Sunday, December 14, 2008

Darling Bakers Dec13th~

I was lucky for this DB weekend..My dear childhood girlfriend Jojo and her husband were coming for dinner.
I wanted it festive..but not what I was going to do at Christmas..

A little birdie sent me some great napkins and napkins rings while I was in Florida..and these began to set the theme..
Thanks so much Kathleen..

It was so much fun to get the table set for our little foursome..

So the roosters and the poms may be a bit eclectic..but it worked for us.
I was so happy to chat about the friends I have met and.. really met.. with Jojo last night..
Of course with all these roosters going on.. you Darling Bakers probably know I opted fot the pot pies..

Noah was napping..perfect..cause my attention is definitely not on the preps when he's there.He's soo cute:)

I don't have a baked and decorated photo..I got caught up in my friends:)

They turn a lovely puffy golden brown..and you add a sprig of thyme or rosemary.
It hit the spot on this cold cold evening..

We started off with hors d'oeuvres.. I made baked cheese in a little covered cheese warming pot I have and topped it with Pom jelly..

I had made the cretons and added some Artisan Bread in 5 mins..

Have I told you how much I love that book? The recipes? The fun of having it on hand? I have to make more today.
I thank them for this great book.

I also made a fennel and clementine salad with pine nuts and poms:)

Dessert was a Hazelnut Bûche from Martha Stewart.It's so good.I like making these rolled log cakes..
The chocolate flower is made from a blog I saw.. she showed us how to use chocolate and corn syrup and make them..

I love the idea..and they are easy.A little pearl necklace for the proverbial black dress:)
The hazelnut filling has Nutella:)

It was cold enough last night to let my lantern keep being frozen outside until we ate..It was the centerpiece.
They are plastic lantern fill them with water..freeze..and unmold..there's a spot for a tea light inside..It illuminates so softly.. like an ice sculpture..

I had a great time last night.


  1. monique, where do i begin, you laid out an entire magazine spread in one post... i love kathleens napkins, so cute!

    and surprise, i am partial to your pom dishes too...

    and your perfect chickies...

    the jam is very oolala to me, did you love it? and you made way more then me! its wonderful on desserts...

    LOVE the xmas bread, i will copying instantly...

    the salad shot is dazzling, like jewels to my eyes~

    but dessert... oh yes send me that recipe, and can all thumbs like me make that rose? guide me please...

    the lantern...

    oh everything is magical and wonderful and brilliant! thank heavens you are my nbf or i could hate you because your beautiful inside and out!

  2. Monique, I could repeat everything Jain said... absolutely fabulous....EVERYTHING.

    I love the subtlety of you photos and the colors.

    But the hazelnut bûche with the chocolate flower is definitely a thing of beauty.

  3. Just a wonderful, wonderful post this is! You are the hostess with the mostess in my eyes...fifi & martha have nothing on you!

    I love it all, the food, the lantern the words - you have very lucky guests to be invited to your house.

    I'd love to know the link to the blog with the chocolate rose. It looks wonderful next to that spectactular cake.

  4. It's my pleasure to share this fun rose..

    It's finally an easy little thing we can do..She was so nice to share the technique..
    Thanks ,you are so generous w/ your comments:)


  5. Monique the magnifique! Fantastic post, Monique, and a fantastic evening! You pay attention to every detail, everything is just so perfect and even pot pies are elegant in your hands! Lovely evening, and a darling baker! The cake is stunning, bakery shop perfection! you are amazing, really!

  6. M, I loved reading about your evening... perfect, always. The yule log cake is very pretty. The salad colors pop. Love it all, M... you make your guests feel special... I KNOW you do!

  7. You are a grand hostess! Everything looks so good, and I am honored to have a small part in your evening with good friends!
    Beautiful post!