Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jamie Oliver's Christmas Mincemeat Tarts~

OOhhh..from the moment I saw Jamie's Christmas Special..I knew I had to try his mincemeat tarts.
Primarily because I thought they were a thing of beauty..
And Secundo..because I had never tried Mincemeat.:)

I am so glad I tried these..
They were not as easy for me.. as for he..
and I use Filo and Puff pastries regularly..
His Filo..must be so in "just made". usually bought frozen.sometimes fresh,if it's it was frozen.

I love everything about this recipe..
I was grateful to find President's Choice Mincemeat.
I really am not one for pre -packaged..canned etc..
Except for St-Hubert BBQ Sauce:)
And some Sweet Baby Ray's USA Rib sauces..:)

But Jamie recommended.. pre-made:)

So I used that and added dried cranberries,nuts,grated orange peel,etc..

Almonds and Icing Sugar sprinkled on top..

Slid them in the oven..
And lo and behold.. angels got wings~

I am really glad my first mincemeat tart recipe turned out to be so delicious.
Of course.. I knew it..It was Jamie's Recipe..No pepper in mine:)

Here is the recipe..

1 package bought puff pastry
8 sheets filo pastry
1 jar good fruit mincemeat(President's Choice..was very good)
Roasted Chestnuts..I used walnuts
Dried Cranberries
melted butter
Icing sugar..before and after baking
Sliced almonds.

Roll out puff pastry to about the size of a teatowel. Spread mincemeat all over. Chop chestnuts..or nuts and scatter over. Scatter on dried cranberries,orange peel.. Roll pastry from long edge into a tight roll. Cut roll into rounds about 3/4" thick.

Take a 12 hole muffin tin. Lay out enough filo pastry to cover the same area as the muffin pan, brushing with melted butter. Lay on a second layer, overlapping joints, and again brushing with butter. Pick up the double sheet you have made, and lay it over bun tin.It has to be bigger..longer and wider than the muffin tin..Allow for making the holes.. and packaging:)

Take the pastry that was at the end of your "puff pastry roll" and use it to push filo sheet down into the muffin pan holes. Place one slice from the puff pastry roll in each muffin pan hole. Scatter with a little more icing sugar,and sliced almonds.

Bake in a pre-heated oven ap 350 F for about 20 mins** or until golden brown, risen and crisp.

Remove from oven, allow to cool slightly, Put cooling tray on top
and invert - remove bun tin. Put another cooling tray on top, and turn back over. Scatter more icing sugar on top, and break off individual mince pies.

* My notes..I baked 10 mins puff pastry needed it.
I had to patch my Filo as when I indented broke..that's why I say.. fresh fresh filo may be the answer.
But Filo patches up beautifully.
You can hide a multitude of sins w/ it!
I added chopped nuts instead of chestnuts..
and grated orange peel all over:)before rolling..on top of the mincemeat.

I watched the video on Youtube to refresh my memory of his Christmas Special.
It really is so good.
I am definitely making this again and again.
Little Flights Of Fancy~
Thank you Jamie.


  1. Monique, these look like little works of art. Beautiful!

  2. so beautiful! the phyllo makes them look so much nicer! as you can guess, i am not a fan of this, but my mother and grandmother made these every year, their favorites~

  3. They look beautiful! Angels with wings. Heavenly!

  4. Monique -- your presentation is gorgeous ... it sparkles. I love Carol's comments.

    One can read in your post how fond you are of Jamie.

    John and I started watching his TV series, The Naked Chef, long before he became so well-known.

    I'm so impressed with the work that Jamie does in his culinary school for at-risk young adults.

  5. He is fun to watch. I love 'knob of butter' :) He would be proud to see how beautiful you've made them!

  6. I love mum has a recipe for mincemeat squares that are like date squares with mincemeat instead. The PC kind is yummy.
    I love your blog...I just showed Emmett and he liked the snowflakes falling effects on the photos too.
    This is you! Thank you for sharing it.

  7. C'est Beau, beau, beau, Mme. M!

    My brother's favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas pie is mincemeat. I would love to try these.

    These are adorable, and YES your angels sprouted wings ~only for you Magical Monique!

  8. Truly beautiful Monique! I do adore Jamie too :-)

  9. M, they are BEAU... I don't even think I like mincemeat, but these are just so pretty to look at, who cares about eating them!

  10. Mon ami, these look so light and airy, and I'll bet, also delicious.
    Although, I've never tried mincemeat, and can't imagine what it tastes like, but the recipe sounds simple, so I'm interested in recreating it soon.
    And I'm willing to bet Jamie would be a little green with envy at how pretty yours turned out [G]