Tuesday, September 7, 2010

May the force be with you~♥

In the dog days of summer that seemed earlier this year..the wild flowers in my borrowed landscape ..pleased me w/ endless yellow bouquets for our home..the first I picked almost..It's a summer that was different to me..and for me...my rose colored glasses were on a table somewhere~I hope to pick them up and put them on soon~
But I do have bouts of creative energy..for ..
My sweet♥ they came directly from California ..~

Cute little Star War Cookie Cutters~

In my sunny kitchen..w/ my yellow flowers..and my cookie cutters~I had fun.

The boys thank you too~

La Recette~

From the Cookie Cutter kit of W_S

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.
Have all ings.Room temp.Sift first 2 ings.together and set aside.
Beat butter at high speed until creamy about 2 mins.Reduce to med speed.Slowly add sugar and beat until light and fluffy about 2 mins.Stop the mixer and scrape occasionally.Add the egg and vanilla and beat 1 minute more..Scrapes sides again..
Stop the mixer and add 1/2 the flour that you have already sifted with the salt..beat at low speed about 1 minute,.add the rest..and continue toi beat until the dough leaves the side of the bowl..ap 2-3 mins.
Turn dough onto a work surface..and divide into 2 parts.Shape each into a dsik and ref for at least 2 hrs or up to 2 days..
Remove dough and let stand 5 minutes..Om a lightly floured surface roll dough to 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick,preheat oven to 350F.Line baking sheets with parchment paper.Using the cookie cutters cut into shapes.. place on sheets spacing 1 inch apart..bake 10-15mins,
Transfer to wire rack and cool... Ice if desired~


  1. sooo cute and fun!

    Glad to have u back xoxo

  2. l is adorable with them, i am thrilled you had a fun day with them~

    i did dogs day too, but mine were real!

  3. The perfect treat for a grandson, and for you I gather too!

  4. :) I just bought these for my grandson too! He's enthralled
    xoxo Pattie

  5. What cute cutters and what happy children I'm sure!

  6. Oh I have miss those chubby little hands and adorable faces...
    They must have loved those cookies.
    Love to you M...be well!

  7. Children of any age would love these delightful cookies. Perfect for adorable little grandsons.

  8. Okay, I have to admit that when I first saw these in Williams-Sonoma, I thought they were hokey. But your post just charmed me and now I'm ready to rush out and buy them! The cookies turned out beautifully!

  9. so enchanting...like your lovely grandchildren.

  10. What a delight! Thank you for bringing many smiles to my face and heart on this gray September morning.

    Adorable from beginning to end... xoxo

  11. I saw those at the outlet! I hesitated, but I think I will get them. My 3 little gsons love Star Wars as did their daddy!
    Yours look so cute!
    I was at the outlet yesterday. Nothing!

  12. Perfect cookies.. just makes me want to go make some! glad to have you back taking those amazing photos of yours!

  13. Every time I go to Williams Sonoma, I'm tempted to buy these since my husband LOVES Star Wars. The cookies look so cute!

  14. I'm sure I will have a Star Wars boy one day myself :) What darling cookies for a darling boy! I'll take a Yoda, s'il vous plait ;)

  15. Can you tell me what type of cookie recipe that is that keeps the detail from the cookie cutters?

  16. Hello Anonymous~Just added the WS recipe for you~
    Kathleen you're so lucky w/ that outlet..I think that's where Susan got the message cookie? Cute cute they were..
    Honestly I am so hokey when it comes to my grandsons:) It's unimaginable:)
    Thanks for liking them.It was instant attraction for me..And well..Jain knew:)

  17. They look so cute I haven't seen them in the shops here ~ I'm sure the little ones just loved them.

  18. The cutest cookie cutters Monique! I'm so happy to hear you had fun...an happiness in the kitchen...you deserve it1

  19. My teenage daughter saw this while i wa sin foodgwaker and she was getting excited but als i had to tell her i don't have the shapes. I am sure you son had so much fun with these cookies.

  20. hokey hokey for your grandchildren oh Monique now I know what you mean so totally. The joy and adoration is hard to imagine and to comprehend. Such lovely little cookies too

  21. Ooooh I adore those cookies!!! And my DH would go crazy for them ;)) I'm off to check if I find the cookie cutters!! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, and a big thank you for your sweet words to me!

  22. What a delight to see the children again and how special of Jain to bestow the cookie cutter upon you! You made them perfectly for fond memories. I bet there was a lot of playing with those cookies before munching them down :-)

  23. I love these!! My son is a bit past his Star Wars obsession, but these would still be so fun. Nicely done!

  24. How much butter do I use? I don't think it says how much but it does say what to do with it unless I'm blind, which is highly possible.