Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day~

Boxing Day in Canada is like Black Friday in the USA.
Here people flock to the stores the day after Christmas for bargains galore.
The crowds can be frightful.
So I am happy to be cozy at home reorganizing.
I'm starting with my Little Blog.
Imagine my surprise..when the first gift I opened Christmas Morning was this from one of my daughters..

The cutest chef hat with my little blog name on it:)
I love it! it's my header.Hope you like it.
I don't think I'll ever tire of it:)
How sweet was that?

The next gift I opened was just as sweet from my other daugther..and fits in perfectly with my header also.
I love these..had seen them.. never told her I liked them so much..Canada Post delivered it to her the day before Christmas..She was very happy about that.
And I must admit so was I.
Isn't it beautiful?

Not a little necklace from my 5 yr old photo..a necklace with a million memories in those 3 beautiful names.

You must forgive my show and tell..But J and I don't exchange you won't see a slew here..just these..and a very blingy cute hostess gift my DD's DMIL brought Xmas eve..

You slip the handle through your ring finger:)

You end up sipping your stenciled coffee or tea with a 4 carat diamond on your finger:)Make Believe Bling.She is fun and thoughtful.

She's on a new adventure..Chef/organizer/do it "aller" of a restaurant that has seen a recent surge in patrons since she took over.
Fabulous cook.
You can see a bit of her here..Having 2 of my appetizers:)

Have you seen these?
Perfect little appy plates that slip on your finger.. you can enjoy your wine and have your amuse-bouches:)
Jay Leno gave them a critical quirky review..but I think they are too cute.
Perhaps Jay has a maid passing hors d'oeuvres around..:)

So that's it..
The New Year is almost upon us..
Just kick starting the new year with cleaning up Christmas a bit.
I hope yours was Merry and Sweet.


  1. already told you how cute the hat is, but the necklace, i am sure your eyes leaked a bit on...

    and how cute are the cups and plates! very fun gift~ cute shot of the plate, how darling and fun! glad you had the merriest of holidays and i am with you, no crowds for me today. scott said is there any baubble you want today, half price anything? nope, its a crystal clear cold day and i am heading out the garden with camera in hand shortly~

  2. I love your gifts and your sentiments! Such treasures. The gifts, but really L, M and N :) and your girls of course, too!

    What does Jay know about serving anyway? Those are pretty neat!

  3. The chef hat and the necklace are wonderful and so thoughtful! What wise daughters you've raised :)

    I love the mug! Now that's a great hostess gift - so cute! The woman must be so talented. What a busy job that must be - doing it all.

    The tiny appy plates are quite clever! Probably not enough food on the little plate for Jay - LOL.

  4. Monique, the chef hat is a wonderfully thoughtful gift and will bring back special memories of this Christmas for years to come.

    I, too, saw Jay's show where is showed the appetizer plates. I think that they're cute. He was just going for laughs from his audience.....

    The necklace ... what a special gift for a special nana.

  5. Eye candy ~ all!

    What wonderful, precious gifts. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    I love your new blog-look, too! C'est Beau.


  6. How perfect...yhe hat, the necklace, the mug, the appy plates...only your would have them!
    Hope your Christmas was full of magic, like the kind you make!

  7. Oh, M, there you go again....a post that makes me smile from ear to ear. You have the best daughters... wonderful gifts! Perfect! And the mug... cute, cute. And I think the appy plates are great! Nice to hear about your wonderful holiday!

  8. M, you know I'd love the chef's toque. And it certainly makes for a perfect banner.

    And I especially love the engraved necklace; I'll have to add that to my Christmas list next year.

  9. It's fun to see that you approve of the new banner.I don't think anything else could do after this:)

    Sol.. I hope you get a necklace next yr..but we must add one name(ok 3 in one..) Ace Of Cakes:)

    Kathleen it was heartwarming to see that your nana gift had names too.When we meet..we will be adorned:)
    Thanks everyone.

  10. The chef hat is soo adorable and I have the same diamond ring coffee cup for Christmas from one of my friends, except mine is silver colored instead of gold. I have yet to take it out and use it.

    You have a beautiful blog. Happy new year!!