Friday, August 24, 2012

Soul Food #135~ Beauty~

I was taken aback when I shot my Anemones from the back with a high exposure~
I had loved them from the front for their unparalleled beauty~
I never thought to observe them from behind..
That is one of the  things  I love about photography..
You discover beauty in different ways~
I must admit to finding the same with people.

Some of the prettiest..have become less..
Some of the more flamboyant..have become less..  and dulled..
Some of the more interesting w /stories..have become less because of their gossip content~
Sometimes through fault of their own..
Sometimes not..
But more often that not..the truly beautiful people..have brought a tear to my eye their kindness..or humility..or generosity..or illness..or courage..or strength..or gentleness..

Even  their Joie De Vivre!

I being biased when it comes to those I love:)
As they are me.. because I love them..
And I love them..because they are beautiful to me:)

Those are the ones that glimmer  of beauty in my mind~The kind that stays~

I have sometimes had to look from behind..without the artifice of the front:)

It's easy actually..there is a genuine quality that shines about a glow of true.

What is that saying? About.....Through thick and thin?

Any thoughts?
Bon Weekend~


  1. I think both is true Monique. We love them because they are beautiful and they are beautiful because we love them. Doesn't make a bit of sense unless you love someone. Then you know for sure it's true.

    I met a very handsome man once and as I got to know him, he became less so because he wasn't as handsome on the inside as he was on the out. Life is full of riddles.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Well said! It can be hard to look from behind. Sometimes you find great beauty and sometimes not.


  3. As we mature, the world is seen in a softer light. I find life is now so much more meaningful, deeper. Love for others, more soulful...especially with my loved ones and those of whom I can relate to...which is many. :)I so enjoyed your words today, and the meaning "behind" them. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  4. I wanted to comment too but the lady above has said it all:)) I second her...
    Happy Sunday to you
    Shel xx

  5. Oh Monique, such a beautiful photo, but even more so because of your beautiful words and thoughts that you have shared with us. I have often found that it is the seemingly not attractive people that have the most to share with the world, and that are the most fascinating, most interesting and . . . yes . . . most beautiful. It is the spirit and depth of what we carry inside of us that makes us truly beautiful and if we have taken the time and care to develop that . . . our true beauty cannot help but shine through and touch all of those in our sphere. This is what you do with your photos and words each time you post. I have never seen you, but you are beautiful to me, because your soul tells me so.Happy Sunday! xxoo

  6. To Marie....She is both in and out!

  7. Oh so true! Beautiful comes from the soul. You have captured so much in your photo art, one of my favs of your great collection.
    Have a wonderful week, friend.

  8. Isn't it odd that in photography we can see another level of beauty. Beauty truly comes from within. Joni