Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Of Scones and Anemones~

Years and years ago..we went to the Sandbanks area..So so pretty..Visited the Sandbanks..famous little sites..Picton.. Bloomfield..The Waring House Inn..we even considered moving there for one breath of one moment~
We stayed at a cozy little B &;B...The Cornelius White House .and the innkeeper shared her scone recipe w/ me at that time..I use it regularly..but w/ all the Noah Blueberries I have..I made them w/ the addition of Blueberries~instead of raisins..So hot and humid this past Sunday   A.M..I went a little quickly and shaped more flatly:)they rose less..but still delish~
So good..A treat before church this Sunday~

Our Anemones are blooming beautifully albeit a bit bent over due to heavy heavy rains(at last!)~
Did I tell you? Anemones are one of my all time favorite plants in a garden..especially now~
They require no attention whatsoever once they have taken..And grace you with their beauty until September~ Bees LOVE them..and  so do I:)~

La Recette~
Courstesy  of The Cornelius White House ~ AP  1999~

Lemon Yogurt Scones~

2 Cups Flour
 2 tbsps sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup butter
1 cup plain yogurt
1 tsp lemon rind
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup raisins
Combine dry Ings..cut in butter and add yogurt..lemon juice,rind and raisins..(see my notes)
Stir until moistened
Form into ball..Cut to size..

Bake at 425 F for 12-14 mins..

My notes..  because of my morning trip to the blueberry farm w/ Noah and his mommy..I replaced  the raisins for fresh blueberries..and added a tad more than the recommended 1/2~cup~

They are also..pretty in pink delicious~
It was my first B &; B experience and I loved every minute of it..
I think we need to B &;B again~


  1. I must try this. I eat lemon yogurt with blueberries many morning. This will be an extra special treat. We've house guest arriving end of the month. This will be perfect to have on hand. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yummy scones. Lovely photo! What a coincidence, I was planning to make Lemon Yogurt Scones tomorrow morning for breakfast! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gosh, so inspiring! You cannot imagine how much ;)

  4. Beautiful food for the eyes and soul here today Monique! Love Anemones too . . . and yours are spectacular. Loving the scones too. We've been blessed with some gloriously sunny weather this week, so are drinking it in for all that it's worth! Love and hugs! xxoo

  5. Lovely! Anemones are such ethereally beautiful flowers. The scones look delicious and your photographs of all are wonderful.


  6. Good morning..Oh anemones are like a star in the garden..you said it best Bonnie..their beauty is ethereal..they can be invasive..or not return at all.
    With the Japanese Anemone..I will endure the invasive with joy:)
    Sarah..your pound cake is next..still have blueberries..Thank you!.I thought it was kind of the innkeeper to share..some don't:)Trade secrets I guess.

    Veronica..I find that can happen:) Coincidencs,,of a nice kind..
    Monica..if I have inspired you..well I am honored:)

  7. I remember Picton well and the Sandbanks Provincial park. When I was in Ontario last summer it was on my list of places to go but you can't pile all of your dreams into one week. As for the scones I do love lemon and scones are a favourite...as are blueberries.

  8. Such lovely looking scones. Glad you made use of those blueberries. Your anemones are dreamy. I think I will attempt to grow them next season, and if they are successful, I will refer to them as "Monique's bouquet." After all, they are one of your favorite flowers! ;)

  9. I just looove your blog, so fresh, elegant and girly! Awesome ;) Good evening :)

  10. You are right you cannot pile all your dreams in one week:) If you could I would and half my destinations would be accounted for..:)

    Maureen..The love you have for your gardens..and your childhood gardens..warms my heart:)
    Thank you Riri-Cuisine~Off to peek:)

  11. I really like scones, it's delicious.

  12. Somehow, I lost all of my anemones :( I miss my beautiful white one with the French name that I forget right now. I'll have to plant another one.

    Delicious lemon scones!

  13. Honorine Jobert Susan?

    All my whites disappeared..my pale pinks are my true blues:) Try again w/Pinks..x

  14. Perfect scones! Yum!!

    Like many other of your posts, you struck a chord with me, Mme. Magical ~ I discovered my love for Anemones from my French grandfather, in SF when I was very young ~ Anemones and Ranunculus, they always remind me . . .

    Thank you for the recipe and for tapping into the happy memories. xo

  15. A gorgeous post! Your scones look beautiful and so tempting. Pretty flowers too.

    Have a great weekend.



  16. B & B's are such fun and usually full of charm and yummy breakfasts! Muffins, scones and sweet bread recipes abound. You were fortunate they shared, Monique. It's a lovely recipe. I only make them when company is coming because I'd eat the entire batch myself!

  17. I love the pale anemones... they are so lovely. Often in the flower market you see their more vibrant cousins in red and purple but these are much lovelier. Gorgeous photos!!

  18. Just starting to catch with all your beautiful posts. I must try planting anemones in my garden...I would love something that would bloom into September and look so lovely.