Sunday, December 21, 2008

I love being a student at home~

It's been fun getting ready for Christmas..It's a lot at once..
But I really like the creativity of it also.It gives you an opportunity to try new recipes.. redo what you learned in the past year with new designs..

taught many of us how to handpaint sugar cookies.I was a focused student:) To say the least.They were just so beautiful her cookies I had to try.
I made some for friends during the year..and they appreciated them very much.
You can personalize etc..
My daughters are creative and artistic..
I hope they try these soon..
And they each have cookie cutters from Jain:)on top of their own.
I am sure they will blow me away when they start!

Yesterday afternoon I sat in the sunroom..listening to Christmas Carols on my favorite station....with the sun streaming in..handpainting a few..
It is so relaxing.

Of course I wish I had baked more sugar cookies..and had more cutters:)

But nevertheless every little cookie is a blank sugary canvas..

And so much fun to do..
A little Christmas Joy..for ourselves..Slows down the pace.. quiet..

A gift to ourselves..
Thanks Mary.It's a fun fun peaceful little pastime.

I know mine are humble beginnings:)compared to yours..

I would say I am a brave soul!


  1. You are so talented...your cookies take my breath away!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. They're all so pretty, M and your day sounds perfect to me. I think the trees are wonderful too. All very darling ;) I need remedial lessons.

  3. Linda..thanks for dropping by..I already printed recipes from your lovely blog..:)

    Susan..You are the artist!

    You could teach me things or 3:)

    Thanks though!

  4. M, your day sounds like pure heaven to me! I will have to recheck Jains blog and also Mari's..anxious to hear what your girls say.

  5. Barb..My girls have seen shower,birthdays..ever since Mary taught us!
    It was a nice sunny relaxing day!
    Thanks again!

  6. Mme. M. I've been trying to post a comment for the last couple of hours, with little success.

    I was curious to know what you were planning on making this Christmas. And, as always, I'm, once again, delighted.
    Those cookies are going to make Santa stop and wonder whether to eat them or frame them.
    So you better hide some for little L.

    Merry Christmas M.

  7. M, BEAU, not humble at all. You know I love everythng you do!

  8. M..A very Merry Christmas to you also!
    It's Réveillon here.Xmas eve.
    we will be 11. 5 small ones..6 big ones.. 1 dog too.:)
    We have tourtières,some chafing dish meatballs and little weiners(Children like the seetness),kielbasa platter, home made cretons,home made mousse de volaille,assorted cheese,grapes,I'm making a Panzanella this yr..and usually baked beans.. bread etc..
    the home made ketchup know..quite traditional fare.. even if I step out of the box with Italian Panzanella and the Kielbasa...:)

    Trays of small desserts etc..
    Beverages of course:)

    And the next morning the'll have waffles w/ pomegranates and mimosas and coffee..
    Then I don't eat for a few days.

    I hope you write on your gorgeous blog what you do!

    Jayne..bonjour to u:) Check your e-mail:)

  9. Monique, They are so beautiful!

    You are such a wonderful artist in everything you do, it's alays such a pleasure to see what you are going to dazzle us with next.

    Your blog is so enchanting, it's a delight to come spend some time in your world. ((hugs)) ~m.

  10. you know i LOVE this post like crazy! i was so busy chatting with you i forgot to come back and post... you are so talented, never the student, always the teacher to so many. your artists eyes and hands have taught us tenfold! prettiest cookies i ever did see!

  11. just read the menu, iwannacome! and your breakfast is fab!

  12. They are so very beautiful! I think you have mastered this skill! I want to learn too - maybe a "darling" valentine event?

  13. They are masterpieces, Monique! Beautiful, just beautiful!

    Your menu fantastic, your brunch, delightful! Merry, Merry Christmas, Monique, to you and your family! and how fun to be seeing it through the eyes of your grandchildren!

  14. M. Those are fantastic. I remember when Mary posted her cookies last year. Sure miss your contributions at GB.

  15. From one artist to another, well done! Gorgeous indeed!!

  16. Thanks everyone..
    Greg I'm just MIA till I get the hang of it and until I have gardens again.It's frightfully cold and I have a blank canvas right now..

  17. Finally, I can post again! The cookies are just so beau!
    You never cease to amaze me, Monique!