Friday, December 19, 2008

Day Trip~And Once In A Lifetime Trip~

Yesterday we did a little day trip to one of my favorite parts of town..

The Pannetone is always plentiful there at this time of year..As well as gorgeous lovely little salted capers..and a nice lunch at my favorite little Italian resto.

I like to buy a few small ones as stocking stuffers..

And an extra one for a favorite friend.

A recipe I saw at
had caught my eye this week and I decided to buy an extra Pannetone to make her Pannetone and Chocolate Bread Pudding because my husband loves bread pudding and although there has been a whole lot of holiday baking going on here..nothing in the form of something more substantial than a little bouchée sucrée..

It is really really good..

And really any excuse to use my little red Staubs is a good one:)

It's funny..yesterday..I saw things in a different way there since our trip to Italy this September.Even the VENEZIA name on the Pannetone box brought back a flood of photographs in my mind.
At one point ..I missed seeing these sights at the turn of the corner heading to my favorite hardware store that has the most beautiful kitchen selection:)

I go over the whole time in my mind many times.The images are so vivid..:)

Thanks to Chocolate Shavings for the delicious recipe..You can find it at her site..


  1. venice in the snow is even more romantic! i love your pics, every single one, magic with words and pics!

  2. Monique, a fabulous post.... each picture has a story to tell. ... So much to look at that it's almost sensory overload.

    Your nutcracker is very sweet with all his knives and utensils, a perfect nutcracker for a wonderful cook and baker.

    The little Staub pots are perfect for the bread pudding... I bet the version you made is YUMMY.

  3. Sounds like you had a delightful day...nice to take time in this busy season to enjoy !
    But, oh, you know what makes me cringe...the prices...
    So now I have this panetone mold and have never used it...
    Have you ever made it??

  4. Great post, M! Great pictures, great memories! and the chestnuts roasting. I can just smell them!

    The chocolate bread pudding looks so good, I love the little Staubs!

  5. I loved seeing your photos of Italy and hearing your memories. The bread pudding in the little Staub looks so festive and how fun to share a "little" of little Italy with us.

  6. I love the Nutcracker - he reminds me of Top Chef - Japan :)

    There is so much good food out there - we are so fortunate they come into our homes ever day in blogs like the one you shared - and yours :)

  7. Oh, M... another fantastic post. I want your life! ;-) I love your day trip. Cute bread puddings too... I love bread pudding.

  8. One of my Christmas gifts throughout the having such nice fun people like all of you to share our delights in cooking..baking..Seeing each others lives.. learning about our families..
    It's such a pleasure to be in your company.

  9. This is a beautiful post Monique..thank you for sharing a bit more of your trip with us. I love the last photo especially with the boats lined up. The juxtaposition of the vivid color against the time worn buildings is fabulous. I was there..for a day in my 20s. One day I'll go back.

    I've never had pannetone. Is the texture like a brioche or heavier? Bread pudding is a fav of mine as well. I save bits of bread and stick them in the freezer to make it when the fancy strikes. Yours sounds special though. Like you..

  10. I'm SO happy you are sharing more of your trip of a lifetime photo album

    Every single one is postcard perfect. A mini-vacation for us all! Merci, Monique. xo