Friday, August 17, 2012

Soul Food #134+Bon Weekend+Sarah's Sweet Input~

Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness~ C Bronte~

I thought this quote so appropriate for my Soul Food of today~As it encomapasses edible delicious food also~
A few posts ago..I shared my morning w/ Noah and his mommy blueberry picking..
Sarah   from    Hyacinths for the Soul~wrote to me and shared a recipe:)  I find that so nice..someone reads about   "Une Aventure" you had and writes to share:)
Could I resist ? No..absolutely not..

Her kind email led to a nice day baking..It wasn't even a pretty day!  But Sarah made it pretty..
I took out favorite molds..  a favorite old tole tray..a very favorite heart mold from a very special young fairy tiny heritage Bundt cake silicone mold  ~very special measuring cups from Di~And Sarah's Blueberry pound
cake recipe~

La Recette~

Blueberry Pound Cake~

2 cups AP flour(plus 1 later on)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups sugar
2 sticks softened butter
4 eggs room temp
1 tsp vanilla
1 pint blueberries
and the aforementioned 1 cup blueberries:)

Preheat oven to 325F.
Sift the first 2 cups of flour w/ bp and salt..
Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy
Add eggs one at a time until fluffy.
Add vanilla..
Add flour mixture..
And beat until smooth..

Mix the blueberries w/ the reserved cup of flour~
Add to batter..
Spoon the batter into a buttered and floured tube pan and bake ap 1 1/4 hrs..until golden..
Cool in pan 10mins..then on wire rack~

My Notes:)

I added 1 tbsp of sour cream:) Because I always do to cakes..pound cakes..etc..
I added the rind of 1 lemon when I beat the butter and sugar~
I added 1 tbsp of edible dried lavender blooms..
I put the cake batter in 2 smaller buttered and floured molds..
And baked in a 300 degree convection oven for ap 1 hr.

When cooled I added a lemon juice/icing sugar/lavender blossoms glaze..and a pesticide free blue pansy as the pearl necklace..
I saved the Mini Heritage  Bundt pan one for later..

Sarah..that was so nice of you..

Bon Weekend~

To me this was  a gracious Random Act Of Kindness..from one blogger to another:)

And from one daughter to a mom:)

One of my daughters went to NYC..she knew I would appreciate this:)It's true what they say..It does cut very well:)
Actually both daughters went to NYC..recently and both brought back heartfelt treasures:)

The silicone Heritage style ..but smaller version came in a kit..

It's just great..


  1. Blueberries are readily available here in Washington. This would be the perfect treat! Love your collage..

  2. Oh, Monique, these cakes are some of the prettiest I've seen, and I know that they are delicious! ;-)
    What a beautiful post full of glorious images and gracious, thoughtful words. I so appreciate your friendship across the miles.........Bon Weekend to you......Sarah

  3. Yum! There have been so many wonderful blueberry recipes in the blogoshere this week. I want to make each and every one!

  4. Monique, such pretty little cakes, but even better the love shared from one friend to another. That is one of the best kinds, worth only slightly less than "daughter love", which is of course . . . one of the best kinds of all! Have a fabulous Saturday. May the sun shine upon your soul wherever you go, and whatever you may do. xxoo

  5. I bet you are fun to shop for Monique. How lucky to have daughters who love and pamper their mom.

    Love that you've added lemon rind. What did we do before we discovered the rind was delicious? I use it in a lot of things now. Happy weekend!

  6. Beautiful mosaic and I adore the cakes. Your molds are divine, Monique, daughter are such gems, aren't they? They always seem to know what we love best. (THEM!)

  7. Sarah.. I am glad you like :) Thanks everyone.. again..Bon Weekend..It's really so nice to be able to learn so much through all of you~

  8. Blueberries are still my favourite so don't be surprised if this shows up in my kitchen soon.

  9. That was so nice of Sarah and the recipe does sound wonderful and one I would love to try. I really like the sound of your additions too - especially the lemon zest.

    I agree about the weather and the light changing already. The evenings feel more damp and I am hearing crickets rather than the cicada.

  10. Oh this looks delicious!!! I'm so envious of your lovely molds :)

  11. The heart mold is is dear..the heritage pan is mall and silicone and came with 4 mini cupcake offspring..
    It came w a cookbook ..the boxed set is called:L'atelier gâteaux..I am going to try and add the photo to the bottom of the post..Perhaps you can find it online..Thank you..

  12. Très jolis gâteaux et superbe moule. Bisous très, très chauds ici, 42°C en plein après midi.

  13. Such pretty cake molds. Why is it that I always see your food posts when I'm starving? It's torture I tell you. ;)
    Pound cake was my grandfather's favorite type of cake. He often baked it...out of a box! I'm sitting here thinking how delighted he would be tasting yours.

  14. Okay, may I please have my breath back now??!

    All of your posts, (and especially this one) are exceptionally breathtaking!!

    Sarah is a sweetie ~ so like you to take a recipe and SOAR with it. Merci, merci, merci for the eye-candy!!


  15. I am going to try this recipe:))
    except my darling Wes who loves blueberries is not here..
    will have to practise til I see him at Christmas xx