Friday, October 3, 2014

Zucchini Blossoms~ Love them....Sunflowers too♥

I have to say..figs are pretty amazing on pizzas too..

We are avid home made pizza fans here and eat all kinds regularly..
A cinch to make and always different!
I must admit I buy the blossoms because they speak to me..
At the market.... Jean-Talon..I think we happened upon the nicest girl..have to tell you..Jacques must have mentioned 5 times how pretty and nice she was..
And she was..girl next door Ivory soap pretty..
And so helpful.. she sold us these in FULL bloom..and told us they would close on our way home..she didn't sell us the ones lined up..she went into a cooler and took out female blossoms..and made sure I had small zucchinis at the end for my pizzas,
I ♥ her.
On that one  pizza...I put garlic scapes too..
On the fig one..I had pesto(home made) instead of a tomato sauce..
We loved both.
I do encourage you to try making your own pizzas at home..
There's nothing like it..

I love all the small finishing touches..

From a simple Pizza a BBQ chicken figs or zucchini blossoms..eggplant..roasted red pepper..
They all taste sooo good made @home.~
Give it a try..
All my dough is made in the bread machine..find a recipe you like..dough cycle..then shape..bake on stones..bottom of the oven at 500F pre-heated for 30 minutes..bake for ap 8 minutes..perfect crust perfect tops.
If you want the top a bit more in the zucchini blossom one..broil at the end unti it achieves this colr.
You will have a perfect crust w/ this method..
The dough I have been using lately is this one..I've shared it before..when I made her Chicken BBQ Pizza that I love..
So Saturday it's supposed to rain..
Great day to make pizza!

As for tomorrow..I'll continue in preparing for winter mode..
2 garden beds have been put to sleep.. with A LOT of invasives shovel pruned..(so do when the roots are like cement..)..
Many more to go..
Next year will be a challenge.. I have ripped out so much..But I feel like starting certain spots fresh.
Maybe more annuals..
And my winter tires are on my little wee car already..It's a zoo later in the year at my garage....more zoo than  even today..
Checklist is getting done..

Bon Weekend~


  1. your homamade pizzas look delicious, you make it sound fun and easy, and figs on pizza, how yummy. It sounds like you are getting a lot done for winter, its nice to be able to check things off the to do list :) Hope you have a very enjoyable weekend, is it fall colors already where you are?

    1. It's getting there..not peak yet on my street..just in the neighbouring town it is..but almost there:)
      The views..the homes..the streets..everything takes on such a colorful look.
      Jenni..I had a few art classes with helmut gone..he said Autumn was an artists peak time to paint:) He found summer monochromatic..winter too..summer he seemed to prefer painting water and boats etc..but fall?
      He loved the trees.
      I'll never forget a field trip we had painting plein air at Morgan Arboretum with him..His little dog was always with him..
      so sweet..

    2. ohh I'd love to hear more about your painting field trip ;)

  2. Another beautiful blog post, Monique! Now you have me ready for homemade pizza! We love it, too!

    1. I bet the spiralizer could add some things for us..thinking cap..

  3. I just love the way you write, the way you share. Your baking is out of this world! and I'm convinced your the worlds best photographer. I have to hold back from eating a lot of breads but those pizzas are to die for! I threw away or got rid of my baking stone a few years back, before my love for baking/cooking :( I regret it now. I have favorite florist I've been going to at our Farmer's Market and she too is so kind and sweet and gives me the best flowers out of the bunch with the lowest price - what a doll! Have a great weekend you talented lady!! :)

    1. By the! snow tires already?? Since our move to Michigan, we are also encouraged to get snow tires but have yet to do so

    2. We have until it's a law..
      I wonder if it is in Michigan? cause you WILL have SNOW:)
      It is so nice to have fave people who are so nice to us:)
      You're the best wood craftswoman..!
      Circular saw and all:)

  4. What a beautiful sunny post Monique! I love it! From beginning to end. I have never seen such beautiful squash blossoms. What a dear girl Jean is to be so helpful and interested in what you are/want to cook. How simply wonderful! Your pizzas look just gorgeous! I will try your crust recipe. It looks perfect. I have never thought of having figs on a pizza, but it sounds pretty special, especially now when they are ripe and ready for the eating. Thanks for the idea Monique! I wish for you a beautiful weekend! xxoo

    PS - Good for you having your snow tires on already. We don't have snow tires over here. I think we are pretty lucky in we get snow so infrequently that when we do get it, it disappears pretty quickly! xxoo

    1. It's a law here.. happy i found a new place much closer for next year..oh the small things:)
      I think anything we like can go on a pizza..
      Can't wait to see what you come up with..
      The girl really was so nice.:)

  5. big pizza lovers here too ~ we make ours from scratch and like you, will often switch up pesto for tomato sauce.
    smart thinking about getting the winter tires on ... my son is a mechanic (who looks after his mum's car) :-) and you are right ... it is a zoo if you leave it too late !
    have a wonderful weekend xo

    1. I would love to have a mechanic son..:) and a few other professions:)
      Jacques used to change my tires..but these are trickier.. ..they are harder for some reason.
      I like that it gives him a break in doing it for me..But a son..I would love..maybe one of our grandsons in the future:)
      I hope they like yardwork later too:)

  6. Mon those pizzas are works of art! I would be happy to go into a resto and buy one of them! Gorgeous! Love the light in your kitchen window! We are not as far ahead colorwise as you are...
    But the leaves are starting to fall and the colors are changing everyday more and more. I did not see one squash blossom this summer at the are so lucky!
    Bisous xoxoxoxoxo

    1. It's snowing leaves as I type to you!~and the air is changing..such beautiful afternoons the last few.

  7. Such yummy pizzas. I love your toppings. I can't believe you got garlic scapes and zucchini blossoms at this time of year. Must be a great farmers market! I made your maple muffins yesterday (the ones you shared on Canada Day). We will be doing trail turkey day with friends and family (don't ask why but it is a tradition here) and celebrating my sister's birthday. Also making Kim's Apple pie in a bag. I am so glad to have these recipes. I can't say I am getting my garden put to bed yet but this week I think I must. Bon weekend Monique!

    1. I got the scapes and blossoms a couple of weeks ago I think..not this week..
      But if you can believe we were able to get more figs today..
      Such a great year for figs in our stores it seems..
      have a lovely TT celebration..our TG is next weekend..My daughter and son-in law and Noah are hosting:)
      I am in charge of dessert..Caro..a side and an to do this way:)

    2. I agree, it makes it easier. Enjoy you TG day.

  8. Monique, those pizzas look divine. I admit I've never had a squash blossom, but next year will pluck a few from the garden. Never thought about putting them on a pizza. Have you been watching the Outlander series? It is good.

    1. I never even knew there was a series The Outlander..wonder if it is on demand? Will look..if you say it is good..

      Watching The Knick.(Do you watch it? very good). Madam Secretary..Parenthood.. The Paradise..Every night 8- 9.30 tv time.

  9. Your homemade pizzas are so pretty, Homemade is definitely better. I don't think I've ever seen zucchini blossoms for sale any where except Provence. How nice that they are available in your area and someone takes the time to find the females for you. Our temperature is supposed to drop down into the thirties tomorrow night. We just planted our winter pansies and it's time for us to get out of here before the cold weather sets in. I never want to be cold ever ever again..

    1. We're still having a touch of Indian Summer..the afternoons have been gorgeous..
      Early for you no?

      I wonder why there would not be blossoms near you?
      Will Google the you know what zone you are in Sam?

  10. Ohlala, ces pizzas... J'en salive !
    Et les fleurs de courgettes, j'aime tellement ça ;)

    Bon weekend ~

  11. What a great post! Now I am really hungry... Your homemade pizza looks delicious... Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Gail.. if you look a bit friend Susan at savoring time in the kitchen is featuring a book I think you need:)
      Savoring The Hamptons:)

  12. Your sunflower photographs are gorgeous. I can't think of snow yet. You are so wise xo

  13. Crystal clear gorgeous images, Monique. Oh, for a slice of that pizza. Always, always a treat to visit your table. '-)

  14. I love zucchini blossoms. They really are delicious.
    This is a beautiful pie. ~ Catherine

    1. Thank you..You have a lovely blog Catherine..

  15. As always, your photos are a feast for the eyes.

    Ohhh, real pizza crust! -moan- Having to eat Gluten Free, this is another place, where the G/F version just doesn't come up to the real version. -pout-

    Oh well... :-)))))

    Happy October,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  16. Espectacular. Que preciosidad y que buenísimo tiene que estar.

  17. Your homemade pizza has inspired me, Monique! We don't eat pizza all that often and when we do it's always carry-out from our favorite local place on a night when we don't have time to prepare anything ourselves. Then, we always over eat. I need to give it a try and make little ones to pace ourselves :) My zucchini planted in a large container experiment didn't go very well this year so I didn't have enough lovely blossoms to spare. I love the ones with the baby zukes on the end :)

    I haven't done much outside but I need to soon! Sadly, my shoveling foot is the one with PF :( I really need some shovel-pruning too.

    Beautiful sunflower photo! It looks like a beautiful lady wearing a hat!

  18. It's so unfortunate..and humbling:( when a hand..a not cooperating..that's when we see the difference..
    I can't wait for your discomfort to be a thing of the past as it will be sooner than later..History proves it:)
    If you can believe it..J and I each eat 1 pizza respectively..
    I make half that dough recipe in the machine and form 2 pizzas w/ it.. stretch and stretch..
    It was a matter of survival for me:)
    J used to make the pizzas..and sort of lost interest..I picked up..
    in 40 plus yrs of marriage..I think we have ordered food twice:)
    And take out?
    Does Costco chicken count?
    It has been a few yrs that shovel pruning has been necessary and we finally did it..mostly roses..many..and some very invasive bushes..SNOWBERRIES... NEVER again.
    And some yellow tall daisies..the name escapes me..and goosenecks..etc etc..
    They are done now our sunflowers:(

  19. I've been away tooo long. fortunately I get to revel in your posts by email, isn't that great! all through summer, I followed your delicious and beautiful posts, feeling the joy you feel. And here again, in the cold of our October Sunday, I revel in the joy of your bright sunflowers and these delicious pizzas. You still have courgette flowers? I only have butternut flowers and aubergine and red pepper...whether they will produce fruit, is doubtful. Our weather has turned cold and wet.
    And I love your selfie in the sidebar..such a ravishing woman you are!

    1. The cougette flowers w/ attached courgettes were y a 2 semaines?
      Ce n'est qu'une bonne photo..Vraiment.

  20. May I mentioned 5 times how pretty and nice your posts are?
    They always make me feel better ;))

  21. As yours do for me..Except I always wish I had your sense of adventure !

  22. Fabulous pizzas! They are really perfect and look ver so mouthwatering.



  23. Oh my!!!!!!! More vivid vibrant beauty!!!!!