Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Are you familiar with Ricardo?

He is my absolute favorite Food Network Personality.
I just love his show.And have made more things from his recipe magazines and shows than anyone else's:)
Could it be because of the quality of his 2 shows? Or the quality of his person?
His 2 shows..a daily local French TV show.. and a Nightime Food Network show..are both exquisitely photographed.. fun.. and informative.
He is a wonderful father..husband.. son..and friend from all that I see..
He is totally charming too..If ever you have the chance to see any of his offerings..I encourage you to do so.
First Class.

The most favorite cake I ever made.. was for my first grandson's baby shower..Lucas..(Lulu:) )..
It was a cabbage cake.. the leaves are made of white chocolate..
From La Table De Nana

A white cake is nestled in the leaves.. and the baby sits on top.. wrapped up in the leaves.. cozy as can be:)

This Christmas..I am certain to make his Mousse de Volaille..

From La Table De Nana

The recipe..is as follows..

Chicken Liver Mousse with Pear and Ginger Garnish

½ lb chicken livers ..trimmed
2 shallots ..chopped
2 tbsps unsalted butter
¼ cup white wine
1 tbsp cognac
2tsps sugar
½ tsp fresh oregano
¾ cup 35% cream,divided
S and P

1 firm but ripe pear in ¼ inch dice
2 tsps marmalade
2tsps lemon juice
a few fresh chopped chives..sliced on diagonal..

Shooter glasses..12 or 2 wine glasses like I did..

1.Melt the butter..brown liver and shallots …Season well..Deglaze with wine and cognac.
2.Reduce by half or until livers are pink in center..(I wait more)
3.Transfer the livers to a food processor..add sugar, oregano, and ¼ cup of cream..Puree until smooth smooth,,Push through a sieve(I did not)

Cover and refirigerate until chilled about 45 minutes.
In a bowl whip the remaining cream until soft peaks form..gently fold into pate.. adjust seasonings..

Plate up..and garninh..
The garnish..just mix all ings in a bowl..spoon on topJ
MY notes..I put 2 tbsps cognac..
I did not push trough a sieve and it was smooth.
I cooked my livers a little longer.

I have made it twice before and both times.. it was so well appreciated~

Here is a link to Ricardo's site..

You cannot.. not enjoy this talented ,nice young man~I hope you agree with me.


  1. I love that cake, but never had the nerve to try it!
    Too bad we can't get him here in the US, I don't think I have ever seen him...

  2. Monique - that cake is beautiful, how are the leaves made? I checked his site but didn't see that recipe. He is currently not our Food Network in the US - at least I have never seen him...and I would have remembered!! lol

  3. Barb..it is rue you would never forget him:) Not only is it visible that he is a handsome person.. he is charming and has kept his "accent"..

    You coat your krinkly cabbage leaves w/ the white chocolate.. it will harden..then you carefully peel the cabbage away.
    When I saw the photos in his magazine, I just knew I had to try since the timing for Lulu's arrival was so appropriate.
    The recipes in the magazine are usually from his daytime local morning show here.I never get to see it..maybe 5 episodes I have seen.. but I always buy his magazine.
    I hope he does get to you..

  4. Your cabbage cake is amazing and lovely. I just found your blog and can't wait to read more. Beautiful photos, too. Thanks.

  5. My favorite cake of yours M!

    And again thanks to you, I am happy to have come to know Ricardo. :) I wish we could subscribe to his magazine, here.

    Your mousse presentation is so attractive! I love the idea of adding the Cognac.


  6. That is my favorite cake of yours too! I have all the pictures and directions saved from when you posted them at gb's way back when for the future if I am lucky enough to become a grandma someday.

    We don't get Ricardo so I look forward to things you share that you have learned from him/his magazine! Is that where the hen cake is from too?

  7. gosh i thought i wrote this morn, i am so used to chatting with you in my mind i must have forgotten to post it! i love this cake because it was how it all began for you nana~ everything you touch is special, to be able to see through your eyes is a blessing for me~

  8. Magnifique! The cake was a work of art. Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to try one :) Ricardo is so cute!

  9. Monique, I had to search until I found this! Jain mentioned that you had blogged about it after you mentioned that you had made it.

    WOW! Those crinkly cabbage leaves make the most exquisitely white chocolate leaves. I have going to have to look for that. I love the little baby nestled inside. It makes my heart pitter patter since when my two oldest ones were little, they wanted "Cabbage Patch Kids". I am going to make this beautiful cake with the fanciful leaves if I can find it in our stores.
    Hugs and kisses. I have loved searching for this. I don't believe there is another blog that is as exquisite as yours. Each photo takes my breath away. You have such a gift for presentation and elegance. How I would love to meet the wonderful lady behind the blog someday!