Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Daughter's Black Forest Cake~

It was made with love for her dad..this past Father's Day~

I was happy she had made this for him~He was well surrounded by his 4 little grandsons and family~
Well deserved~

She had found the recipe here..

It's delicious~

Perfect for any celebration~
It's amazing how food offerings can make one feel loved..It takes time to create food gifts..the preparation.. the actual making..the baking..the presentation~
The whole time you are usually thinking of the person with affection and caring..They become the key ingredients that can actually uplift the giver's spirit as well as the recipients~
Never miss an opportunity to share something you made~
You just never know how you can make a person's day that way~
Most of the time..the gift is eaten and savored even more than usual~
Each little bite containing those key ingredients I mentioned above..that aren't on the original recipe~

Go.. go bake for a neighbor..a friend.. an aquaintance.And see how good it feels.


  1. A beautiful cake for a cherished occassion. Your sentiment is absolutely the truth. It reminds me of something my husband always says, when the children like something he has cooked and they ask, "Daddy, what did you put in here, it tastes so good?" His reply is always, "I sprinkled it with love!"
    Lovely photos!

  2. Remember that old commercial, Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven?
    I love BF Cake, and this looks delicious. I am sure J enjoyed it!

  3. What a beautiful cake -- Your pictures are always so lovely!

  4. What a pretty cake, and I love the ribbon woven through the cakestand.

  5. look at those cute little pudgy hands... that is my favorite cake too, so scurry off and make me one, k?

  6. A beauty of a cake! I would love to kiss those little hands!
    It is a gift to bake for others...
    I love it!

  7. Dear Monique, your daughter is a wonderful baker.
    I will admit, I've never made a Black Forest Cake. I've wanted to, but was afraid I'd end up sharing it with no one, but me.
    Does that make me selfish?

    Anyway, it's good to see you back to blogging as well. I've missed you.

  8. I know how good Black Forest Cake can be and this one looks delicious. What a nice Father's Day gift from the heart! I totally agree about baking with someone in mind--especially a loved one.


  9. I have always dreamt of making a black forest.... But have been rather fearful of making a layered frosted cake... Your daughter's cake looks so lovely.

  10. Monique, blogger hasn't been letting me post a comment on your blog until now. Not sure what the issue was, but the comment box would never open up. Glad it is now because I want to say that this cake is gorgeous, but your words of wisdom are to be savored as well. Beautiful post! ~ Sarah

  11. Giving always makes one feel better than receiving, doesn't it?! I love the wisdom of your posts, M.

    That cake is a work of art. So beautiful - I can almost taste it. What a wonderful family you have to appreciate each other as you so apparently do. It's another reason I love visiting here...

  12. I do love black forest cake... the cherries look like little hearts...charming idea to bake a cake!

  13. This looks perfect for a celebration!

  14. What a sweet post, M, and lovely words of advice. I love baking for others much more than for myself.

    I have never made a Black Forest Cake! Your daughter's cake looks beautiful!

  15. Talent clearly runs in the family! It's a beautiful cake. Please pass on my compliments to the baker. :) Hope dear J had a happy happy Father's Day. :)

  16. absolutely beautiful!! Your daughter is so talented!

  17. Thank you for the nice compliments ..she is a super baker..A new kitchen is on the horizon for her..well deserved..Both daughters are creative :) Fun to watch..My other daughter is the queen of cupcakes:)

    Thank you have a great day~

  18. What a wonderful gift she gave- and it looks delicious!
    xoxo Pattie

  19. Cuisiner pour les autres est la plus belle des choses, c'est sûr !
    Ta fille a réussi un superbe gâteau !
    Ton mari a dû être très ému, non ?
    Bisous et bonne journée

  20. I adore posts like this, Monique. So sweet of your daughter and so sweet for her dear father.
    Isn't it lovely to have daughters who share your love of cooking? Mine does too and is so much more adventurous than I!

  21. What a spectacular cake this must have been! It looks completely heavenly. Such a nice gift for one's father! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  22. Oh wow what a cake! It looks utterly fab and I am now craving a slice ;)

  23. This cake is so filed with love right down to the heart shaped cherries. What a special day it must have been.

    Scrumptious all the way around...from the little fingers grasping the card to the chocolate cherry combo.

    Thanks for sharing.