Thursday, October 18, 2012

La Vie En Rose~Trop cute~

I fell for these when I saw them on the internet..

Little sablés ..but different from my other  I did here..or the ones that you can change the name..  like we did with the Brigitte Cookie cutter..or the Williams Sonoma ones~or the HOME MADE ones:)

This one..comes in a small adorable package.. with the stamp(tampon)..and a mini cookbook for what they say are "La Vraie Recette De Sablés~"

2 days after (Français),had delivered it to my door with my 2013 Mary Engelbreight Calendar~
Top quality..Hachette/Marabout 2012.
Un coup de ♥ for me..

Above..the first recipe sitting on our friend's foto of the Eiffel tower:)are 3 of the Pink ones I made..they were supposed to have lemon curd sandwiched in between..but we just wanted sablés~

They are good.. 
I made 1/3 of the recipe..and I could have used far less red coloring..but they looked so rose bonbon..I decided they would work..

very good with a cup of Gunpowder Green Tea~

We are hooked on green tea in the AM..
A cup of Nespresso at our daughter's in the afternoon w/ the rich equally as good..if not better:)

So here is the recipe I used from the wee book that comes with the stamp:

La Recette~

Sablés Roses~

200g flour
170 g almond flour
250g butter
120 g sugar
3 egg yolks
8 drops of red coloring
1  cuillère à café of baking powder(I use tsp as the equivalence..but you will find many definitions:)
1 pinch of salt..

Mix all the dry ingredients..then add the butter(chopped) and rub with your fingers combine all..quickly add the yolks and red coloring..combine until you form a supple dough..
Roll dough out between parchment paper  to 3-4 mm thickness..
Refrigerate at least 1 hr..

Preheat oven to 180 Celcius..'s what I did..I pressed my tampon(well floured..never greased)..into the   very chilled dough....then cut around w/ a round cookie cutter the size ..more   here..of the tampon:)..then chilled again..before baking for 10-13 mins..they crisp up after baking:)

There are 5 little recipes in the mini book..
I am sure I will make all 5..and more that I can find on the net..
the 1/3 recipe made at least 10~

Love these little "trucs"  as we say..


  1. Delicious looking and charming as well!! What a lovely accompaniment to a cup of green tea. I'm wondering if this is available in the U.S. and am off to check.


  2. You are a little devil! I am addicted to those stamps and you keep finding them!
    They are so pretty and so perfect! I have not had luck yet...i think I should try this recipe!
    I also get the very same calendar...every year! Usually the boys buy it for me for the holidays!
    L xo

  3. Love those cookies !!!...happy

  4. Gorgeous little cookies! Love the Eiffel Tower pic.
    Bon weekend!

  5. These are way cool. You make the most enchanting things Monique.

  6. It's Amazon:) and Marabout..
    They have such fun things..It's like getting new crayons.
    I am grateful I have Jacques that smiles at everything ..well except when I buy something small and he says.. what does it do?

    Nothing's just cute.
    If it turns out to be edible..he doesn't ask..just enjoys.:)
    Linda..are you having no luck w/ the recipes Cold dough..floured press..then chill before baking hold the shapes of the letters etc..
    I am sure you can master these!

  7. I love these! These are cookies right! Would love to have those stamps with the Eiffel tower.

  8. Trop cute and trop you! They are adorable sound perfect with tea (and maybe a tune on the piano :)

  9. :) Susan..Derek played on that piano:)

    I think of him so often in the garden..I am sure you do also!

  10. They look really sohpisticated! Yum.

  11. Leave it to you, Monique, to find something like this. You know how much I love Paris.

  12. I do know Cathy:-) You have shown me your beautiful Paris:-)

  13. What adorable Sablés, Monique! You always find the cleverest things. Love anything daughter lived there for 7 years and I visited a month every year. Heaven.

  14. So fortunate Barbara:-) One day we hope to go:-)

  15. What a lovely post! I just love the stamps. Have visited Paris twice and wish to go back. At once!!!! Like your scallops-recipe and have copied it. The muffins also seem so mouthwatering. Your grandchildren are so sweet and handsome all of them. Like what you have done with your fall-photos, the diffuse shimmering colours and light in them. What programme have you used? Have a nice week.

  16. Trop mignon and so YOU!!
    I always wonder exactly what
    Un coup de ♥

  17. Un coup de a spontaneous affair of the heart..that's my translation:)Coup de love at first a thunderbolt..

    It's sort of the same:)

    Have to have it.. or it creates a very special ambiance(like going to a play and loving it..or a movie..or a can say coup de ♥:)
    You can even find these beets at Walmart nice cello see through bags with holes:)
    Bonjour Ingmarie..the ones that have a special effect is the collage with the Halloween decorations found at my daughters'?
    It is a Photoshop action found on the net as a free action..I think I used Midnight Black 3..and it can be found here..

  18. Monique you post the cutest things. I love all that you create! You make everything look so good. I love Sables. They are so buttery and crisp. Love your cookie stamp too. You are a culinary artist! LOVE YOU TOO! Just wanted to say. xxoo

  19. You discover the most amazing thing...the recipe sounds delicious (I am a lover of almond flour)!