Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Love A Parade~

Especially..and mostly ..ok and very mostly..

When it's 10 minutes from my home.. a breath away from my office..
And some of my favorite people are spectators...
Even a favorite participant was in a Fire Truck:)
The parade is so cute and sweet in itself.. not Macy's..Not the Rose Bowl..
But local people ..contributing to the joy of our small town.
I was's one of those damp chilly small snowflake days with not much ground cover yet days..Not even dressed for the occasion was I..
But ..the sight of L and M's red little noses.. their hats and mitts and snowsuits..
And their parents and grandad....with their loving glances towards them..
Well..I was in Nana heaven.

It's A Wonderful Life..and I was at the Bijou~


  1. It's funny - but the simple times in life always bring the greatest joy!! You're truly blessed...

  2. very cute nana! the bijou is a delight~ and you know i love where you keep them, you have taught me so much!

  3. What a lovely post! I'm glad I stopped by!

  4. Another beautiful post. How fun to take in this winter parade with loved ones.

  5. So sweet!

    A parade is so much more fun shared with those you love.

    Love the Bijou! :)

  6. Nana, your posts always make me smile! So sweet! Love the pic of your guys.

  7. I love this post :) Brings back such nice memories of when my big boy was little!

    Very sweet, Nana! Love the picture of your boys!

  8. Thanks..! What will I do when they grow up?:(

  9. Life's little pleasures. It is a wonderful life, M, and you are blessed to know it :)