Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Omelet 101~

My daughter's mother-in-law ,France..was over Christmas eve..We chatted about her new job..running a restaurant.Lunches only.
I think I mentioned she does it all.

Orders the food..cooks it and cleans up.It's had a resurgence in popularity..Like Restaurant Makeover without the makeover..just a new chef...France.
Sometimes she has omelets on her menu.Jacques loves them..My flipping isn't great..and sometimes they are overcooked if I do them all in the pan.
I liked her idea..a bit how I make a frittata.
She starts her omelets on the stove.. tops one side with the filling of choice..then finishes it off in the oven.
I tried this at lunch and I like the way it turned out..
I sautéed the onions and mushrooms before..and removed them before starting the omelet.I added spinach and some Fontina.

Nice lunch on a freezing cold day.


  1. beautiful! i have made them like this often, they puff up huge too~

  2. I had heard of the method justrecently, from a friend who asked at a resort how they made them, since she loved them so much.

    Yours looks perfect - on a pretty, pretty plate.

  3. Monique, what a lovely homage to France. She sounds like a talented lady.

    John is not found of my omelets... they are either too dry or resemble scrambled eggs more than an omelet. Thank you for the explanation of her method.

  4. That omelet looks fantastic! Mine are a sorry mess, I will try that method!

    Pretty plate, pretty omelet, pretty picture :)