Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nigella's Lavender Cupcakes~

I have Lavender in my gardens and I love it~I love watching it..I love it's shape,it's scent..the way it sways in the wind..the way it feels when I brush my hands against it..the way the perfume lingers,the way it always reminds me of Provence~Oh..and Bleu Lavande..

I tried Nigella's little cupcakes~ Easy to melt in your mouth♥

I had the Lavender sugar~ I had Lavender~ And I had Lavender food coloring~ And Lavender sugar flowers~ All set~

La Recette~
1 cup self-rising flour
1/2 cup very soft unsalted butter
7 tablespoons lavender sugar, sifted
2 large eggs
Pinch salt
Few tablespoons milk
For the icing
9 ounces instant royal icing
Violet icing color
Handful of real lavender stalks

Preheat oven to 400~
Cream butter and sugar ..add eggs one at a time..then the flour and pinch of salt..
Add 1-2 tbsps of milk to get a nice consistency..

Put in little cupcake papers in the tins and bake 15-20 mins..

Let Cool..Ice..and decorate w/ real little flowers or the sugar ones~
Pretty little things:)I made 10 so they were puffier ..Make 12 and they should be flat and the icing will be like a coat of pretty Lavender paint.

See the note addressed to La Madame De La Gazette?
We get the newspaper delivered 7 days a week..6 days a's in the the road..behind the car.. sometimes in a puddle..
But Sundays..
It's a different person ..I know..Because it's in the Gazette box:)

How nice is that?

She really is devoted...and conscientious..I wanted to thank her.. so I tied a little bouquet of Lavender w/ a note and left it in the Gazette box as a surprise~I appreciate her~

Footnote~ Since I prepared my draft for this post..The newspaper has stopped publishing on Sundays..A few Sundays ago was the last issue..I am so glad I told her what I was thinking..before it was too late..

Another reminder for me to say things sooner than later~Good things~


  1. Yes, I love lavender too. These cupcakes look wonderful, the frosting perfect. Knowing the recipe comes from Nigella, makes them even sweeter!

  2. you are so sweet with the note... you know i love all things lavender, and of course you and the fiaries always make me smile extra wide~

  3. so pretty!! I wish I had a garden full of lavendar too

  4. Monique, I love coming here first thing in the morning. Starts my day off with a touch of beauty.


  5. Beautiful, Monique. Your photography, as always, is stunning.

  6. A very sweet post today, Monique. Lavender reminds me of my grandmother. What a nice way to start the day.

  7. So lovely. I, too, enjoy the lingering fragrance of lavender when I brush my palm along it, even if it isn't blooming, like now. Beautiful cupcakes, and even more beautiful sentiments.

  8. Our lavender has rewarded us all summer long and now an opportunity to enjoy it even more. Thanks for the recipe. The cupcakes are pleasing to the eye and, I'm sure, pleasing to the palate.


  9. Such a beautiful cupcake! Nigella has the best cupcake recipes and you prepare them so well.

    What a wonderful Thank You for your Sunday newspaper lady. I think one day newspapers will stop publishing all together and will go totally web-based.

  10. Monique, I so miss my lavendar from my old home. These are just lovely and I'm quite sure you made her day
    xoxo Pattie

  11. I love lavender. I have yet to cook with it, though. Your photographs are lovely...makes me want to make some pretty cupcakes!

  12. Delightful friend, This entry is absolutely lovely with your artful beauty! (As your posts always are.)

    So sweet (and so like you) to do an unexpected kindness for another person, and in a timely fashion. And a good reminder for us all to do the same.


  13. Oh, I love lavender anything Monique! I have a jar of lavender sugar in my cupboard now just waiting to be made into these! xxoo

  14. Pretty post Monique!
    I don't have any lavender in my garden at the moment but lots of sweet little violets ~ so I will use them as a substitute and call them violet cup~cakes.

  15. A beautiful post and wonderful reminder that sooner is always better than later. Lovely photography..and a delctable cupcake.. I'm always sad when at the end of summer, the lavender starts turning their color. with aother flowers, especially the hydrangea, the "old" colors are magnifient, but somehow the lavender should be like in your photos...brighty swaying in the breeze with their heady fragrance!

  16. I appreciate your visits..when I took time off..something more than usual was missing.. this is it.:)

    Even long distance company is comforting:)

  17. I am crazy for lavender... lovely idea to make cupcakes with it... now to make lavender comfits to sprinkle on top!

  18. I love lavender too and these look so pretty! I like your message too- sooner rather then later.

    Thank you,

  19. What a lovely thoughtful thing to do sweet Monique!
    My lavender plants all dies this made me so sad...
    You little cupcakes are so pretty!

  20. Hi Monique,
    Your lavender/lavande cupcakes are beautiful! I love Nigella and have all her cookbooks but the Italian one that's out of print. She is a talented lady that's been through a lot for sure.

    How nice you told your newspaper person what you thought of her kindness.

    Monique, thank you for your kindness to me in my post about my beloved Gigi, my chat. I miss her so & thank you for your niceness, as always.

  21. Monique, I'm adding this to my recipe file. Looks so pretty and I love all things lavender.
    Sadly my lavender bushes in my small herb garden didn't survive this summer. :-(
    I'll plant another and try again. Can't be without a lavender plant in my garden.
    Happy Day to you ! ~ Sarah

  22. These cupcakes are so beautiful - so elegant! I haven't tried baking with lavender before, but these look so delicious I am truly inspired :)

  23. how lovely of you to tell the delivery lady how kind you thought she was, you are such a sweetie

  24. Ditto on all things lavender :-) I have all of the ingredients, too. Now I know what I'll be making for my friends birthday this week...thanks!!