Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chère Fifi~

Just a little note to Congratulate a very special lady that has just had her first book published~♥

I am so proud~Fifi was so sweet to me the first time I ever commented on her blog~

And when I met her..

Well then I definitely knew she was a true Fairy Princess~

She's from France you know..

But I met her in Florida~

A few years ago now~

And I have gleaned so many ideas from her!

And have little treasures here and there to remind me of her~

Is it a wonder everyone loves her?

She even published one of my photos in her magazine..

I am certain her book is une oeuvre d'art~
You can visit Fifi here..

and learn about her book and where to get it..

Apart from being a great beautiful will it look on a coffee table?:)♥

I just HAD to tell you about this exciting news..because she IS so talented and nice.


  1. I'm so glad to read about Fifi's book! Congratulations to her and thank YOU for telling us about it. On my way over there now!

  2. I had to zip over & add Fifi's book to my wish list at Amazon~ Thanks for the recommendation & contribution to my coffee table book addiction :-)

  3. Looks interesting -- I will have to check into it -- thanks for mentioning it.

  4. Looks interesting -- I will have to check into it -- thanks for mentioning it.

  5. how sweet you met a literary star~ i remember when too~

  6. How good of you to cheer her on. I am not familiar with her blog but look forward to investigating! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Bravo et toutes mes félicitations à votre amie Fifi.
    Je vais très souvent à Aix en Provence, puisque ma meilleure amie y vit, ensemble nous allons flâner cours Mirabeau.
    Je vais maintenant aller à nouveau me promener sur le blog de votre amie.
    Bisous à vous.

  8. Wow, having your book published is indeed a monumental achievement. Thanks for the introduction, Monique... Am now curious about Fifi's talents....

  9. That book looks like something I would love, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  10. Bravo Fifi!
    Beautiful, heartfelt tribute M.
    xoxo~kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. Aah Monique! and you are so nice for letting us know about Fifi's new book. I can't wait to search it out ~ cover looks so...pretty.

  12. HOw nice of YOU! I am only familiar with Fifi through her art. I now must go over and introduce myself to this talente lady... if you think so much of her... well, then She must be something special!

  13. Congratulations on the book, Fifi! You have a wonderful friend in Monique - another Fairy Princess ;)

  14. Wonderful Fifi. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  15. Congrats to Fifi....and you should be next with a book!!

  16. ditto...she IS lovely...and talented!

  17. Monique, so happy to know of Fifi's book. I'll put one on my list the next time I place an order with Amazon.
    Beuatiful cookie and I adore that cup from Les Trois Etoiles. ~ sarah