Monday, August 6, 2012

Of Plums and Hydrangeas and Donna Hay~

It's hydrangea season here ..:) I love all kinds of hydrangeas..Plums also seem to be very plentiful~
My friend gave me a Donna Hay   Marie Claire cookbook and small individual plum cakes caught my fancy~

Perfect single serving sweet tooth craving fixes~

I have to admit..I added too much batter..I halved the recipe..and filled my two little bowls..But I should have added less.As in Donna Hay's photos 1/3 of the little plum stuck out so photogenically..Alas..Mine seem to be camera shy:)
Now I know..They are delicious..easy and prepared in no time!

If you have almonds..flour..sugar..  eggs..vanilla or almond extract(I was adventurous and used almond extract)..and plums..You are good to go~In a blink of an eye~

La Recette~
125 grams softened butter
125grams granulated sugar..(I used icing sugar:)
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
150 grams finely ground(to a powder) almonds
45 grams plain flour
 4 pitted plums.

Preheat oven to 200C~
Blend butter,sugar,
add eggs and vanilla then dry ingredients..
Place one  pittedplum in each small recipient and pour batter around it..
Bake for ap 20 mins.



  1. These plum cakes look delicious. I love their presentation and your pics!

  2. What a treat to start my day....
    thank you Monique.
    Your little cakes look like something to bake in this cold weather we are having!
    Love Shel

  3. Two of my favorite things! A delicious plum dessert and pretty flowers.



  4. Our Hydrangea are looking beautiful at the moment. I love Donna Hay recipes. They are always so fresh and delicious. I made some rhubarb puddings yesterday from one of her recipes, very similar to this lovely looking plum one. I have plums in the house too!! Looks like a plan! xxoo

  5. Monique, I think you are our Donna Hay. Charming as always. Our hydrangeas are almost gone and the ones that are hanging on are happily drying on the bush.

  6. I was happy with how easy and good these were so I knew you should know also..She is wonderful~
    Marie we were doing things along the same line so many miles away!
    Have a great day..the humidity is less this morning..but not chilly like you Shel~Hope it warms up for you.

  7. Oh Monique, your photos are always so beautiful. It's such a treat to come by to visit.

  8. Just the other day I downloaded some issues of Donna's magazine onto my ipad, and I've been mesmerized ever since. Your photos are just as gorgeous, and the plum plus almond combination is one of my favorites!

  9. Oh I think I love her also:) I made a quick little HD today from one of her recipes..and they are good..I will share soon.

    Sue..I love that combo too:)

  10. Precious little bites of sweetness! They sound heavenly and look divine!

  11. I love Donna Hay, but you just know they fix those photos! Nothing turns out that perfectly. I love the way yours look, Monique.
    I marked about 5 things in the latest issue. Can't wait to try them

  12. Thanks Barbara!! I'll still try again..:)they were so cute..but that's reassuring!

  13. Oooh Madame :) what a treat!
    Thanks for your sweet comment about my roses, and I think you are quite right- if they're drafts, my posts don't show up in Google Reader! Thanks a bunch, Monique!

  14. What a simple and wholesome recipe, that looks so delightful. Even though plums are not my favorite, I'm sure their taste in this recipe would be lovely.

  15. They are not my favorite either Maureen:) Nor peaches..:) Jacques just loves everything..He's the dessert eater..I'll make it if it looks pretty:) That's my pleasure..Indulging in his sweet tooth..and baking.
    I made your others Monica:) Looking froward to trying your new ones..

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  17. these plum cakes look delicious as well as beautiful...but then..Moniques' hand makes it all beautiful...
    And those hydrangeas...mine turn pink even with all the treatments etc...our water is very calcaire too..I wish I had this white for the wedding...

  18. Love your little plum cakes in the sweet little baking bowls. This dessert reminds me of a dessert I had in Bavaria...delicious.

  19. My hydrangeas have been going strong for a while now. It was a very interesting year with two bushes blooming that hardly ever bloom. Must have been the mild winter we had.

    Lovely little cakes! I love almond flour or ground almonds in cakes. So delectable!

  20. love your little plum cakes in the sweet little baking bowls! Good job.