talented Monique.
    L xo

  8. Now this is food for MY soul this morning...I love everything about this post from the goreous gorgeous bag to the mention of your beautiful family.
    Bon weekend x

  9. How do you find the time! YOu make such lovely things, have you ever thought of offering them on Etsy??

  10. Good morning:)

    Monique of all trades master of none:) Everything I make..there's something not perfect enough to sell:) It's true.I promise.
    Plus..I worked for almost 30 yrs..and my favorite part was giving my clients a gift:)
    I would rather give what I make than sell it.
    It would be different I am sure if it was my job.This is a fun quiet thing for me.I would never want to have to "Produce " again:)
    Thank you for the sweet comments..I show you to maybe show can do these's so important to have hobbies to fall onto if life changes..:)
    Have a great day..Gloomy out here today..

  11. Adorable!
    You could easily sell these
    I'd buy one

  12. What a beautiful and functional bag. Love how you incorporated the personal touch of beloved buttons. I really like the bottom right, black swirl button. You have motivated me to try making one. Hope to someday be able to post the finished project. Yes, isn't it amazing how many bits and bobs we accumulate with crafting. Whenever my children need some obscure item, they come running to me to look in my magical craft closet! Kind of reminds me of during the show "The Price is Right," when Bob Barker would ask if anyone had a paperclip, rubberband, etc. in their shopping bags. ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Monique!

  13. We can't get freezer paper over here. Sad thing. I miss it. I think there is no end to your creativity. I am amazed at all you create. It's all so very beautiful. Love the kindle holder and your bag is so adorable. I would love to make something like that. Will have to put my thinking cap on. As always . . . you inspire. Love you much. xxoo

  14. You are very much in fashion this season with the cross-body bag :) I admire how you find the time to create. I'm longing for 'quieter' times but they will come with winter. (That's something I'm not longing for!).

    Beautiful creation, Monique!

  15. Lovely little bag, yes perfect for a kindle. LOL on your craft inventory,my husband and daughter just hope I live long enough to use all of it, I say that should be about the age 125. I just love when I start a project and find that perfect little something just waiting to be the finishing touch.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words.
    I have been keeping busy with the computer as I said but I have been reading The Art of Healing Heartbeats per your recommendation.
    Enjoying every minute of it.

  16. I am so glad you are enjoying that book.True love,caring love.Susan...I am grateful for my quiet times now..never realized how too busy I was 3 yes ag:-)
    Starting small Christmas things''more bits and pieces:-)
    Thanks for your kind comments,they are so far from perfect these little bags:-)