Friday, August 31, 2012

Soul Food #136~Flashback ~Toy Memories..and a bonus recipe~

It's a long weekend~  Have a lovely one!

We ate dinner at our friend's home Sunday night..  a wonderful dinner.. and    while there..they offered us 2 comic books from their son's(now a daddy himself in his late 30's)comic book collections..
She has kept drawers full..and even in sealed bags.. limited editions..she is saving all..all perfectly put away..for their now 2 yr old little grandson..
After a delicious meal:)  Delicious meal.. they  went  and got out some of the things they have held onto.
Impeccably taken care of:)

I, and my husband had so much fun admiring everything.. we had little girls.. these are mostly boy toys..(Not the record player etc..)
I love the Mickey Mouse record player with his arm:) and the See Read Hear books.. All were so charming..
These are just a few of the things they brought upstairs.Their little 2 yr old grandson..just got a big boy bed..and their son's Star Wars sheets are on it:)
Seeing all that was Soul Food to us..All their cherished son's treasured toys..soon to be for Michael~


You can tell Jacques did not enjoy this at all:)These toys..automatically bring a little boy/girl smile to one's lips~

As promised here was one of the courses of their meal  which we enjoyed so much~
They  made these Tomato Zucchini Verrines/ w/ Mascarpone and Prosciutto Chips~

They were gleaned from La Tartine Gourmande~

You can go here for the recipe~
They are so good..and because of the colors we all agreed..they would be wonderful at Christmas also..They were so patient..I brought 2 outside in sweltering heat to take a pic:)  Imagine a hostess going for that!
Try will not be disappointed~

Again..Bon Weekend..and I hope you enjoy this step back in time..Really..Back To the Future:)


  1. Lovely...and I agree, perfect for the holidays. What a wonderful hostess to indulge the picture taking!!

    I too have saved special things for grandchildren. I just packed up a few baby items to take to my daughter, Alison, for Sabine!

  2. Is your new grandaughter's name Sabine? Love it:) Alison too..But I had a friend in primary school..Sabine:)

  3. Love the record player! I had something similar!

  4. When I was a teen, I had saved all of my Barbie things that I had hoped to pass onto a daughter one day. Imagine my distress when I returned from a weekend away only to discover that my brother and sister had sold them at a yard sale. :-( I was very heart broken. Along with them went a tiny quilt my grandmother had made for me for my dolls. That recipe looks fabulous as do the toys . . . but you knew that. I am now dreaming of a little girl named Sabine. What a beautiful name. How very sweet and unsual. xxoo

  5. Oh so YUM and oh so fun. A little walk down memory lane. Enjoy your long weekend, hopefully with family, friends and food.

  6. did I say I LOVE your new banner!!?

  7. I am glad you like it Carol..such a compliment coming from you..

    I think..I feel like hanging onto it..but may change for fall:)Who knows..
    Kelley..loved your angels today..

    Marie I think I gave most of Barbies to Sofia Soulis when I was 16-17.. she was a little neighbor on our street..but I did save a few that my girls got..I loved my blonde Barbie w/ the oh so curly bangs and ponytail..I used to stick pins in her head to make buns..Her red flare coat ..velvetine..with a bow at her neck..I was so lucky..I had the Fashion Show too..I think Sofia Soulis got that also..Come to think of it..Sofia was lucky:)

    I am sorry yours were sold:(

  8. Yes, my granddaughter's name is Sabine Frances. It is a lovely name...of course, I am a bit biased!

  9. I wish you could share a photo of Sabine on your blog..with name like that..she has to be special:)

  10. The tomato zucchini verrines are beautiful Monique and what a pretty presentation. How lovely that she was gracious about a picture.

    When you mentioned comic books, my sister is still upset with my mother fifty years later who threw away her comic books. How nice that they are saving things for their grandson. I bet he feels like a grown-up with his big boy bed.

  11. That's a long time to keep upset:)Poor her!

    I bet he feels like that too..he's just returned from Italy..and speaking an earful of Italian..:)

    Bon Dimanche:)

  12. Such a beautiful assortment of foods and colors~I think this recipe will travel with me to Italy to prepare for my guests in one of our food sessions coming up!

  13. Joli et délicieux. Une jolie interprétation comme je les aime. Bises

  14. Haha! SO many times I've thought how silly we bloggers must look taking pictures of things...I'm glad you did!
    My dad was a toy collector.