Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sould Food #32~

It takes a long time to grow an old friend~

Saturday night my childhood friend Jojo came for dinner with her husband..Our little Christmas together..Every year we have dinner the 4 of us.. ..It's not the only time..throughout the year...but we rarely let Christmas go by..

The last time we had dinner at their home they introduced us to this..


It is "Fait au Québec".. a liqueur..and tastes like Maple Syrup~ What could be better?

A few days after that dinner I bought some and promised myself to make a dessert for them incorporating that Sortilège~

I came up with Crème Brûlée ..

It's really good ...I just replaced some of the sugar and flavoring with it..a treat!

I used the basic Bonjour recipe..I found it there at that site.. ..

Worked like a charm.

My daughter had brought over some of her adorable red sugar sprinkled Gingerbread Linzers(So good!)..

They are delicious..

We had Jana's Pâté..I shared that recipe with you last month.. it's a keeper!..Special Olives..a Maria Loggia recipe..

French Onion Soup
Julia's Boeuf Bourguignon..(I saw Julie and Julia with Jojo..)..
And then the Desserts..
I had a great time~

Today is their 19th wedding anniversary..Happy Anniversary Jojo..and Normie~

I'm so glad we've had such a long time together~


  1. looks like you had a wonderful time~ heck she is a newlywed only 19 years!

    the liquor sounds perfect for my palette...

    i know that nutcracker i have his ca brother~

  2. I love the winter changes you made to your blog template. You are the best at atmospherics! What a lovely table setting. I'm sure you had a great time!

  3. Your table looks so warm and inviting and festive...who would not want to have dinner there!
    Beautiful M...

  4. The effort you take to make everything beautiful and perfect! That's a lovely setting. I can hear the conversations and laughter, and the glasses clinking. That crememe brulee and linzers look amazing. How wonderful it is to have friends for life. :)

  5. We also had an annual Christmas dinner with good friends last night at my Lindsay's lovely French restaurant and we had Creme Brulee for dessert! I ♥ that crackled crust :)

  6. I like Christmas traditions -- your menu sounds PERFECT! I've not heard of the liqueur but I am going to see if I can find some -- sounds yummy!

    Creme Brulee was often a selected dessert on our cruise -- it's a favorite!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! You have such talent.
    The linzers are sweet and fit in well with the table decorations. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Pam

  8. PERFECT...
    priceless... xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. I love that you and your friends still actually get together. Mine always intend to, but we never seem to do it. Don't know what we're waiting for.

  10. what a beautiful table you set for your friends to enjoy. You are a fortunate lady to have a friendship that has lasted such a longtime. The brulee sounds of my favourites.

  11. Maple creme brulee--what a good idea! That's going on my 'to do' list.

    As usual, your photos are gorgeous...

  12. Thank you..I am very lucky..she is the only one I have known every day of my life.:)
    You would all like her on the spot.
    Have a great day..

    It's funny I was never a huge fan of CB and now I am.. the last 2 years about..maybe 3..and it's the crackle crust that does it for me also:)

  13. Sounds like such a special evening, Monique. Creme Brulee can be like a blank canvas and this looks like a masterpiece!

    I love seeing your daughter's baking. It warms the heart and the soul. What could be better than being with friends and family in this beautiful setting? Just like Ju said, I can almost hear the joy. Christmas must be magical in your corner of the world.


  14. I've never heard of this liquor before, but if it tastes like maple syrup I would love it, and what a heavenly way to flavor creme brulee. A wonderful post and beautiful photos as always, Miss M.

  15. Everything looks gorgeous and sounds delicious! I passed on those little dishes you made your creme brulee in at Tuesday Morning the other day... Guess what I'm going back to get?!

    Monique, beautiful, beautiful, comme toujours!

  16. What a beautiful setting for a dinner with close and old friends! Precious indeed. The creme brulee looks wonderful and the linzers are so very pretty too. your daughter bakes just like you Monique. elegantly.

  17. J'aurais aimé être parmi vous, tu prends tellement de soin et tu mets tellement de générosité dans ce que tu fais, que vous avez du passer un moment fantastique et je vous en souhaite encore beaucoup d'autres

  18. Everything is always beautiful on your blog! I just love coming and looking at your pictures.

  19. Love your tablesetting. Silver is so elegant this time of year. The liquer sounds wonderful. I'd love a glassful on ice after dinner!

  20. Beautiful Monique...I adore créme brulée and your photos look so welcoming and appetizing - an enchanted evening!

  21. Very nice menu...and the snowflakes are very cute :-)

  22. Great change in your the flakes coming down and the menu looks absolutely yummie!

  23. Thanks for the post about maple syrup liqueur, I can't wait to try it... sounds brilliant in creme bruleé. Found you through Gypsy Chef and so glad I have.

    Great BLOG

  24. OUi, qu'est ce que j'aime l'atmosphère de ton blog ... Les photos sont si douces ... on se sent bien ... Ne manque qu'un petit verre de ta divine liqueur ! ;o)

  25. Love this post. The maple syrup liqueur sounds delicious, and I'm sure those ginger cookies were good as well. Don't you love those Evian bottles? I found some at my local grocery store last year, and kept them for as long as I could. Thank you for the mid day cheer!

  26. Sortilège is one of my favourite Liqueurs... I have been meaning to make some Crème Brulé :)

    I definitely need to try that!

  27. As I was looking at these gorgeous photos again, Jacques Brel's song "Jojo" came on my iPod. An ode to old friends. I thought I'd share that with you.

  28. I am so envious of all that Christmas beauty! And wow that crème brulée must be fabulous with that liqueur! Luscious!

  29. Kate..loved the song!

    Thanks everyone:)

  30. Never heard of this liqueur, but I have to have it.
    And if I could have your delicious creme brulee, my day would be complete.

    Oh, and I do believe your daughter was blessed with your magical genes.

  31. Yum! Maple in creme brulee? Sounds amazing, I have never seen that liquere, Monique. What really caught my eye is that Evian bottle too, it's so very pretty! Oh and the Linzers... gorgeous.